How to Make YouTube Videos without Showing Your Face?

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms available today if you want to generate an avalanche of traffic, leads, and sales. But what stops most of us from starting our own YouTube channel, is our camera shyness.

Most of us don’t want to show our face on camera either because we are shy or afraid or because we don’t want to compromise our privacy.

But frankly speaking, missing out on this ‘YouTube opportunity’ can be a costly mistake for you, more so if your competitors are already benefitting from it.

Luckily, there is a way out. And that is to create YouTube videos without showing your face.

In this article, we are going to show you how to make YouTube videos without showing your face using a few different tools and techniques.

Using these same methods we have enjoyed a considerable amount of success on Youtube in the past and we are confident that these methods will work for you as well. BTW if you want to learn how to create passive income streams on YouTube as a beginner, check out this page.

How To Create Videos Without Showing Your Face?

There are many popular methods to create awesome videos without coming on camera. Here we are going to show you the most effective ways of doing the same.

Using A Video Creation App

This method is by far our favourite way of cranking out a number of professional quality YouTube videos, very fast. Here, we create explainer style videos using software or an app that doesn’t require us to show our face.

The videos created by this method comprise a number of scenes or slides that are made up of a variety of video clips, media, and/or images and can be created with or without voice-overs.

And the tool we use for creating videos this way, without showing our face, is called the Content Samurai.

Content Samurai is a cloud-based video creation app that helps you create different types of professional quality videos fast.

Using this app you can create slideshow styled videos, social media videos, influencer style videos, sales videos, property videos, training videos and more.

The best part about this software is its AI (Artificial Intelligence). We just love the way AI creates slides and scenes from the text you insert into this software.

The Content Samurai is definitely one of the best text to video converters out there. Watch the demo video below to understand what we are really talking about.

The Alternative Software We Recommend

Using Whiteboard Animation or Hand Sketch Style Videos

Creating whiteboard animation videos is another effective way to make YouTube videos without showing your face.

You may have already seen explainer styled videos where a moving hand sketches images and writes text, on whiteboards, blackboards or glass boards with or without a voiceover. These are called the whiteboard animation styled videos or the doodle videos.

Doodle videos are great tools for conveying your message in an impressive way. These hand sketch animation videos tend to hold the attention of your audience for much longer than the boring conventional videos.

how to make youtube videos without showing face

How To Create Whiteboard Animation Videos With Ease?

There are two main ways to create whiteboard animation videos. The first way is to create these videos using your graphic designing skills, which frankly, most of us don’t have.

The second method is to create these animation videos using whiteboard animation software. This is the easier method and requires a few minutes of work to create videos.

The best whiteboard animation software we use and also recommend are these.

  • Explaindio
  • Doodly
  • Doodleoze
  • VideoScribe


Explaindio is a video creation software using which you can create whiteboard animation videos or Doodle styled videos, 2D and 3D animation videos, motion videos, explainer videos and more.

This is a great tool with a range of useful options and we have used it in the past to create many stunning YouTube videos without showing the face.

This is a desktop-based software that can be used on both PC and MAC. You can read our Explaindio review to know more about the features and pricing for this software.

Here is a DEMO video.

Explaindio Download Link


Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that lets you create unlimited videos both for personal and commercial use. Using this software you can create whiteboard, blackboard, glass board, or other custom background videos.

You can read this Doodly review to understand how the software actually works and what it can do and what it can’t.


Doodleoze is a video creation tool that has various modules to help you create and combine doodle draw images, doodle animation, and full-motion videos, all into one awesome video presentation.

This is the cheapest option in this list of whiteboard animation software. Frankly speaking, we found this tool quite impressive and useful in making videos without showing our face.


Videoscribe is another popular whiteboard animation software in the market. This is a slightly costlier option when compared to other software mentioned here.

Also, we found out that recording voice-overs and syncing it with the video is quite difficult in the Videoscribe software than the others.

Screen Capture Videos

Capturing your laptop screen and making a video of you playing a game or using software on your device can be a great way to make youtube videos without showing your face.

Such screen capture videos are evergreen and are always in demand. You can make how to style videos, software demos, and reviews, website demos and reviews, tutorials, and more.

One of the most popular and industry-leading screen capture software is Camtasia. We use this software almost on a daily basis.

This is a professional video editing software that also comes with the screen capture module. We use Camtasia on both Mac and PC. With a single Camtasia license, you can use it on both the operating systems.

Camtasia isn’t cheap software. You can download the Camtasia for free and use it for 30 days as a part of the free trial offer.

If you are a beginner and if you don’t have the money to invest in Camtasia, you can use the inbuilt screen capture function on your Mac. If you use PC there are many free screen capture software options available for you.

Animation Videos

Creating and publishing simple animation explainer styled videos is another way to make YouTube videos without showing your face. Of course, as always, we use animation software to create these animated videos within minutes.

The animation software we use is called ‘Toonly’. It is offered in monthly and yearly plans, but we have got a one-time payment option for Toonly, especially for our readers.

>>Toonly Link For One Time Offer And Demo<<

Talking Avatar Videos

Talking Avatar videos are the videos where an animated character explains things in its voice or your voice. The software we use for this purpose is the ‘VideoBuilder’ app.

If you don’t understand what a talking avatar video is, read this VideoBuilder review. BTW you can also create spokesperson styled videos using this app.

These were some of the ways to make youtube videos showing your face. We use most of these techniques until today to create YouTube videos without showing our faces, especially in obscure niches where we just don’t want to be on camera.

Should You Show Your Face In YouTube Videos or Not?

The biggest advantage of showing your face on camera for YouTube videos is the ‘trust factor’. If your audience sees your face on camera, they can easily relate with you and trust you and your recommendations.

Studies show that a video that has the speaker’s face in it converts more than the one that doesn’t.

So if you want to build a following, make more sales, grow your brand identity and make more money, showing your face in YouTube videos can be a better idea.

Having said that, there are also many YouTubers who are earning tons of money online by creating videos where they don’t have to show their face.

We have seen a few YouTube channels in the ‘health niche’ where the channel has more than a million subscribers but the creator has never shown his/her face on the camera.

So whether to show the face in YouTube videos or not, is a debatable question. The answer is totally personal and varies from individual to individual.

If you are camera shy or uncomfortable showing your face and revealing your identity, create videos without showing your face. More important thing is to start creating and publishing YouTube videos, with a face or not.

Recent Updates

We have recently been testing quite a few easy to use video animation software, which can also be used to make YouTube videos without showing your face.

The list of video animation tools always keeps growing. So here, we have handpicked three tools that are worth checking out, if you are a beginner or an intermediate in the process of video animation. You can read the respective reviews to find out more about these animation tools.

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