Content Samurai Review [2023] By A Real User: Is This The Fastest Video Creation Tool?

I had been hearing a lot recently about a video creation app that is offered as a Software as a Service or Saas. The product is content samurai.

In this Content Samurai review, I am going to tell you what was my experience after going through the software and whether you should buy it or not. Is content samurai worth it? Let’s find out.

Content Samurai Has Changed

Content Samurai is now Vidnami. Read our latest Vidnami review for updated information and discounts.

What Is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is an application that helps you create professional-quality videos fast. This application is developed by the same team of experts who are behind the once-popular, keyword research tool, Market Samurai.

As I mentioned above, the Content Samurai follows the Saas model. Meaning, you don’t have to download or install any software on your device.

All you need to do, is login into your account, on the Content Samurai website and start using the service. And that’s what I did. Here is the screenshot of my purchase of the Content Samurai subscription.

content samurai review

I got it for $29. But it was during a sale. I don’t know whether that offer is still valid or not. You can find it out yourself if you want, using the button below.

How To Create Videos With Content Samurai?

One thing that stood out for me when using the software was the speed with which I could crank out videos. The fastest way to create videos with Content Samurai is as follows (Demo video is included below).

Choose the Template

As the first step, you need to choose a premade template that you like. There are hundreds of templates available to choose from. The collection is really impressive. You can also create your own customized templates.

The available templates are categorized into 7 groups.

  • Social media video templates
  • Videos from blog posts
  • Influencer video templates
  • Instant Ads templates
  • Sales video templates
  • Online course video templates
  • Property listing video templates

Here is a screenshot of the inside of the video template library in Content Samurai.

content samurai video templates

Adding the Script

Once you have chosen the video template, its time to add your script. To do that, just click on the ‘script’ section on the left side and paste your script into the boxes available. As simple as that.

Edit Scenes

Now, to the fun part. Once I added the script, I proceeded further by clicking the ‘edit scenes’ button.

The scenes feature is the BEST PART of content samurai. Let me tell you why.

Once you add the script and proceed further, the software with the help of Artificial Intelligence arranges your text into scenes containing different slides, automatically. It even chooses the media for you. They call it the ‘Automated Image Suggestion’ feature.

For example, if one of the sentences from your script reads “Blogging is one of the best ways to start an online business” the software automatically inserts the video or image related to the term ‘Blogging’ into the slide.

That’s a wonderful feature. What used to take me hours of work, can now be done within minutes. I don’t have to search for royalty-free images and videos myself. Everything is taken care of, by the Content Samurai.

We even get access to the “Storyblocks” media library at no extra cost. Isn’t that awesome?

You can also edit each slide separately. You can edit the text, choose the image you like, or can decide to go with a video background for the slide.

Once everything’s ready, it is time to add ‘voice’ to our video.

Adding Voice To Video

There are 4 options available to add voice to the video in Content Samurai.

Music Only

Here we can choose a music track from hundreds of them already available in the software. This type of video will play with background music only. There will not be any voice overs.

Auto Voice

This is another astonishing feature of this video creation software. Here you can choose an automated voice preinstalled in the software. There are around 14 automated voices to choose from.

The chosen automated voice will read the text for you and will be the voice over for your video. All the automated voices here are quite decent. I especially like Heidi and Harry.

Record Voice Track

This option allows you to record your own voice over, slide by slide. It gives you great control over your voice over and each slide can be re-recorded, if you don’t get the voice-over right, the very first time.

Upload a Voice Track

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to upload your prerecorded voice track in MP3, Wav, and few other formats. Once the audio file is uploaded, the AI comes into action once again.

Your voice will be synced with corresponding slides automatically. When I tried this feature, the syncing done by the AI was quite accurate. Almost 95% of the scenes were accurately synced with my audio track.


Now in the final stage, we get one last chance to make the finishing adjustments to the video, if any. We can manually adjust the timing and syncing of each of the slides with the voice over. We can also choose the background music for the video, in this stage. Once everything is done, its time to publish the video.

Generate and Download Video

This is the final step of the video creation process using the Content Samurai app. All I needed to do here, was to click on the ‘generate video’ button and the video was produced and downloaded to my device.

We also get the required attributions text (which is automatically generated), if any Creative Common’s media was used inside the video. We just need to copy the text and use it for attribution, when uploading the video on platforms like YouTube. See the image below.

And that’s how to create a video using Content Samurai.

The video creation procedure may look lengthier on-page. But it took me less than 10 minutes to create my first video with background music using the software.

However, it would have taken more than 10 minutes for me if I chose to record my voice over using the app.

Demo Video and Pricing

The content samurai is presently priced at $47 per month. But as I told you earlier, I got it for $29/month, during a sale. You can use the link below the DEMO video to get it for up to 35%-40% off.

>>>>Click Here To Access Content Samurai<<<

Content Samurai Review Verdict

I definitely found this video creation software very useful. According to me, this is the best video creation tool for bloggers and budding video marketers right now, considering the price.

You can also create influencer style videos in this app, which can then be used to bring a flood of visitors from platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and more.

I give it a 4.9 out of 5, considering the value for money it brings to the table.

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