Toonly Review [2022] And Lifetime Membership Offer: Is This Software Worth Your Money?

Welcome to the Toonly review. In this review, we are going to show you the new video animation software, its uses and pricing structures, different features, and lifetime membership options.

As you already know, videos are a craze these days. People prefer to watch videos and consume content rather than read a long chunk of text. They either don’t have the patience to read the article or don’t have the interest.

That’s why creating engaging videos is very important in today’s world where the attention span of humans is becoming shorter and shorter. And there is no better way to create an engaging video than an animated one.

That’s where Toonly comes into the picture. Toonly helps you create stunning animated videos with ease. Now without further ado, let’s jump right in and see what Toonly has to offer.

Important Update: Read This

Toonly one time offer for lifetime access has been recently brought back for a limited time.

>>>Here is the link<<<

Toonly will be offered under the monthly and yearly plans only ( once the one time offer expires).

So you can either get the Toonly software under the regular payment plan or can have a look at this 2d/3d animation software given below.

This software has a ton more features than Toonly. Watch the video below to find out what you can create with this animation software.

This Is Your Alternative…

The alternative software we are referring to is called ‘Create Studio’. This is a revolutionary video animation software that enables average joes, to easily make pro, studio-quality animated videos. You don’t need to hire another video agency, or need to spend hours working on a “single-flip-in” video

Create Studio for $67 One Time

With this tool, you can create videos that actually look like they were made by Pixar studios. Not only can you create animated 2d & 3d character videos, but you can create literally ANY kind of video using done for you templates and assets.

Sample Videos

You can also fully customise the templates, and even create custom videos yourself using a highly intuitive timeline editor, that enables you to add custom animations or even add 1-click animation presets to quickly animate anything!

Here are the sample videos to show you what exactly can you create using this tool.

That’s it. Now let’s get back to Toonly.

What Is Toonly?

Toonly is a drag and drop, professional animated explainer video software that can be used to create the cartoon styled animation videos. It also comes with tons of functionality that make the resulting videos truly amazing.

Using the Toonly software you can create animated explainer videos with ease, even if you haven’t created one before. This is a perfect explainer video software for beginners as it is completely drag-and-drop.

It is a desktop-based software that works on both PC and MAC. With a single Toonly license, you can use the software on both devices.

However, you do need an internet connection to use this animated video creation software, even if it isn’t cloud-based.

That’s because every time you launch it, the software pulls your stored images and media from the cloud, where it is located. So you will need a working internet connection to use this explainer video creator.

toonly review

How To Create Animated Explainer Videos With Toonly?

As mentioned earlier, it is completely drag-and-drop. Here’s how to create an explainer video with Toonly in few simple steps.

  • Begin with selecting a background for your video.
  • Click and drag the desired characters on to the canvas.
  • Animate the characters by clicking on your mouse or by holding the Control key down, if you’re on a Mac.
  • And that’s about it. It can’t get any easier.


Ok. Now let’s get back to Toonly. Toonly currently offers two types of licenses. Toonly standard and Toonly enterprise. Before looking at the pricing structure let’s have a look at some of the important features of the software and see what you get when you buy this explainer animation video software.

What’s Included?

Toonly Library

The Toonly library has a massive collection of characters, props, and backgrounds. It doesn’t use the typical stock images or photos.

All of the images included in this animation software are custom drawn by their inhouse professional graphic designers. So you can rest assured that all the graphic designs and images you are getting with Toonly are 100% unique.

Here’s what you get.

  • 200 total characters which include 10 characters with 20 different poses.
  • 20 different background scenes.
  • Hundreds of props covering a variety of niches and topics.
  • Premade scenes that include background, characters, and props into one complete package, to get you started quickly.

You can use Toonly to create explainer videos for any niche, industry or profession.

Adding Voiceovers

You can directly record your voiceovers in the Toonly software itself. You can also sync your voiceover to the existing video with the click of a button. You can also upload a prerecorded voice over file, to the software.

Background Music

Toonly has up to 100 royalty-free music tracks that can be used for your explainer videos. To add the music to your video, you need to simply drag and drop the desired music file to the video timeline.

Video Export

The explainer animation videos that you create using Toonly can be exported in various high-quality mp4 formats. The mp4 videos can be exported in 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, or even custom resolutions. You can also export the video in 24-60 fps file sizes and low to maximum video qualities.

Toonly Pricing Structure

As mentioned above this software is offered in two different membership options. Standard and enterprise.

Toonly Standard Vs Enterprise

Standard Membership

The standard version is offered at $39 per month with the Toonly monthly subscription and at $20 per month in the annual subscription. It comes with 30 characters, 17 animations, 716 prop images, 25 facial expressions, 79 backgrounds, 10 premade scenes, 21 scene transitions, 20 background audios, and 3 text animations.

With the Toonly standard membership, you can create unlimited videos. You can use the software on multiple devices and you also get access to premium support.

But with the Toonly standard membership, you won’t get access to the Toonly Club. Toonly club gives you access to new characters and props each month.

Enterprise Membership

The Toonly Enterprise membership will cost you around $69 per month with the monthly payment option and will cost you $40 per month with the annual subscription. With the Enterprise license, you get access to the following.

  • 68 characters
  • 30 character animations
  • 1783 prop images
  • 360 facial expressions
  • 147 backgrounds
  • 20 premade scenes
  • 101 scene transitions
  • 142 background audios
  • 5 text animations
  • Invitation to Toonly Facebook group
  • Premium support
  • And the access to the TOONLY CLUB.

Toonly One Time Purchase Offer

This Toonly one time purchase offer is a special limited-time promotional offer run by the creators of the Toonly software. With this Toonly lifetime membership offer, you can get hold of the standard membership of the software for just $67 one time fee. (This offer is presently unavailable)

You won’t have to pay recurring monthly or yearly fee to get the future updates or the access to the premium support. Everything is included in the $67 one time fee. But please remember that this one time offer by Toonly only applies to the standard membership.

If you want to get the lifetime license for the Toonly Enterprise membership, you will have to buy the standard version first and then upgrade it to the Enterprise level.

Toonly Review Conclusion

How Can Toonly Help You In Your Business? Is Toonly worth it?

To answer this question we need to find out why you need to create animated explainer videos in the first place.

Here’s why animated explainer videos are important for your business.

  • Because of the way animated explainer videos are structured people tend to get hooked to the story, which increases audience engagement and conversion.
  • Explainer videos can easily simplify complex topics.
  • People don’t feel that they are being marketed to when watching an animated explainer video.
  • They are great tools for storytelling.
  • People like to share these kinds of videos with their friends and family, thereby increasing the organic reach of your video.

And all of the above things can be made possible with the Toonly animation explainer video creator.

But is the software worth it?

It may have been a debatable question if we would have to opt for the monthly or the yearly billing plan for Toonly. But as we are getting this animation software for a one time fee for a lifetime membership, the answer is a no-brainer.

Of course, Toonly is worth your investment.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Toonly Vs Doodly: What Is The Difference?

You may have heard earlier of a video animation software called ‘Doodly’. This is a software created by the same team that’s behind the creation of Toonly. But Toonly and Doodly are completely different Softwares and are used for entirely different purposes. Many of our readers think that both these Softwares are the same, but they aren’t.

Doodly is a whiteboard animation video creator that helps you create the hand sketch styled animation videos on the whiteboard, blackboard, glass board or any other custom coloured boards. It can’t create cartoon animations.

Whereas Toonly can create only cartoon animation style explainer videos. It can’t create doodle videos or the hand sketch-style videos. So they both serve entirely different purposes.

Does Toonly Offer Free Trial?

No. Right now, there are no free trial options available for Toonly. But instead, you can get the software for an incredibly cheap price of $67 for a lifetime of access and update.

Is There Any Toonly Promo Code or Coupon Code?

No. There are no coupon codes available for Toonly as of now. The cheapest option is to buy the software through the one time purchase link given above (That’s the Toonly $67 offer).

Does Toonly Work On Mac?

Yes. Toonly works on both PC and MAC with a single membership. You don’t need a separate license.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The only drawback of this Toonly explainer video software is that it requires an active internet connection to function. You can’t use this tool offline.  That’s it for now. If you have any questions regarding this Toonly review please feel free to contact us.

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