Bridge Page: What Is It and Why You Need One?

A bridge page is a page that comes in between your opt-in page and the offer. It can be broadly defined as a page whose main purpose is to make your visitor click a link and visit the web page you are promoting.

It is basically the page that acts as a bridge between your email capture page and the offer page, hence the name. It has been proven that using bridge pages in your marketing campaigns can take your conversions to a new height.

How to Use a Bridge Page?

When using a bridge page it is always essential to keep its main purpose in mind, which is to introduce the product or the offer to your visitors and tell them why should they buy the product you are recommending. It is where you make the cold traffic warm.

If you are building a bridge page, you should keep the following things in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind


A bridge page is where you introduce yourself, tell a bit about yourself and tell your visitors why they should click the link on the page and check out the product you are promoting. It is also where you introduce your offer to the potential buyers and tell them how they are going to benefit from the offer.

Keep It Simple

Don’t forget that the main aim of a bridge page is to make the visitor click your link and visit the offer page. So don’t try to overcomplicate things on your bridge page. Keep it as simple as possible.


You can also use your bridge page to review the product you are promoting. You can tell your visitor how you have benefitted from using the product.

Video or No Video?

These days most bridge pages have a video on them. It is great to have a video of yourself talking and explaining things. However, it isn’t compulsory.

We ourselves have enjoyed great conversions on bridge pages that didn’t have a video at all. So having a video on the bridge page may be good but not compulsory.


Adding a bonus to your bridge page is a great idea to increase your conversions. Include an added offering for your visitors who click the link and purchase the product you are promoting.

You can use an eBook bundle, free coaching session, audio course, video lessons or anything else of value, as a bonus to your potential buyers. Please remember to keep your bonus congruent with the offer. BTW if you are looking for bonuses you need to check this website out.

bridge page

What Should a Bridge Page Contain?

A bridge page typically contains the following elements.

  • A catchy title or the headline
  • An informative video and/or written content
  • Call to Action Button or Text
  • Bonus (Optional)
  • Testimonials (Optional)
  • Countdown timers (Optional)
  • Exit intent pop ups (Optional)

Catchy Title or Headline

This is necessary to create interest and a sense of anticipation and excitement in your visitor’s mind. Without an attention-grabbing title, your prospect may leave the page for good. And to prevent that from happening a good headline for your bridge page is essential.

But please remember that eye-catching doesn’t mean hypey. Don’t make exaggerated claims on your bridge page. Be honest and people will love you.

Informative Video or Text Content

We have already discussed about this. If you can, shoot a video of yourself talking and explaining about you and your offer. If not, write few words about you and your offer. The idea is to keep things simple. Don’t distract your readers.

Also, don’t forget that the purpose of your bridge page should be ‘one offer, one goal’. Don’t present a second offer or a task (like asking your visitors to go to your social media page) on your bridge page. Absolutely no distractions.

Call to Action Button Or Text

No surprises here. Include a clear call to action button on your page. Choose your colours wisely. We have been told that bold colours convert well. Anyway, this is up to you to try and test it out. We personally use orange or green colours on our Call to Action buttons.


Adding a bonus is completely optional. A value-packed bonus can act as a great incentive and can give that final push to your buyer to make that purchase. You can always use PLR products to give away as bonuses to your buyers.

Don’t forget to edit them and give your own twist before giving them away as bonuses. You can also create a short video course or a downloadable MP3 file and giveaway as a bonus.

We know many well-known marketers who giveaway printables as bonuses. The type of bonus you offer depends on the niche you are in and the product you are promoting.


If you can, showcase testimonials on your bridge page. Testimonials act as social proof and help your conversions. These may be testimonials for your own service or for the product you are promoting. But remember to stay away from fake testimonials. Even not having testimonials is better than having a fake one.

Countdown Timers

You can add countdown timers to your bridge pages to create a sense of urgency in buyers. These timers add the ‘scarcity’ element to your pages. You can use a timed countdown or an evergreen countdown.

Exit Intent Pop-Ups

These are the pop-ups which are shown to your visitor when he/she is trying to leave the page without taking any action. Including a coupon or some kind of discount on these exit pop-ups have proven to increase conversions.

Now let’s see how to create a bridge page from scratch.

How to Create a Bridge Page?

You can either use your simple WordPress blog post and page editor to create a bridge page or use a page builder software. We personally like to use the page builder tools to create our pages because they look professional and tend to convert better.

The page builder software we regularly use are Thrive Architect and LeadPages. You can use any one of them. We have written a detailed article comparing these two. Check out our Thrive Architect Vs LeadPages post.

Another software we have been using for more than 7 years is Commission Gorilla. Although it is a bonus page builder software we have successfully used this tool to create promotional pages and bridge pages in the past.

Now let’s start building our bridge page. For this demo, we are building a page to promote a YouTube course which we know works. It is a great course for beginners who want to start earning a passive income on YouTube.

We are going to keep it simple.

Let’s first add a catchy headline.

We are going to add “Do You Want to Unlock the Key to Earning a Daily Passive Income without Any Experience, Technical Skills or Big Budget? “, as a title. This headline is congruent with the sales page and tells our visitors clearly what to expect while creating curiosity. Here’s a screenshot of our headline.

bridge page headline

After the headline, it is time to tell your visitor what this offer is all about and how it can benefit them. We just wrote a 100-150 words introduction telling the visitor about the offer. Now if you want, you can add a video here.

We have also added some income screenshots as social proof. We didn’t use the countdown timer here because this offer isn’t time-sensitive.

social proof for bridge page

Finally, we added the ‘call to action’ button.

You can have a look at our bridge page from here.

Should You Always Use a Bridge Page?

What we have found out over the years is that it is not always advisable to use a bridge page. We personally don’t use a bridge page when the visitor is already warmed up. Meaning, if the person already knows about the offer you are promoting, you don’t need to use a bridge page.

For example, let’s assume that you have written a detailed review of a particular product on your blog, explaining all its pros and cons. Whenever a visitor arrives at this page, this blog post itself is going to act like a bridge page. So instead of using another bridge page, you can simply redirect your visitor to the sales page.

Similarly, if you are creating a product-specific video on YouTube, giving a demonstration or reviewing the product, you may not be required to use a bridge page.

Only use a bridge page whenever you want to introduce the product or service to your visitors. Not when they are already searching for that specific product or offer.

What Next?

Having a bridge page in your affiliate marketing funnel nowadays is almost essential. If you already have a WordPress website we recommend you to build pages using the Thrive Architect plugin. It is a great piece of software which is also cost-efficient. If you don’t have a WordPress website, use LeadPages to build your pages.

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