Doodleoze Review: A Low Cost And Powerful Doodle Video Creator

Are you searching for a powerful whiteboard animation software with lots of features and animations? Are you looking for a suitable alternative for video creators like Doodly and Videoscribe because you can’t or don’t want to pay the high membership fees?

If yes, here is an amazing doodle video creator software that you can get for a very low price. It’s called Doodleoze. Recently, we have been recommending this Doodleoze whiteboard animation creator to all our readers and subscribers.

In this Doodleoze review, we are going to show you why we like this software so much and how the software works. We will also see its pricing, features, pros, and more.

BTW, if you want to see the Doodleoze demo video and the sample videos, we have included both of them below. Let’s get started.

What Is Doodleoze?

Doodleoze is a video creator software that has all the tools for you to create amazing whiteboard, blackboard, green board, and even glass board doodle animation videos in minutes.

With this easy to use video content creation software, you can combine doodle draw images, doodle animation, and full-motion videos, all into one awesome video presentation.

The creators of this Doodleoze software also claim that this is the only video creation software that not only does an impressive drawing of doodle sketch images but also does full keyframe doodle animation as well. 

For a limited time, during the Doodleoze 2022 launch, it is available for a low one time price of $29 for the personal license and $37 for the commercial license.

Check out the pricing from here.

How To Create Doodle Animation Videos With Doodleoze?

No matter what type of animated video you want to create with Doodleoze, it can be done in 3 simple steps.

  • Create
  • Customize
  • Export

That’s how simple it is to create your very next video. 

Step 1 – Select the doodle sketch images and add them on canvas

Step 2 – Optionally add text, other images and/or videos

Step 3 – Tweak placement & hit “Create Video”

You can watch the Doodleoze demo video below.

Doodleoze Review: Features

Here are some of the unique features and pros of all-new Doodleoze software.

Unlimited Videos

You can create unlimited videos with the Doodleoze software. There are absolutely no restrictions.

Commercial Rights

The commercial license is included with the purchase of this software, at no extra cost. That means you can sell the videos created by Doodleoze animation software to your clients and keep 100% of revenue from it to yourself.

No Technical Skills Required

You don’t need any special technical skills to create whiteboard (or any other) animation videos with the Doodleoze software. All you need to do is follow the 3 simple steps, to create amazing, conversion-boosting, animated videos.

Desktop Software

This is a completely downloadable desktop software that can be used on both PC and MAC.

Professional Doodle Sketch Images & Animations

You get access to 500 professional doodle sketch images for free, with the purchase of this video creation software. You also get access to 245+ Text Animations and 300+ fonts.

Step By Step Tutorials

You also get access to the step by step tutorial videos that show you how to create hand animation videos from scratch.

Free v1 Updates

You get all the future updates for free, as long as you have the license.

Doodleoze Vs Doodly

Now the Doodleoze software is a new software that has almost the same functions that Doodly has and some more. Frankly speaking, when it comes to animations and features, Doodleoze has a lot more to offer than Doodly.

Doodleoze Pricing Vs Doodly Pricing

But the thing that sets both of these video animation software apart is the pricing structure. Doodleoze is a lot cheaper than the Doodly software. Check out the Doodleoze pricing below, to understand what I am talking about.

Doodly pricing seems to have changed in recent times. Now it is available for a monthly payment option. Although there is an occasional Doodly facebook promo that offers the software for a one time fee, it isn’t always available.

The Doodly whiteboard animation/video creation software is priced at $39 per month for the Standard version and $69 per month for the Enterprise version when you chose the monthly billing cycle. If you chose the annual payment option, Doodly will cost you $20 per month for the Standard version and $40 per month for the Enterprise version.

But with Doodleoze the pricing is quite straight forward. Right now, this video creation software is being offered for a one time payment of $67 for commercial license and $47 for the personal license. It is a simple fee structure. Also, if you don’t want to pay $47, you can get this software for $29/year which also includes the commercial license. 

Doodleoze Review: The Negatives

I didn’t find any negative points with regard to the Doodleoze software. I feel, for a $37, this is a grab.

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