Create Studio Review: A Look at the Revolutionary Video Animation Software

You may have already guessed by the title that this article is all about the Create Studio review. Create Studio is a powerful video animation software using which you can create a variety of professional and impressive animation videos within minutes.

Create Studio is a desktop based video animation tool, that can be used on both PC and MAC. The authors of this tool claim that you can create videos for any occasion and purpose, in minutes, using this tool.

Does this mean that possibilities with this tool are endless? Are the types of videos we can create using this tool are only limited by our imagination?

Let’s find out.

What Exactly Can You Create Using This Video Animation App?

Create Studio has an inbuilt drag and drop functionality using which you can create complex video animation effects, without actually doing anything complex.

Before reviewing the unique features of the Create Studio app, let us see what can we create using this video tool.

create studio review

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are arguably the most eye-catching and highest converting videos online, today. Using the create studio app, creating explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters is a breeze.

You can create amazing explainer videos using the pre-made lifelike animated characters, assets and elements that have been included in the app. And of course, you can edit and customize these assets and elements to your liking.

Promotional Videos

Want to launch an affiliate marketing campaign or sell your own product? Promotional videos are the way to go. Using the Create Studio video creator app, you can create stunning promotional videos in minutes.

You can also mask your media with different shapes and later animate them. Doing this will give your videos the much required elegant look and feel.

Now you can get Create Studio for a one time price of $67 for commercial license and $47 for personal use. With the commercial license, you can sell your videos to your clients. Here is the download link.

Teaser Videos

These are your typical promotional videos with a twist. These videos are meant to create curiosity in the viewer and to motivate them to take desired action.

The other kind of videos that you can create using the ‘Create Studio’ video tool are lower third animations, logo stings, YouTube content videos, social videos, sales videos, mobile stories, eCommerce ads, local business videos and more.

Create Studio Features Review

We have listed some of the main features of this video creation app below.

  • Has a completely drag and drop styled timeline editor
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • You can create unlimited videos using this tool in any resolution. Even the 4K videos are supported.
  • The motion presets panel makes previewing and adding elements to the videos quicker.
  • Many animated characters included in the front end purchase of Create Studio
  • Can create incredible designs by adding ingredients to shapes and structures.
  • Can create custom animations.
  • With the green screen editing feature you can quickly and easily remove background colour from any video or picture.
  • Videos can be created in any shapes or sizes.
  • You can animate SVG images using the motion presets.
  • This tool has animated Emojis using which you can make your videos fun and engaging.
  • Can easily add colours using the eye dropper tool.

How To Create Videos Using Create Studio?

You can create stunning animation videos using the Create Studio app in few simple clicks. Just select the type of element you want to add, click and drag it on to the canvas, edit it, repeat the process, and then publish the video.

As simple as that. Here’s a demo video that shows you how to create video animations within minutes.

Create Studio Demo Video

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What Exactly Do You Get If You Purchase Create Studio Software?

Here’s what you get with the front end purchase of Create Studio.

  • CreateStudio Desktop Software
  • Unlimited video exports
  • Install on 2 devices
  • Green screen editing
  • 20 Animated Characters
  • Vector shape library
  • Animate SVG’s
  • All our 1 click animation presets
  • Easing presets
  • Transitions
  • Motion graphics
  • 100+ Animated emojis
  • 40 Done-for-you templates
  • Custom animations
  • Commercial use license

Create Studio Price: How Much Does It Cost?

At present, the Create Studio video animation software costs a one time fee of $67 for lifetime access and update. This purchase also gives you access to the commercial license using which you can sell the videos created using this app and keep the 100% profit to yourself.

If you don’t want to get the commercial license, you can take the personal license of this animation software, which will cost you $47 one time fee.

Things To Remember

Before concluding this create studio review, we would like you to remember a few things if you make the decision of buying this amazing piece of animation software.

How Many Animation Characters Are Included?

Your front end purchase gives you access to four 3D characters and thirteen 2D characters. If you want to get access to every asset, template and character in the tool, you will have to get the all access pass. The all access pass may cost you $37/month, depending on when you are reading this.

The all access pass gives you access to 100’s of pre-made templates, access to all assets, characters & templates as well as 30+ new templates & new characters & assets each month.

Is The Price Truly One Time?

Yes. The create studio price mentioned on this page is truly a one time price at this point in time. This, however, may change in future.

Are There Any Upgrades?

Yes. You have the option to purchase a few Create Studio add ons if you want to up your video animation game.

The first optional upgrade is the ‘All Access Pass’ which may cost you $37 a month, for unlimited access to all the present and future characters and elements included in the software library.

The second optional upgrade is the ‘Pro Media Upgrade’ which gives you access to millions of images, videos & audio track. This may cost you a one time fee of $97.

The third and the final optional upgrade is the ‘Agency License’. This upgrade gives you access to six extra licenses for Create Studio for a price of $197.

On How Many Machines?

You can use this video animation tool on 2 of your devices, with the front end license.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes. The vendor of the product is offering these bonuses to the buyer.

Bonus 1 : Client Booster Explainer Template

This template has the potential to land you new clients if you are planning to sell your video animation services with Create Studio.

This template can be edited easily inside your Create Studio video app, which can be later sent to the potential clients, showcasing the various styles of videos you can create for them.

Create Studio Review Bonus

Bonus 2: GreenScreen Kit

As you have already read, the Create Studio video animation app has green screen editing capabilities. The ‘GreenScreen kit’ that is provided as a bonus, has premium motion backgrounds to display behind your greenscreen footage. It also has some special greenscreen footage that can be used in your videos.

create studio bonus 2 review

Bonus 3: Client Questionnaire

This is the video project questionnaire that can be sent to your potential clients. It is a great way to start your business relationship with your clients. This questionnaire will help you better understand your clients’ needs and will also help you in your video creation process.

Create Studio Bonus 3

Create Studio Review Verdict

We never miss an opportunity to get a software deal for a one time price and neither should you. Create Studio is a good video animation tool with decent editing and high quality animation features.

When you compare this tool with a popular video editing tool like Camtasia, that costs around $300 for even fewer features, $67 doesn’t seem like much at all.

So, if you have the budget and the need for a video animation tool, get Create Studio. This can be the perfect start for you if you are a beginner to video animation and editing.