How to Create Doodle Animation Videos or Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Do you want to create impressive doodle animation videos? In this article, we will show you how to create doodle videos easily, within minutes. These doodle videos are popularly known as whiteboard animation videos or hand sketch animation videos.

We have been using these types of videos since many years for our online marketing campaigns with great success. If you too want to leverage the power of video marketing by creating doodle animation videos for your online business, keep reading.

What Are Doodle Animation Videos and Why You Need Them?

Doodle animation videos are animation videos that consist of a moving hand that writes and/or sketches on a whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board, explaining different things. These videos may or may not have an associated voice-over.

Here is an example.

As you may have already heard that the average human attention span at present is 8 seconds. Meaning, an average person browsing online will most probably click away from your page or the video in 8 seconds, only to never return. That means you have only 8 seconds to grab a persons attention and to present your offer.

You need to somehow grab the attention quickly, create curiosity and make the visitor stick till the end of your video presentation. There is no better way to do that than creating animation videos. And doodle animation videos are one such way of doing that.

If you want to create doodle videos the conventional way, it can take you a lot of time and effort. And as an online marketer time is of the essence for you. That’s why we are going to show you how we create doodle animation videos easily, without taking hours together.

As usual, we will be using a whiteboard animation tool to get our job done. And the tool we will be using is called the ‘Doodle Maker’.

Doodle Maker app is a cloud-based doodle video creator tool using which we can create whiteboard, blackboard, green board, and glass board animation videos, with a few simple clicks. Now let’s see how to create doodle animation videos using the Doodle Maker app.

How to Create Doodle Animation Videos with Doodle Maker?

To start creating the doodle animation video, we will need to sign up for the Doodle Maker app. We have already done that. You can get your copy of Doodle Maker from the link below.

>>>Get Doodle Maker App from Here<<<

Now let’s login to our Doodle Maker app. Once we log in, the dashboard inside looks like this.

doodle maker dashboard

There is the introduction video in the center, the controls panel on the left, and the ‘create project’ button on the top. All our created projects can be accessed from the ‘Your Projects’ section on the left.

To create a new doodle animation video, let’s click on the ‘create project’ button. Now there are 3 options available for us to create the whiteboard animation videos.

3 Ways to Get Started

ReadyMade Doodle Animation Templates

We can get started with a ‘readymade template’ and customize it to create our own hand sketch animation video. There are hundreds of pre-made doodle animation templates from a variety of niches and markets, available inside the Doodle Maker app.

doodle maker project

These templates are arranged into whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board animation videos separately and are available in both male and female voices.

Start from Scratch

We can start from a blank canvas and build a doodle animation video from scratch.

AI Video Translation Engine

We can also use any existing video with voice and turn it into a different language using the built-in text to speech engine and Artificial Intelligence.

Adding Slides to the Video

For this demonstration, we are going to be creating a doodle animation video from scratch. And that’s why let’s click on the ‘New Project from Scratch’ button, to start building our amazing video.

On the next page, we need to give our project a name. For this example, let’s name it the ‘Test Project’.

Hope you already have the script for your doodle animation video ready. If not, get it ready and come back to this step. Once we have our script, it is time to divide the script into different slides.

We can choose a sentence or two from the script and paste it into the ‘slide 1’ section, as shown in the image above. Now this will be our first slide. Similarly, we need to arrange the entire script into different slides.

To add more slides to our video, we need to click on the ‘add a new slide’ button (see the image above).

Customizing The Video Settings

To customize the look and feel of our video, we can use the ‘settings’ section. The ‘settings’ section can be accessed from the right lower corner of the Doodle Maker interface.

doodle maker settings

From the settings panel, we can change the background of our hand sketch animation video. We can choose a whiteboard background, blackboard background, glass board background, custom colour background or a custom image background for our doodle animation video.

We can also choose the background soundtrack from here. Doodle Maker gives us free access to hundreds of royalty-free music tracks for different occasions and moods. We can also choose the language for the video from here.

There are also options to choose hand styles and icon colours. Once all the customization has been done, we can click on ‘save’ to move forward.

The Doodle Maker software will now automatically select icons for the slides, based on the text we have added earlier. However, we always find it easier and more accurate to add icons, images and other media to each slide, manually.

As you can see in the image above, for this demonstration, we have created 8 slides for our doodle animation video, which is represented by numbers 1 to 8 on top of the slide. Right now, we are working on the 1st slide, hence the number 1 is highlighted.

As you can notice in the picture above, we have the option to add Text To Speech voice to our video, if we like. We can also upload our own voice-track to the video or record a voice-over on Doodle Maker itself.

We don’t use the inbuilt text to speech engine in Doodle Maker. That’s because we have a better alternative. We use this tool to create all our voice overs.

If we want to edit the text we have added to each slide, we can easily do that by clicking on the ‘edit text’ button.

Uploading Media to Doodle Animation Video

As mentioned above, we like to add icons, images, and other media files manually, to the doodle video we are creating. As you can see in the picture below, we can upload our own media files by importing them into Doodle Maker. There is also an option to add our own watermark to the doodle animation video.

Doodle Maker also has integrations with few third-party platforms which we can use to find the media of our choice and add it in our whiteboard animation video. This feature helps us to choose from millions of images, icons and media files that are royalty-free.

Exporting the Video

Once video customization is over, we can save the project and publish the video. We can export the video in HD and FullHD resolutions and save it on our device. As these videos come with full commercial rights, we can also sell these videos and earn money doing that.

And that’s how to create doodle animation videos from your computer.

Here is the whiteboard animation video we created using Doodle Maker.

Conclusion & Alternative

If you want to create doodle animation videos, this one is by far the easiest method to do that. There are also many other whiteboard animation tools available online that can help you create doodle videos as easily as Doodle Maker if not more.

One doodle animation tool we regularly recommend to our readers who want a desktop-based whiteboard animation creator is Doodleoze. You can read our complete Doodleze review to find out more.

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