How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress Website?

In this post, you will learn how to create a landing page in WordPress website. You don’t need to have any graphic designing skills or a coding degree to design beautiful landing pages in WordPress, these days.

We will show you exactly how we create landing pages from scratch, within minutes, on our WordPress websites and blogs. But before creating a landing page, let’s try to understand what a landing page is.

What Is a Landing Page?

In simple terms, a landing page can be described as a standalone web page, that has a single goal of conversion. A landing page is a page where your visitor ‘lands’.

Landing Page Vs Normal Web Pages

Typically when the visitor arrives at a normal webpage he or she has many options. The visitor can just browse through the page without doing anything at all or choose to visit other pages that are linked to this page.

The visitor has a lot to do and explore. But sadly, more options mean lower conversions. And that’s where landing pages differ from classical web pages.

Landing pages are designed with a specific purpose in mind. When a reader lands on the landing page, he or she has only 2 options. One is to take the desired action and the second one is to leave the page without doing anything. There are no other choices.

On an outer look, it may seem like we are wasting a lot of visitors by using a landing page because most of them leave the landing page without doing anything at all.

But in reality, the statistics say a totally different story. Experts believe that conversions are many times higher when we use a landing page instead of a normal webpage.

A landing page converts a lot better because it has a clear heading, a specific call to action and fewer distractions. Now, let’s get started and build a landing page in WordPress website from scratch.

Landing Page Building Tools for WordPress

The list of landing page creators for WordPress is pretty long. While some of them are really good the others are claggy. We love to use the following three popular page builders to create landing pages on our WordPress sites.

Thrive Architect

The first one is, the Thrive Architect page builder. This is the one that we use most commonly on our WordPress sites. We create landing pages, WordPress blog posts and pages, pop-ups and more, with this tool.

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The second one is the LeadPages. It is a popular landing page builder software that is not exclusive to WordPress. We can use this software to create landing pages even without a website or blog. We don’t even need a hosting or a domain name, to create a landing page with LeadPages.

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The third WordPress page builder plugin we love to use is the ‘Elementor’ plugin. But what we have found out over the years is that it is not a good idea to use both the Elementor plugin and the Thrive Architect page builder plugin together, on the same WordPress website. Doing this may cause technical glitches.

And that’s why in this article we are only going to show you how to create a landing page using the Thrive Architect page builder WordPress plugin.

Create a Landing Page in WordPress using Thrive Architect

To get started, we will need to download and install the Thrive Architect plugin first. It is a paid WordPress plugin that can be purchased for a one time fee of $67 for one site license, with lifetime access. You can read our complete Thrive architect review from here if you want to know more about this page builder.

Add a New Page

Once we have installed the Thrive Architect plugin on our WordPress site, we need to go to the WordPress pages section and click on ‘Add New’ page.

Now, let’s name the page and save it as a ‘draft’. Let’s name it the ‘Demo Landing Page’ and save it as a draft.

Now, click on the ‘Launch Thrive Architect’ button to launch the Thrive page builder interface.

lanuch thrive architect

The page will now open up in ‘Thrive Architect’. Now, there are two options to create a landing page.

The first option is to build a landing page using one of the many pre-made templates available in the Thrive Architect library. The second option is to build one from scratch. For this example, let’s build a landing page using one of the pre-made landing page templates.

Choose Landing Page Template

To do that, click on the ‘change template’ icon and choose one of the landing pages from the available template collection of more than 300.

change template
landing page templates

For this example, we will create a landing page for the purpose of email lead generation. These type of landing pages are also called email capture pages or opt-in pages.

For this demo, let’s choose the ‘Mini Squeeze 2 Video Lead Generation Page’ template.

how to create a landing page in wordpress

Editing the Landing Page

As we finish choosing the template, it loads up on the Thrive Architect interface. Once the template has completely loaded up, we can start editing every segment on the template. To edit an element on the landing page, we just need to ‘click and customize’.

editing landing page

For example, if we want to change the video on this email capture landing page, all we need to do is click on the video section. Immediately, the related configuration settings will open up on the left corner of the page builder.

As you can see in the picture above, the settings related to the video block are being shown on the left side. We can change the source of the video, edit the video playback settings, change the layout and position of the block, adjust the video start time, end time and more.

Editing Email Options and Adding Integrations

Similarly, we can edit the email capture box. We can change the opt-in box skin, the colour of the button, the typography, size of the button, button shadow etc, by clicking on the block and customizing it.

edit email capture

We can also easily connect our desired email autoresponder service with the landing page. To do that just click on the email capture block, and add the connection through the settings section on the left.

add connection

Similarly, we can even change the background image of the landing page.

Publishing the Landing Page in WordPress

Once we have finished with editing the landing page, we need to save the landing page. To do that, click on the ‘save work’ button and choose ‘save and return to the post editor’ option.

save landing page

We will now be redirected to the WordPress editor. Here, to publish the landing page on WordPress, all we need to do is click on the ‘Publish’ button.

publish landing page

That’s it. The landing page will now be live on our WordPress site. And that’s how to create a landing page in WordPress using Thrive Architect.

Creating Landing Page Using LeadPages

We have already written a detailed article explaining how to create a landing page using LeadPages, step by step. You can read our LeadPages review to learn the same or watch the video below.

Now, once we have created a landing page using LeadPages, we need to use the LeadPages WordPress plugin to integrate LeadPages with the WordPress site.

Finish installing the LeadPages plugin and then ‘Add New’ page.

Once you enter your LeadPages login details in the LeadPages WordPress plugin interface, the list of pages that you have created in your main LeadPages account will open up.

publish leadpage on wordpress

Choose the page you want to use as the landing page on the WordPress site and enter the desired URL slug. You can choose to use the LeadPage as a landing page, the home page, welcome gate or a 404 page.

Select your desired type and click on the ‘publish’ button to make the landing page live on your WordPress site.

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