LeadPages Review: Is This Popular Landing Page Creator Worth Your Money?

In this LeadPages review, we are going to take a closer look at the popular landing page creator and lead generation platform, LeadPages, that has been around for a while now.

We will look at the Leadpages features, pricing, pros, cons and more. We will also see how to create beautiful conversion optimised lead generation pages using LeadPages. Let’s get started.

Before diving deep into the features offered by LeadPages, let’s see why LeadPages is an important tool for any kind of online business and how it can be used in your business as well.

Why Do You Need LeadPages?

As you may already have noticed by now, starting a blog, website or a YouTube channel isn’t enough for earning money online, anymore.

You need to create conversion focussed pages and videos and implement attention-grabbing lead generation tactics into your online business, that can turn your readers and audience into subscribers and then into customers.

As they have been saying all these years, ‘money is in the list’ and without an email list we really don’t have an online business.

We have seen YouTube channels disappearing, blogs and websites losing search engine rankings and traffic, and social media platforms vanishing from the face of the internet, overnight.

But one thing that never goes away and that is always yours to keep is your email list of subscribers and readers. An active list of email subscribers is worth its value in gold and is the real asset for any type of business online.

And that’s why we need to start building the email list of our subscribers and audience early in our online business.

The popular ways of lead generation that can be effectively used for email list building purposes are using landing pages and pop ups. But creating them from scratch is almost impossible for non coders like us. And that’s where platforms like LeadPages come into the scene.

LeadPages is a completely drag and drop page builder that can be used to create professional looking lead generation elements from scratch.

According to us, LeadPages is the perfect landing page builder for beginners, who don’t have much knowledge or experience in building webpages or launching websites.

Now, let’s have a look at the important LeadPages features and see how it can be used to better our online business.

LeadPages Features

As mentioned above, using LeadPages you can create conversion focussed, professional looking landing pages, websites, pop ups, alert bars, opt in texts and more. You can also create sales pages, webinar registration pages, home page, thank you page, download page and more using LeadPages. Here are some of its unique features.

Unlimited Hosting and Free LeadPages Domain

This one is by far the best feature of LeadPages. Using LeadPages you can securely host your website and/or landing pages on the LeadPages domain that is secured with SSL encryption and hosted on an HTTPS address. This is a great feature to have, especially for those, who don’t have a website yet.

Unlimited Pages and Unlimited Visitors

Yes. There is absolutely no limit on the number of landing pages, pop ups and other conversion elements you can create using LeadPages, in any of their plans. Meaning, even if you are on their most minimal plan, you can create unlimited pages and get unlimited traffic, with no real capping of any sorts.

Easy Drag-and-Drop Interface

You don’t need to learn even a single line of code to build beautiful pages and websites these days. And it is no different when using LeadPages. All you need to do is drag, drop, click, and type to change and customise any website, opt-in form, or page, built with LeadPages.

LeadPages Free Trial Offer: Get a free 14 days trial of LeadPages that gives you unlimited access to all the LeadPages conversion tools. You can create unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars and more.

Digital File Hosting & Delivery

LeadPages has its own built-in Lead Magnet Delivery System using which you can automatically deliver the ‘free gift’ you promised to deliver to your subscriber using email, whenever he or she joins your email list. LeadPages will host your files on their servers at no extra cost to you.

Lead Backup Feature

LeadPages stores a back up of all your leads whether you have an integrated email service provider or not. This feature can be of great help in case your autoresponder service experiences sudden downtime or if for some technical reason your email service provider fails to work.

Lead Notifications

This is one of our favourite LeadPages features. With this feature we get notified every time a new subscriber opts into one of our email lists using LeadPages. This happens even if we have not connected an email autoresponder service to the page. LeadPages emails us the subscriber data right in to our inbox.

5 Free sub-accounts

If you have a team of people working on the same project the ‘sub-accounts’ feature can be of great use. Each LeadPages account comes with 5 linked subaccounts.

Online sales & payments

Using the LeadPages Checkouts feature that is powered by Stripe you can make sales and deliver digital products from any webpage, landing page, or pop-up.

Connect Your WordPress Website with LeadPages

You can easily integrate your WordPress website or blog with your LeadPages account, using the LeadPages connector plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can publish all your LeadPages on your website’s URL and even integrate pop-ups and alert bars easily.

Conversion Tools

Landing pages are not the only type of conversion tool available in our LeadPages account. We can create unlimited timed pop-ups, exit intent pop-ups and unlimited alert bars.

LeadDigits Feature

This is a feature that enables us to create opt-in text campaigns. Using the Lead Digits feature our readers can opt-in to receive a digital file, or subscribe to our email list, with a simple SMS text message.

LeadLinks Feature

This feature can be used for your existing subscribers, who can be added to your other lists or events using simple email trigger links in your emails. This feature is called the ‘LeadLinks’ feature.

How to Create Landing Pages Using LeadPages?

Now let’s see how to create beautiful landing pages using LeadPages. To get started, we will login to our LeadPages account first.

Once inside, click on ‘create new landing page’ button.

Now we need to choose the purpose of our landing page.

We can build a lander to generate leads, make sales or do something else entirely, like a thank you page or a download page. This is for our reference only.

We want to ‘generate leads’ using our landing page. So let’s click on that and move forward.

Now, on the next page let’s select the type of freebie we will be offering our readers for opting in to our email list. Let’s select ‘Newsletter’ and continue.

leadpages newsletter review

Now, based on these inputs, LeadPages will show us some of their best landing pages meant for lead generation purposes for newsletters, the two options that we selected earlier.

We can choose one of these landing page templates or can choose a new one by browsing through LeadPage’s template library.

For this demo, let’s choose the second template.

choose template

Now, let’s give our page a name and continue.

Now on the next page, our template has loaded and is ready to be customised. We can click and customise each and every element on this landing page.

To customise any part of this lead page, all we need to do is click on that element. A pop up will open up, giving us all the customization options like changing the colour, font, background image etc.

For example, in this case, if we want to edit the opt in form, all we need to do is click on the ‘2 step opt in’ button and choose ‘edit popup’ option. Once we do that, the opt in form will open up with all its customisation options.

We can integrate our email autoresponder service with this form using the ‘integrations’ tab on the left.

customize pop up

We can also choose the destination page here, where we want to send the subscriber after opting in. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Actions’ tab on the left side.

We can add extra elements and fields to the existing email subscription form through the ‘Fields’ tab, if necessary. Even the button colour and the call to action text on the form can be customised.

Once everything is done, we can preview the page by clicking on the ‘Preview’ option on the right top corner of the LeadPages dashboard. If everything is how it is supposed to be, click on the ‘Publish’ button, to make the page live.

When we click on the ‘Publish’ button, Leadpages will give us a unique URL that we can use to promote to our readers.

leadpages link

Our landing page will reside on that URL. We also have the option to publish this page on our WordPress website using the ‘LeadPages plugin’.

The published page on the website is dynamic in nature and will update itself everytime we make a change to that page inside our LeadPages account.

We also have the option to download the page as a dynamic HTML file and upload it on any website we own. And that’s how to create and publish a landing page using LeadPages.

LeadPages Templates

LeadPages offers a variety of beautiful landing page and website templates, to begin with. There are more than a hundred conversion focussed landing page templates and a few website templates.

If you want to explore more designs and possibilities, there are premium templates available for you, which will cost extra.

Leadpages review

LeadPages Pricing

LeadPages can be bought in three plans. Standard, Pro and Advanced. And all of these three plans can be purchased in monthly and yearly billing cycles.

The Standard plan costs $25/month if you decide to pay yearly, and $37/month if you pay monthly. The Pro plan is $48/month if you pay annually and $79/month if you pay monthly.

And finally, the Advanced plan will cost you $199/month if you pay yearly and $321/month if you pay monthly.

Here are the features you get with each plan.

LeadPages Standard Plan

  • 1 Site
  • Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • Free Custom Domain with annual purchase
  • Free Hosting
  • Mobile-Responsive Templates
  • Lead Notifications
  • Tech Support (via Email)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations

Pro Plan

Everything in the Standard plan and the following.

  • Online Sales and Payments feature
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Email Trigger Links
  • 10 Opt-in Text Campaigns

Advanced Plan

Everything in the Standard and the Pro plan and the following.

  • Advanced Integrations
  • Includes 5 Pro Sub Accounts
  • 50 Extra Opt-in Text Campaigns
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call

LeadPages Review Conclusion

LeadPages Pros

Here are some of the things we liked about LeadPages.

  • The ability to create a truly unlimited number of landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.
  • The unlimited hosting feature provided with every plan is great for people who don’t have a website yet. We have used this feature effectively to launch and test stand alone campaigns, in the past.
  • Less load on our website. Unlike many of the landing page builder WordPress plugins, LeadPages doesn’t slow down your website, as it is completely hosted on LeadPage’s fast servers.
  • Ability to split test.
  • Powerful analytics.
  • Ability to use custom domains.
  • And many more.


The only thing the beginners need to worry before buying a LeadPage’s subscription is its pricing.

Don’t get us wrong.

When you compare LeadPages pricing with that of other landing page and funnel builders like ClickFunnels and Unbounce, it is very cheap.

But for a beginner blogger and internet marketer, paying $25/month can be a costly deal, when you consider the fact that you will also need to buy an email autoresponder service to go with the LeadPages platform. And that is the only drawback with LeadPages.


LeadPages is a great landing page creator and lead generation tool for online marketers and content creators. There are no two thoughts about that.

But is it required for your business? Well, the answer depends on what stage your online business is currently at.

If you are just starting out online and have recently launched a blog, you definitely don’t need to worry about buying LeadPages. Because without decent amount of traffic, LeadPages can’t do anything for you or your business.

But if you are getting a good number of visitors to your blog or website, you need to start collecting leads and build your email list. And LeadPages can help you do that job efficiently.

The conversion focussed attention grabbing landing pages and pop ups created using LeadPages, definitely work. We have used them for many of our campaigns and they are great to work with.

So our final conclusion about this LeadPages review is that, if you have a blog or website with decent traffic and if you can afford to spend at least $25/month, LeadPages should be a part of your internet marketing tool kit. But if you are just a beginner and don’t have a lot of money to invest, don’t bother about LeadPages, for now.

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