Thrive Architect Review [2024]: How Does This Page Builder Work And Is It Worth The Price?

Thrive Architect is a page builder plugin that helps us to create beautiful and engaging home pages, landing pages, sales pages and more. Although there are many page builder tools available in the online market today, I personally prefer the ‘Thrive Architect Page Builder’ over others. I have installed it on my majority of websites and have been using it for a few months now.

In this Thrive Architect review for the year 2024, I am going to share information with you on how the page builder works, what are some of its basic features and whether its price is justified or not. I am sure by the end of this article you will be in a position to decide whether the Thrive architect plugin is the right one for you or not.

What Is Thrive Architect?

As mentioned above ‘Thrive Architect’ is a WordPress page builder plugin developed by Thrive Themes team. It is a premium WP plugin. So you won’t be able to enjoy it for free.

Thrive architect plugin easily incorporates your existing WordPress theme and enables you to edit the existing content as well as add new content. It is easy to use and you don’t need to have any special technical knowledge or coding skills to use this page builder.

With the Thrive page builder plugin, you can easily create landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, download pages and more. The builder itself is of ‘drag and drop’ style and you have the complete freedom to edit almost all the elements on your web page.

Now, enough of theory. Let’s have a look at how actually the thrive architect plugin works.

How Does Thrive Architect Work?

Once you make a purchase, you will get to download the ‘Thrive Architect plugin’ which you need to install on your WordPress website. I am sure you already know how to install a WordPress plugin. So I am not going to show that again here.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you will see two new tabs on the WP sidebar as shown in the picture below.

How To Create A Landing Page With Thrive Architect?

Let us start by creating a landing page with the thrive architect, which BTW is my favourite way of using the thrive architect plugin. The procedure is the same for creating a home page, lead page, sales page, download page or any other kind of page you can imagine.

To get started, I go to the ‘Pages’ section and click on the ‘Add New’ tab.

adding a page in thrive architect

Now on the new page, I add the title, do the necessary customizations if any, and then save the page as a draft.

Once the ‘Page’ is saved I click on the ‘Launch Thrive Architect’ button that takes me inside the ‘Thrive visual builder’ that appears as shown in the picture below.

Once I am there, I click on the ‘choose templates’ button to launch the gallery of premade page templates.

Now I can choose a page template from more than 300 premade Thrive template designs and start editing it.

thrive landing page templates

I chose the ‘mini squeeze page’ template for this demo. To edit this page, all I have to do is click on the element I want to edit and configure it the way I want.

Once I click on a certain element on the page, the related settings panel opens up on the left side. I can do the desired changes there and click the save button to make the changed live. See the image below.

thrive architect review

Once everything is the way I want I click on the ‘save work’ button and exit the Thrive Visual Builder.

Now to publish the page I reopen the saved draft in the WordPress editor and click on the ‘Publish’ button.

thrive page builder demo

And that’s how to build a landing page/lead page using Thrive Architect.

Following the same procedure, we can also build home page, coming soon page, launch pages and more. We can also build pages from scratch using the blank template.

What Are The Elements Included With The Thrive Architect Page Builder Plugin?

These are the building blocks or elements that are included in the thrive architect page builder plugin.

  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Styled Lists
  • Content Reveal
  • Content Boxes
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing Tables
  • Contact Forms
  • Call-to-action Box
  • Credit Card Icons
  • Animated Countdown Timers
  • Guarantee Boxes
  • Paragraph/Text Block
  • Heading Block
  • Image Block
  • Background Section
  • Column Layout
  • Click To Tweet Element
  • WordPress Content
  • Data Tables
  • Social Share
  • Fill Counter
  • Facebook Comments
  • Disqus Comments
  • Full Scalable (Retina) Icons
  • Custom Menu
  • Divider
  • Progress Bar
  • Post Grid
  • Responsive Video Embed
  • Star Rating
  • Google Maps
  • Custom HTML/CSS
  • Table of Contents

Thrive Architect And Email Integrations

Thrive Architect works very well with most major email services. I have tried them out with Mailerlite and everything appears to be working smoothly. I am yet to connect my ConvertKit account with Thrive Architect.

Here are the email autoresponder and other services that thrive architect supports.

thrive review email autoresponders

How To Connect An Email Service With Thrive Architect?

We can connect the landing pages or the lead pages that we build using the thrive architect with our email service provider using one of the two ways given below.

Inserting The HTML Code of The Form

This is the simple way of connecting the email service provider of our choice with the Thrive page. This method is great if the email service provider we use isn’t supported (no API integration available) by the Thrive architect plugin.

To insert the ‘HTML code’ of my autoresponder, all I have to do is click on the form element on the page and insert the HTML code on the left side control panel that just appeared when I clicked on the form element.

Thrive Architect Review

Establishing An API Connection

This is great if you have more than one list or more than one service to integrate with the website. To do that, I need to click on to the thrive dashboard tab and then click the ‘Manage Connections’ tab under API connections.

api connections thrive

Once inside we can choose the app we want and connect it with the thrive architect plugin using the unique API key which can be obtained from our email or the app service provider.

Creating Beautiful Popups With Thrive Lightboxes

Thrive lightboxes are these beautiful popups that can be created using the thrive architect page builder.

The process of creating the popup using thrive lightboxes is similar to that of creating a page using the thrive architect plugin. As far as I know, there were no premade templates available. So I had to design everything from scratch. BTW the designing part was very easy, thanks to the drag and drop builder.

Thes popups or the lightboxes can be used on all the pages on our website that are built using the thrive architect page builder.

To activate the thrive lightboxes on a certain page, we have to open that page in the ‘edit on the thrive architect’ tab and do the following

Click on the settings—>Page Events—>Choose the event we want from the ‘event manager’ tab.

thrive lightboxes review

We can choose from two types of events.

The exit intent is the one that shows a popup every time a person tries to leave our page or close the tab.

The timer-based event is the one where we can set a specific amount of time for our popup to appear, after which a popup will be shown to our website visitor.

We can also customize the frequency of our popups. And also add animations to the popups.

This feature alone eliminates our need for using many other popup building plugins or tools on our website.

Thrive Architect: The Pricing Review

There are three pricing structures available for us to choose from. You can use the link below to check out their page to find the current pricing.

Access Thrive Architect from Here

Thrive Membership

This is available at a monthly fee of 19$ that needs to be paid annually. Meaning, we will have to pay 19×12= $228/year to keep the subscription going.

We get the following benefits with this Thrive membership.

  • We get access to all the Thrive themes and plugins. It means that we don’t only get access to the Thrive Architect plugin but also the other popular thrive themes and thrive plugins.
  • We get unlimited support and updates.
  • We can use these themes and plugins on 25 websites.
  • Access to 320 landing page templates

Thrive Architect 5 License Pack

With this license, we get access to the thrive architect plugin at the cost of $97. We can use Thrive Architect on 5 websites with this license. We also get

  • Unlimited free updates
  • 1 year of support
  • Access to 320 landing page templates

Thrive Architect Single License

With this license, we can install Thrive Architect on one website. This license will cost you $67.

Other features include

  • Unlimited free updates
  • 1 year of support
  • Access to 320 landing page templates

Thrive Architect Review: My Conclusion

I must say that I personally am very happy using the Thrive Architect page builder plugin on my sites.

I just love the way how the thrive landing pages and other premade templates look. They are professional and convert very well. That’s the reason I chose to write this Thrive architect review.

Also, the page builder is very intuitive. I don’t know about others but I myself haven’t encountered any glitch or bug when using this software.

Also, I have heard some people complaining about the ‘not so quick response’ they got from the Thrive support team when contacted. Frankly, I haven’t experienced this aspect of the ‘Thrive team’ because I haven’t used their support till now.

My friendly advice to you is this.

If you are planning to build a business online, a page builder (a landing page builder, in my case) is one of the most important tools you can have. And I believe ‘Thrive Architect’ is one such tool.

I hope you agree with this Thrive architect review. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please mail me at the address given on the contact page.

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