How to Create a Landing Page Without a Website

In this article, we are going to show you how to create a landing page without a website. Yes. You don’t need a website, domain or a hosting to create a landing page these days. There exist a number of landing page creators that allow customers to create and host landing pages on their servers.

In this post, we will show you how we create and host our landing pages without using our website and without spending a fortune on landing page software.

How We Create Landing Pages Without a Website or Hosting

One of the tools we use for creating landing pages and hosting them is called ‘GetResponse’. GetResponse is primarily an email marketing service that also allows its customers to create landing pages and host them.

The things we love about GetResponse are its price and the features. By just paying $15 a month, we can collect email addresses, send unlimited emails, and create and host unlimited landing pages. We can also host webinars and build sales funnels in their higher membership plans.

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Now, there are many email services that offer landing page services. But frankly speaking, most of their landing pages suck. Luckily, that’s not the case with GetResponse.

They have a collection of best quality landing page templates. Also, their editor is completely drag-and-drop, in true sense. We can create almost any type of landing page using GetResponse.

We can create lead capture pages, thank you pages, about me pages, webinar registration page, download pages, promotion pages and more, using the GetResponse landing page creator.

Now, let’s see how to create a landing page from scratch using GetResponse.

Creating Landing Pages Using GetResponse Landing Page Creator

To get started, you will need a GetResponse account. You can sign up for 30 days of the free trial using the link given above. We pay a tiny fee for using GetResponse services every month, and it’s definitely worth it.

Now, to get started, we will need to log in to our GetResponse account, click on the ‘Menu’ icon, and then select ‘Landing Pages’.

getresponse menu

On the next page, we can see all our existing landing pages. To create a new landing page, just click on the ‘create landing page’ button on the right-hand side.

inside getresponse

Once we do that, a new page will open up showing us all the available Getresponse landing page templates in our account.

how to create a landing page without a website

For this demo, we will create a simple landing page with a headline, video and a call to action button. Let’s also add a simple countdown timer to the landing page.

For this example, we will be creating a landing page for promoting a ClickBank offer. The product is called ’12 Minute Affiliate System’.

Its a great affiliate marketing training program for beginners. We believe it will provide great value for our readers. So we will create a basic promotional landing page for that.

Choose GetResponse Landing Page Template

Now to create a landing page in GetResponse we have two options. We can either use a readymade landing page template or create one from scratch. For this demo, let’s build a landing page from scratch.

build from scratch

Now, let’s choose the ‘Plain Template 7’ and edit it.

Let’s name it ’12 Minute Affiliate’ and click on ‘Next Step’.

Editing the Landing Page

Now, let’s delete all the existing elements from this template and add the ones we want. To delete any element from the landing page, all we need to do is click on the element and choose the delete option, as shown in the picture below.

Adding Elements

Similarly, to add an element to the landing page, simply choose the one you want and drag it on to the canvas area.

For example, if we want to add a button to the landing page, all we need to do is select the button element from the tools bar on the right side and drag it on to the canvas.

add element

Now, let’s start adding different elements to our landing page. As mentioned earlier, we will be adding a headline, video, a countdown timer and a call to action button.

Working with the GetResponse landing page creator is very easy. In fact, it’s one of the easiest and beginner-friendly landing page creators we have ever worked with.

We can also edit the landing page for mobile view and desktop view separately, using the option available near the top portion of the editor.

Once we are done with the editing part, its time to publish the page. Now, as we mentioned earlier, we don’t need a website, domain or a hosting to host the landing page we created using GetResponse landing page builder. Its hosted on GetResponse’s server itself.

To publish our landing page, we need to click on the ‘next step’ button. Now, on the next page, we can optimize our landing page for SEO. We can add the SEO friendly title and description here.

We also have the option to choose one of the three subdomains available at GetResponse. We can also use our own domain if we want. But we will not bother about that for now because we are trying to build a landing page without a website or a domain.

We can also choose the email list and the thank you page here if we are intending to collect email leads using the landing page. But that’s not the case here. So we can click on the ‘Publish’ button to make the page live.

Once we publish the landing page, GetResponse gives us a unique URL where the page is hosted. We can use this URL to bring visitors to our landing page.

In this demo, it took us hardly 10 minutes to create a landing page without a website. The landing page we created can be found on the link below.

And that’s how to create a landing page without a website.

Create a Landing Page Without a Website Using LeadPages

LeadPages is another software using which you can create amazing landing pages. You don’t need a website or a hosting to use LeadPages. For more information about the same, you can read our LeadPages review post that shows how to easily create landing pages using LeadPages.


An email list is probably the most vital part of any online business and to build that email list we need landing pages. We need a landing page builder that is easy to use, cheap and has a wide range of possibilities.

GetResponse landing page builder truly delivers on that. Creating a landing page with GetResponse is a very simple process. Click, drag and drop and publish. That’s it. And the resulting landing pages look beautiful and also deliver unbelievable results for you and your business.

How To Get Traffic To The Landing Pages Without a Website or a Blog?

Having a landing page is great. But a landing page can deliver you no results if you don’t know how to bring visitors to your landing page.

Now, the biggest drawback of not having a website is losing out on all the free search engine traffic, that you could have otherwise got if you had a content-rich website.

That’s not to say that by not having a website you won’t be able to generate quality traffic.

There are a number of internet marketers out there who generate a ton of traffic to their landing pages without having a website or a blog. The main sources of traffic for these people are YouTube and Pinterest.

YouTube Traffic

Video marketing is the best method to generate an avalanche of free traffic to your landing pages if you don’t have a website. One tool we regularly use to generate a lot of YouTube traffic to our landing pages in niches where we don’t have a website is, Vidnami.

It is an amazing piece of video creation software that also has the best in class auto voice generation capabilities. It means you don’t have to worry about recording your own voice-overs or paying someone else to record a voice over for you. You can automatically generate human-like voices using this software.


Another effective method of bringing a flood of visitors to your landing pages without SEO is Pinterest. We have seen a lot of marketers making a full-time income online with traffic generated from Pinterest alone.

Pinterest is truly powerful, at least for now. You can start publishing your pins on Pinterest and link them to your landing page to generate instant traffic.

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