How to Create Video Landing Pages Easily And Boost Your Conversions

Did you know having a video in your landing page is known to boost conversions significantly? While many of us are aware of this fact, most of us hesitate to go ahead and create video landing pages because of the technicalities involved in creating one.

That need not be the case anymore. In this article, we are going to show you how to make a video landing page from scratch without any coding or graphic designing.

As you already know, video is a great medium to communicate your message precisely and effectively. That’s why using videos on your landing page in different capacities will only help your conversions, no matter what your landing page’s purpose is.

Before looking at how to create video landing pages, let’s first understand what different ways can video be used in a landing page.

How to Use Videos In Landing Pages?

Video landing pages can be created on a website or without a website. The capacity or the manner in which we use videos in our landing pages mainly depends on the purpose of the landing page and the product or service that is being promoted.

The three main ways of using videos in landing pages are as follows.

  • Using the video as the background of the landing page
  • Using the video as a standalone element in the centre of the landing page with an associated call to action
  • Using the video as a part of the landing page with other elements like text, image, CTA buttons and more.

Marketers tend to use videos as landing page backgrounds mostly when the marketing message needs to be visually appealing and the brand being promoted demands it.

In most cases though, video landing pages belong to the second or the third category mentioned above.

No matter what the anatomy of the video landing page is, we need certain tools to create those landing pages. And such tools are called landing page builders.

Now let’s get into action and find out more about two such landing page builders and learn how to use them to create different video landing pages.

How to Create Landing Pages with Video Background without a Website?

There may be different ways of doing this. The method we are showing here is one of the easiest and the one which we have been using for many years. This involves using a page builder tool that doesn’t require you to have a website. And the tool is called Landing Page Monkey.

Check out Landing Page Monkey from here.

To start the video landing page creation process, let’s log into our Landing Page Monkey account.

landing page monkey dashboard

Once inside, we need to click on the ‘create page’ button to get started.

Now, the next page is where we get to style our landing page and add the required content. We can either use the ‘simple’ mode or the ‘advanced’ mode to edit the page.

The page settings section is divided into 4 sub-sections.

  • Page styling
  • Page content
  • Autoresponder integraion
  • Script integration

Have a look at the image below to get a clear picture.

create video landing page setting

To create a video landing page using Landing Page Monkey, we just need to fill in a few details. As you can see in the image above, there are all kinds of simple details which we need to enter in the given boxes.

Page Styling

We need to fill the following details under the ‘page styling‘ section.

Landing Page Name

This is the name given to the page which we are going to create. It is for reference purposes only. We gave our page the name ‘ video landing demo page’.

Box Position

This is the position where the main content box will appear on our landing page. We can place it in either the left, right or the middle position.

Box Background Colour and Box Animation

These are the adjustments for the colour of the box background and the animation style with which the box appears on the screen. There are more than 20 animation options to choose from.

Page Background Colour, Background Image and Background Video

This is where the magic happens. In this section, we get to choose the colour of our page background. We also get to select the type of background for our landing page. We have the option to choose either the ‘image’ background or the ‘video’ background for the landing page.

As this is a tutorial for creating video landing pages, let’s just select the video background option. We need to enter the video URL into the box given for background video (See the image above). This video will now be the background for our landing page.

Button Colour and Button Text

In this section, we get to edit the colour of the button and the call to action text. We can also choose the button action here.

We can make the button redirect the visitor to an external URL when clicked or can make it open the subscription box where the visitor can enter the email address and subscribe to our list.

Page Content

Once the page styling is done, we need to enter the content for our video landing page.

In this section, we get to customize the following.

  • Logo
  • Video embed code – This is required only if we want to use a video in the content box.
  • Headling and subheadline text
  • Main content
  • Call to action
video landing page content

We also get to enter the privacy text and customize it, in this section.

Autoresponder Section

As the name suggests, in this section we need to enter our autoresponder details and integrate our email service with the video landing page we are creating. We can use the API integration or use the custom HTML code to embed the form.

autoresponder landing page

Script Section

This is where we can enter the custom script codes such as Google Analytics which we want to be inserted in the ‘head’ or the ‘body’ section of the landing page.

Once we have entered all the necessary information we can use the preview option to have a look at the page and then publish it.

Hosting Your Video Landing Pages

When using Landing Page Monkey, you don’t need to worry about hosting. All the pages we create using the software are hosted on their servers at no extra cost.

And that’s why Landing Page Monkey is the perfect tool to use if you don’t have a website or a blog or don’t want to invest in web hosting.

Create Video Landing Page

Create Video Landing Page On a Website

To create different types of landing pages on our WordPress website we use a page builder plugin called ‘Thrive Architect’. It is a great plugin to have in your tool kit. Using Thrive Architect we can easily create any kind of page.

Check out Thrive Architect

We can build video landing pages, opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages and more. We can also use this page builder plugin to edit the existing WordPress pages.

To create a video landing page with Thrive Architect we need to go to the ‘Pages’ section in WordPress and then click on the ‘Add New’ tab.

add new

The WordPress page editor will now open up. We will just give our page a name and then save the page as a draft.

Once the ‘Page’ is saved we need to click on the ‘Launch Thrive Architect’ tab which takes us inside the Thrive visual builder.

Now we need to click on the ‘choose templates’ button to launch the gallery of pre-made page templates available inside Thrive template library. There are more than 300 beautiful page templates available inside the library, for different marketing needs.

Let’s choose the mini squeeze video lead generation template for this demo, which happens to be one of our favourites.

mini squeeze video landing page

Now all that is left to do is customize this template and publish the page.

To insert our video into the landing page, we need to click on the video element on the page. A new options tab will open up on the side. We just need to enter our video URL in the given space. We can also edit the video start time, video style and more from this options tab.

add video to thrive landing page

We are not going to show you all the customization options here. For that, you can read our complete Thrive Architect review.

Once all the customizations are done, we need to save the page and return to the WordPress post editor, from where we can publish the page and make it live.

If you want your video to act as the landing page background, that can be easily done in Thrive Architect by heading over to the ‘Landing Page’ setting on the top and clicking on ‘Background’ section.

create video background in thrive

Now we just need to choose the video background option on the left and enter our video source. That’s it.

Our video landing page will be ready.

Have a look at the video landing page we created using Thrive Architect plugin.

Problems With Video Landing Pages

Is it always better to use video landing pages?

The answer is no.

As mentioned earlier, only use video landing pages if your brand needs it and if you want to make your landing pages visually appealing. But that may not be required every time you create a landing page.

Sometimes videos can be a distraction and hurt your conversions. Better not use a video in the landing page if you feel that it may be distracting your reader from your main goal.

Another problem with the video landing pages is the slow loading speeds. Sometimes, videos fail to load or can take a longer time to stream. This will make your visitors leave without taking any action which in turn will hurt your landing page conversions.

It is always better to use your common sense when deciding whether to use a video landing page or not, for your marketing needs.

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