How to Create Animated Videos on Computer : Works for Both PC and MAC

Do you want to create animated videos from your computer? In this article, we are going to show you how to make cool animation videos from scratch even if you are a complete beginner.

With this technique, you can create animated videos on both PC and MAC. The type of computer you use or the operating system you have will not make any difference to this method. Let’s start creating our animation.

how to create animated videos on computer

This is What We Use for Creating Animated Videos on Computer

The software we use to create animated videos on our computer is called ‘Create Studio’. Create Studio is a powerful animation tool that can create a variety of professional and eye-catching animation videos, with a few clicks.

There aren’t many technicalities involved. All we need to do is drag and drop a few elements, choose the action and click animate. Best of all, this tool can work on both PC and MAC.

Download from Here

So no matter whether your computer is a WINDOWS or MAC, you can create animations easily with Create Studio. Here are some sample videos that are made with Create Studio.

Now let’s see how easy it is to create professional, studio-grade animation videos using Create Studio.

How to Create Animation Videos With Create Studio on Your Computer?

To get started, let’s launch our ‘Create Studio’ app. We have this app installed on both our MAC and PC. A single Create Studio license is sufficient for both devices. Now, let’s get started.

When we launch the software, by default we will be in Create Studio’s ‘Home’ section. As you can see in the image below, there are 3 more tabs available in the home screen. They are Store, All Access Pass, and Learn.

create studio home

The ‘store’ is where you can shop for all the premade templates available inside the Create Studio marketplace. We have the Create Studio standard version with a handful of templates, characters, and other animation assets, which is more than enough for our use.

Unlike us, if you are a power user, you are going to need more templates and animation assets. And that’s when you can visit the Create Studio ‘Store’ and shop for premade templates and characters. Each of these assets is going to cost you extra credits.

create studio assets store

If you want to get access to all the assets inside Create Studio, you can get the ‘All Access Pass’ by clicking on the link, as shown in the image above. With this pass, you get access to every character, template, and design resource Create Studio has, for a monthly or yearly fee.

Finally, there is the ‘Learn’ tab in the Create Studio’s home screen, from where we can get access to their YouTube channel, which has all the important demos and tutorials about the software.

first animation project

Now, to start a new project, we need to click on the ‘Create New Project’ button. We have already created a project for this demonstration. So let’s click on that and move forward.

create studio interface

When we enter the dashboard, we can see the timeline editor interface. There is the main canvas in the centre, the timeline editor below, settings panel on the right, and the media section on the left.

From the media section, can import media from our device, generate text to speech voice-over and add it to our project, and can access thousands of royalty-free media files that are integrated into the system.

To access all the pre-made animation assets, we need to go to the ‘Studio’ section which is next to the ‘Media’ tab. From here, we can access all the assets that are pre-loaded into our account. There are animated 2d and 3d characters, backgrounds, scenes, video FX, shapes, titles and transitions, emojis, icons and more.

Adding Backgrounds and Characters for Animation

To use an asset, we just need to click and download it on our device. Once it is downloaded we can drag it on to the canvas area, to use it.

animation background

For this example, let us choose a background first. Let’s go to ‘backgrounds’ and choose ‘3D’ backgrounds. We have already downloaded a background for this demo. Let us use that. We just need to click on it and drag it onto the canvas.

Now, let’s add a character to our video. To do that, we need to go to the ‘characters’ section and choose the character type we want. With the standard version, we get access to a few 3D characters and ‘Supreme’ characters.

We are going to choose a ‘3D character’ for this demo. Let’s choose ‘Tom’. Let’s click and drag it on to the canvas.

To animate ‘Tom’ we just need to choose the action. To do that, let’s click on the ‘Actions’ tab under ‘Tom’, in the timeline editor and choose our desired action. The character ‘Tom’ can act in more than 10 different ways. You can make him happy, sad, angry, etc. You can also make him point a finger, wave, think, take a selfie and so on.

Similarly, you can add more characters to your video and make them act in different ways. All the different characters come with a unique set of actions. Also, we can use multiple numbers of characters in each scene.

Adding Voice-Overs and Music

To add voice-overs or other types of media to the animation video we are creating, we can use the ‘Import Media’ function. We can also generate voice-overs using the inbuilt Text to Speech engine inside Create Studio.

adding media to animations

There is also a media library integration from where we can access thousands of royalty-free images, videos, and music.

media integrations

We can also add animated emojis, icons, shapes and other elements to the video. Most of these elements are pre-loaded in our account. If not, we can animate any element inside the canvas, using the ‘settings panel’ on the right side.

motion settings

Creating Doodle Animations with Create Studio

Another cool thing you can do with Create Studio is, create hand sketch animation videos or Doodle animation videos. To do that, we need to add the TEXT element to the canvas first.

creating doodle

Then click on the ‘TEXT’ element on the Timeline Editor.

Choose the ‘Text Effects’ option and click on the ‘Plus’ sign to add a new Text Effect.

Now choose the ‘Doodle’ effect and ‘Select’ the hand. And that’s it. Your cool doodle animation is ready.

In the following Create Studio review video we have explained how to create animated videos on your computer easily. Watch it below.

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