7 Day Shift The Other Life (Ghost Commerce Review) – My Thoughts

Hello and welcome to my 7 Day shift The Other Life review.

If you’ve been browsing through online courses to level up your digital marketing game or kickstart your own online venture, you may have stumbled upon this one.

So, what’s the deal with ‘7 Day Shift The Other Life’ also called the ‘Ghost Commerce’? Is it the golden ticket to digital success, or just another course with more sizzle than steak? Stick around as I dive into each day of this program and give you my honest review based on personal experience.

Remember, this is a journey of discovery and learning, so let’s keep things light, conversational, and open. Let’s get started!

What is ‘7 Day Shift The Other Life’?

‘7 Day Shift – The Other Life’ is a comprehensive online program designed to unlock total time, location, and financial freedom. Intriguing, right? I was too, so I signed up to see what it was all about.

This program involves a step-by-step, seven-day journey that promises to kick-start your online moneymaking venture. Each day brings a new training video and an exciting step towards building your own business.

What Is Ghost Commerce?

One of the concepts introduced in this program is ‘Ghost Commerce.’ Don’t let the spooky name fool you – it’s really just a fancy term for a specific type of online brand. In this context, a ‘Ghost Commerce’ brand refers to a social media profile used for business purposes, akin to what marketers often call ‘theme pages.’ This could be a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, a TikTok account, and so forth.

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7 Day Shift The Other Life: A Detailed Overview

This online training program, ‘7 Day Shift – The Other Life’, promises to guide you through seven days of intensive learning to kick-start your online business journey. Let’s take a peek inside:

Here’s the Program We Recommend

Day 1: Personal Freedom Number

On the first day, you’re introduced to the concept of a Personal Freedom Number (PFN). This is a unique figure representing the amount of money you need to live your dream lifestyle. The task of the day is to figure out this number for yourself.

Day 2: Brand Brainstorming

The second day is dedicated to brainstorming your brand. In this context, your brand is referred to as a ‘Ghost Commerce’ brand, which is essentially a social media profile or theme page that you’ll use for your business. You’ll spend this day deciding whether you want to build a personal, faceless, or business brand.

Day 3: Product Research

On the third day, you’ll delve into researching products that fit into your chosen niche. You’ll also learn how to evaluate these products for viability. The day ends with an invitation to join the program’s ‘7 day shift the other life affiliate program’.

7 day shift ghost commerce

Day 4: The Phantom Software

The fourth day introduces you to the Phantom software. This is a funnel builder, similar to well-known platforms like Systeme.io or ClickFunnels. However, using this software requires an additional investment of $97 per month.

Day 5: Landing Page Construction

Day five covers the basics of building your landing page, capturing visitor email addresses, and redirecting them to affiliate offers. While this information is essential for anyone starting an online business, it’s worth noting that these are quite basic principles you could learn from many free resources online.

Day 6: Choosing Your Platform and Strategy

On the sixth day, you’ll decide on the best platform for your brand and outline a content strategy tailored to your niche. You’ll also learn about generating traffic. However, the program doesn’t provide a practical demonstration of how to implement these steps, which can be challenging for beginners.

Day 7: The Infinite Coaching Program

The final day presents a webinar that is essentially a sales pitch for their ‘infinite coaching program’, which costs a whopping $4000.

Is 7 Day Shift Other Life Useful for Beginners?

As a beginner, you may find certain elements of the ‘7 Day Shift – The Other Life’ program useful. The course does provide a broad overview of several aspects of starting an online business, and the day-to-day format can help break the process down into manageable chunks.

However, based on my personal experience, I have a few reservations.

While the program does explain a lot, it often falls short on showing how to practically implement the steps. This could make it challenging for beginners who might need more hands-on guidance.

Moreover, the program introduces additional coaching, like the ‘Infinite coaching program,’ that come with extra costs. As a beginner, it’s important to consider whether these additional investments will provide the value you’re looking for.

As for ‘Ghost Commerce,’ understanding how to use social media for business can definitely be useful for beginners. But it’s also something you can learn about from a plethora of free resources available online.

So, while ‘7 Day Shift – The Other Life’ might offer some helpful insights to beginners, I’d recommend exploring other resources too. Remember, the key to successful learning is finding the right fit for your needs and learning style.

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Before winding this up I would like to give you some examples where you could possibly use the ‘ghost commerce’ business model.

7 Day Shift The Other Life Review

Ghost Commerce for Earning Money

As I already mentioned above ‘Ghost Commerce’ essentially refers to the use of social media profiles or theme pages for business purposes.

The power of these pages comes from their ability to tap into niche interests and communities, build a following, and then monetize that audience.

Here are some examples of how you could potentially use ‘Ghost Commerce’ to build your own business:

Niche Interest Pages:

Let’s say you’re passionate about fitness and healthy living. You could start an Instagram page that shares workout tips, healthy recipes, motivational quotes, and personal fitness journey stories.

As your following grows, you could monetize through sponsored posts, promoting fitness-related products as an affiliate, or even launching your own line of workout gear or healthy meal plans.

Curated Content Pages:

Imagine you have a keen eye for interior design trends. You could create a Pinterest or Instagram page where you share pictures of beautifully designed homes, trendy furniture, and DIY decor tips.

Once you’ve built a sizable audience, you could partner with furniture companies for sponsored posts, or earn commissions by linking to products with an affiliate program. You could even create and sell your own interior design e-course or consulting services.

Informational YouTube Channels:

Suppose you’re an expert in tech gadgets. You could start a YouTube channel where you review the latest products, share tech news, and offer tutorials.

As your subscriber base increases, you could make money through YouTube’s Partner Program, product placement deals, or by directing your viewers to your own online store where you sell tech accessories.

TikTok Trends and Entertainment:

Let’s say you’re a talented dancer or comedian. You could use TikTok to share funny skits or dance challenges. As your videos start to trend, brands might pay you to include their products in your videos, or you could earn money through the TikTok Creator Fund.

Remember, the key to ‘Ghost Commerce’ is creating content that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your chosen niche.

Be authentic, consistent, and responsive to your audience’s feedback, and over time, you could turn your ‘Ghost Commerce’ brand into a thriving online business.

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