Videoscribe One Time Payment [2022] Offer: Is Lifetime Membership Worth It?

Videoscribe is a powerful whiteboard animation software that allows you to create impressive hand sketch doodle videos within minutes.

This is a very popular doodle software that has been in the market for many years. But we are not here to discuss the awesome features Videoscribe has, or what it has to offer.

Our main focus here is to know more about the Videoscribe one time payment or the one off payment option that gives access to the software for a lifetime.


With the Videoscribe lifetime membership option, you can get access to the software for a lifetime with the one time payment. Presently you get even the future updates and support free, with this one off payment option which may change in the future.

But is the Videoscribe lifetime membership still valid?

If yes, is the cost worth it?

 Let’s find out. 

Recent Update: A Better Doodle Maker is Here…

When we wrote this article about the Videoscribe lifetime membership, there were not many doodle animation software available in the market, which is not the case anymore. Now there are a number of great doodle video software online that can do much more than Videoscribe, for a fraction of its cost.

One such tool is called Doodleoze. This is one of the most popular doodle animation tools right now. We just love this tool. And hundreds of our readers have already bought this doodle maker software. You can visit the link below to get this software for a low one-time price of $47. Yes, it is a one-time fee. There are no recurring payments.

Doodleoze for $47 One Time

Here are the videos you can create with Doodleoze.

Is The Videoscribe One Time Payment for Lifetime Membership Still Active?

Yes and no.

Yes, because the one time payment option for Videoscribe is still active.

No, because it is only offered in selective countries.

So if you are from the US, UK, Canada or any other tier one countries the offer may be still active for you. We are not very sure about the Videoscribe lifetime membership being offered in tier 2 and tier 3 countries.

Is Videoscribe One-Off Payment Lifetime Membership Worth It?

Videoscribe is offered in different payment plans. When we checked the Videoscribe pricing from Canada, we were shown the following plans.

  • The monthly plan offered at $35/month.
  • The yearly plan offered at $14/month.
  • And finally, the Videoscribe one time payment option offered at $800 for a lifetime membership.

videoscribe one time payment

We are currently using the Videoscribe quarterly plan (which for unknown reasons isn’t being shown above).

Now to the main question.

Is the Videoscribe lifetime license worth it?

The answer depends on your financial situation. If you are going to create a ton of whiteboard animation videos on a regular basis, for your personal as well as for your client’s use, the Videoscribe one off payment will definitely pay for itself in a few months. 

We personally are using the Videoscribe quarterly plan, and it’s been working great for us. You can check the Videoscribe pricing option at their website from here.

videoscribe one time payment

What Are The Other Whiteboard Animation Software We use?

Along with Videoscribe we also use a few other whiteboard animation software, for our video marketing campaigns. Explaindio and Doodly are two such tools.

Explaindio is a video creation software that can create whiteboard animation videos, explainer style videos, kinetic typography videos and more. In fact, we have been using Explaindio even before we came across Videoscribe. Explaindio offers comparatively cheaper plans than Videoscribe.

You can read our Explaindio review and pricing information article if interested. Also, if you would like to know more about the other software called Doodly, read our Doodly review.

Another alternative for Videoscribe is the new Doodle Maker software. It is selling like hot cakes in 2020-2021. Our new Doodle Maker review is now live. You can check it out if interested.