ClosersCopy Vs WordHero – Which One Should You Choose?

ClosersCopy Vs WordHero. Which one is a better AI content generator? That’s what we will find out in this battle between these 2 famous AI content writers. 

If you’re looking for an AI content generator that can help you create high-quality, engaging content, then you may be wondering whether ClosersCopy or WordHero is the better option.

Both of these tools use artificial intelligence to help you generate content ideas and improve your writing, but there are some key differences between them that you should be aware of.

That’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

I will show you what’s inside each tool, what they can do and their pricing comparison and I will also give you my thoughts on each one.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

ClosersCopy Vs WordHero Features

Let’s first look at the features of ClosersCopy and WordHero to see what they have to offer. Both of these tools have some really cool features.

ClosersCopy Features

Let me log inside my ClosersCopy account. 

What you see in the image below is the ClosersCopy dashboard.

From here, you can access all your projects and documents. We can also switch between dark and light modes from here. 

closerscopy dashboard

Then there is the help tab.

Now we can either start a new project or open an already existing project and add a new document. 

What you see in the next image below is the document editor inside ClosersCopy. It is here that you will be writing your content. 

Long Form Content Creator

There are many ways to start creating content. 

closerscopy long form

The first one is the LongForm editor. The long-form editor as the name suggests is meant for writing long-form content. 

It has features like adding headlines, outlines, conclusions, benefits, listicles and more that help you create well-structured articles. 


The second method to write content is by using Frameworks. Frameworks offer a structured way to generate long outputs with shorter inputs.

There are hundreds of frameworks available inside the community library for different needs. You have the marketing frameworks, blog frameworks, video frameworks and more.

Closerscopy frameworks

Then there are workflows which are nothing but frameworks arranged in a sequence for writing long form content.

By the way, you can also create your own frameworks and workflow.  

ClosersCopy AI Module

Another way to generate content is by simply adding content inside the editor and using the AI assistant to expand the content. We can either use GPT3 or ClosersCopies’ own AI model to expand the content.

Closerscopy AI

ClosersCopy has 3 different AI models which are Blog-AI, Sales-AI and Story-AI. 

ClosersCopy is a feature-rich tool.

SEO Feature

Another important feature I want to show you before we look at WordHero is the SEO feature. As the name suggests, using this feature inside ClosersCopy you can optimize your content for search engines. 

I can start by entering the focus keyword and generating the top 10 results for that keyword. Then I can choose up to 5 of those results and move on to the AUDIT section. 

The AUDIT section gives you an overview of how well your content is optimized for the focus keyword. 

It gives you a score and also tells you what needs to be improved. 

This is a really cool feature inside ClosersCopy.

There are also options to look at the stats used by your competitors inside their articles and also your competitor’s outlines, based on which you can build your own content plan for the article. 

All in all, ClosersCopy is really feature-packed. But does it translate to better content? 

Before that let’s quickly look at WordHero features.

WordHero Features

I have already written a detailed review article about WordHero on this blog. I have also written a how-to article explaining how to write a blog post using WordHero.

I recommend you check those articles out to get an in-depth understanding of what WordHero is and how it works.

In short, WordHero is a content generation tool that uses AI to help you write better content.

Just like ClosersCopy, WordHero also offers many features to help you generate ideas, and write your content.

Short Form Content

Now, let me log inside my WordHero dashboard.

This is what we see when we log inside WordHero. As you can see, it is a pretty neat interface.

WordHero Writing Templates

There are all the short form templates available inside WordHero which can be accessed from the main dashboard. 

You can use these templates to quickly generate content like blog content, social media posts, email subject lines, product descriptions and more. 

Now let’s quickly see how to create short-form content using WordHero. 

For that, I am going to use one of my favourite templates inside WordHero which is the ‘Blog Paragraphs’ template.  

wordhero blog paragraphs template

I just need to enter a short description, choose the keywords and click generate. and WordHero generates a well-structured and engaging paragraph for me.

It is very easy to use and highly effective.

I have written even entire articles using this template alone.  

Similarly, you can use other templates inside WordHero. I think there are more than 75 templates available inside WordHero at present.

There is no option to create custom templates as of now. That’s one significant difference between ClosersCopy and WordHero.

WordHero Long Form Editor

The other way to generate content inside WordHero is by using the long form editor. About this, you can read my other articles about WordHero links to which I have given above.

Features Comparison Verdict

So, here’s my verdict about the features.

ClosersCopy obviously has an upper hand when it comes to the number of features.  

But that doesn’t mean WordHero is any less. It has all the important features that you need to generate high-quality content. 

And as far as the interface and the ease of use go, I think WordHero takes the cake. 

The interface is very neat and clean and easy to understand. Also, the learning curve is pretty steep when it comes to ClosersCopy. That’s not the case with WordHero. 

Closerscopy Vs wordhero

Content Quality

Now, let’s look at the quality of content. 

I have used both these tools in the past to generate content and I can tell you that the quality of content generated using WordHero is way better than ClosersCopy. 

I have found that ClosersCopy often loses the context and the flow while generating longer paragraphs. 

So as far as the quality of content goes WordHero is a clear winner. 

While it doesn’t have many bells and whistles like ClosersCopy, it more than makes up for it in terms of quality and ease of use.

Also, ClosersCopy is pretty slow when creating content. 

It often took me several minutes to generate enough content for my articles. 

WordHero, on the other hand, is relatively faster. 

Now before finishing this ClosersCopy Vs WordHero showdown, let’s quickly look at the pricing.

Pricing Comparison

Both of these tools are available for lifetime deals. ClosersCopy lifetime deal starts at $297 one-time to all the way up to $247 each for 3 months which brings the total up to $741. The higher plan allows up to 5 team members. 

WordHero’s pricing is simple. You get unlimited access to the short form templates for a one time payment of $89. For an additional $59 one time, you can also get unlimited access to the long-form editor. 

In the pricing section too, WordHero is a clear winner. 

ClosersCopy Vs WordHero Comparison Verdict

I have tried out both ClosersCopy and WordHero for content generation for almost a year now and I have to say that WordHero is a clear winner.

ClosersCopy is a good tool, but it has a steep learning curve and can be quite slow. WordHero is much easier to use, with a clean and intuitive interface. The quality of content generated by WordHero is also much better.

Also, in terms of pricing, WordHero is a clear winner. For a one-time payment of $89, you get unlimited access to the short form templates.

For an additional $59 one time, you can also get unlimited access to the long-form editor. This is a great deal compared to ClosersCopy’s pricing, which starts at $297 one-time.

Overall, WordHero is a great tool that I highly recommend. It is easy to use, generates high-quality content, and is very reasonably priced. Check it out before the lifetime deal expires!

I hope you enjoyed this article about ClosersCopy Vs WordHero. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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