Art Space AI Updates: Painting the Future with New Features

Today I am going to show you the latest Art Space AI updates. When I first stumbled upon ArtSpace AI, I was fascinated. The convergence of art and technology has always intrigued me, and here was a tool promising to change the landscape of digital creativity.

If you’re scratching your head wondering, “What’s ArtSpace?”, let me fill you in.

It’s an AI art generator software that can transform text into images. Imagine typing out a description and seeing it come to life visually!

Ever since the dawn of time, art has been a reflection of human evolution. From cave paintings to classical masterpieces, it’s been a medium of expression, emotion, and storytelling. But in our rapidly advancing world, technology is becoming a canvas in its own right.

ArtSpace AI epitomizes this union of art and tech. I remember the tingling anticipation I felt when first opening the tool, eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

Art Space AI New Updates

At the intersection of these two worlds, ArtSpace AI has managed to carve out a unique niche. It’s not just about generating art, but about giving artists a new realm to explore, a dimension where boundaries are constantly pushed, and creativity knows no limits.

The latest Art Space updates?

Well, they’ve been nothing short of a revelation. It feels like the developers have listened closely to user feedback, adding features and tweaks that elevate the entire experience.

So, if you’ve been on the sidelines, curious about ArtSpace AI, or are a seasoned user like me eagerly anticipating every new release, now is the perfect moment to immerse yourself in its offerings. Let’s explore together!

My Early Experiences with Art Space AI

When I first started using Art Space AI a year ago or so, I was intrigued by its potential. The whole concept of an AI being able to generate art based on text prompts was, frankly, both exhilarating and a tad overwhelming. I mean, here was a tool that promised to translate thoughts into visual masterpieces without the manual brush strokes.

In the beginning, my experiences with Art Space AI were a mixed bag. Some outputs were surprisingly on point, capturing the essence of what I had envisioned. However, other times, it felt like the AI and I were speaking different artistic languages.

Check Out The New Art Space AI

But that’s the thing about technology and art – there’s always a learning curve, always room for growth and evolution.

The Lull Before The Storm

It’s not uncommon for online tools to lose steam after their initial launch. Often, we see good products plateau or fade into obscurity, unable to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology. And, honestly, for a while, that’s how it seemed with ArtSpace AI.

For those of you who’ve been on the ArtSpace journey from the start, you’ll remember the initial buzz. It felt revolutionary, blending the worlds of art and artificial intelligence. But then, as weeks turned into months, updates were few and far between.

Feedback, though often glowing, began to showcase the software’s limitations. Users started to wonder if ArtSpace had reached its zenith.

But in the back of my mind, there was always that niggling thought: Nico, wouldn’t let ArtSpace go dormant.

With his proven track record with ClosersCopy, a tool that transformed copywriting with its AI capabilities, it seemed unlikely that he’d allow ArtSpace to drift into oblivion.

New Art Space AI Updates – The Rebirth

Then, it happened. The updates began rolling in, and not just minor tweaks, but substantial, game-changing upgrades.

I remember the early days of ArtSpace, a promising tool with so much potential. It was great then, but the differences between its inception and now are like comparing a pencil sketch to a Renaissance painting.

Amazing Improvements to Image Outputs

Alright, before we dive deep into the nitty-gritty of Art Space AI updates and feature changes, there’s something vital we need to discuss: the image output quality.

Honestly, I’ve been blown away!

If you remember from our previous dive into ArtSpace, the image quality was, well… let’s call it “average” to be kind. But now? It’s a completely different ball game.

The transformation in output quality is not just noticeable, but outstandingly impressive. The vibrancy, the clarity, the detail… it feels like ArtSpace has taken a major leap forward.

Just look at this!…

The earlier outputs can’t even hold a candle to what we’re seeing now. It’s evident that a lot of work has gone into refining and perfecting this.

I’m genuinely excited to see how this enhancement will impact the art creation process.

Upgraded Art Space User Interface

Now, let’s have a look at some of the Art Space AI feature updates.

First up, the user interface! If you’ve ever used Copy Space, the AI content writer by the same developer, you’ll immediately notice the resemblance. This new interface is really intuitive.

Alright, let’s break this down step-by-step.

Front and center, you have your main canvas. It’s where all the magic happens!

Art Space Updates

Right below the canvas, there’s a prompt box. That’s where you’ll input your text or instructions for the AI.

Now, if you take a closer look here, you’ll notice a specific box on the canvas. This is your go-to spot for image generation. So even though the canvas seems like it goes on forever (and technically, it’s infinite), your actual image creation is confined to this box.

This box isn’t just for generating new images though.

It’s also your tool for outpainting and inpainting.

So it’s versatile!

And, see those numbers on the box? Those are the dimensions of your image.

Art Box Dimensions

Want a bigger or smaller image? No problem! Simply grab and drag the borders of the box to adjust its size to your liking. It’s easy!

So, with this, you have a lot of control and flexibility over your artwork.

Other Art Space AI Feature Updates

Now let’s quickly look at some other features.

**Uploading Images**: You can use this option to upload your artwork into ArtSpace dashboard.

**Undo & Redo**: We all mess up sometimes, right? Well, with the undo and redo buttons, you can easily backtrack or move forward, making sure your art remains just how you envisioned.

**Eraser Tool**: Need to make a few tweaks? The eraser tool is here for you. And with the adjustable brush size, you can erase as broadly or as finely as you need.

**Clear Canvas**: Sometimes, a fresh start is all we need. Or maybe you just want to get rid of a few things. Hit ‘Clear’, and you’re good to go.

**Zoom & Move**: With this feature, you can Zoom in for those little details or move around your canvas to work on different parts. Super handy, especially when you’re working on detailed projects or expanding your artwork.

Then there are also the ‘seed image’ and ‘seed number’ options. With these you can input an initial image and the software takes it, and uses it as an inspiration to generate a new image based on your prompt.

How To Generate Images with New Art Space AI

These were some of the important Art Space AI updates. Now, let’s jump into the main action and see how to generate artwork inside the new Art Space! 

Do you see the prompt box in the image above?

Simply type in your prompt. It could be anything you envision – “sunset over a calm ocean” or “a cat wearing a top hat.” Once you’ve got that in, you’re pretty much set!

Just hit on ‘generate’ button (the blue button on the right lower corner in the image above) and your art will appear in the art box on the canvas.

There’s also this section called “formula”. Here, ArtSpace has got some premade specifications for you. So, if you’re feeling a bit unsure or just want a quick start, these art formulas are perfect to kick off your journey. 

Alright, moving forward, let’s tackle two of the interesting functionalities inside ArtSpace: outpainting and inpainting. 

Now, if you’re new to these terms, let me break them down in simple language. Think of it as playing with the boundaries and gaps in your artwork.

Ever wanted to extend your artwork beyond its original frame? That’s outpainting for you. 

( Watch the video above to find out how exactly outpainting and inpainting features work in Art Space AI).

To do outpainting you need to select a region of the image for AI to focus on and provide a suitable prompt. The AI will generate new content that seamlessly integrates with your existing image, allowing you to expand your artwork creatively. It’s like pulling the edges of your canvas to reveal more of the picture. 

Now, let’s say there’s a part of your artwork that’s missing, and you want to fill that gap in. That’s where inpainting comes into play.

Start by removing the unwanted parts using the eraser tool. Adjust the brush size to ensure precision. 

Afterward, place the rectangle over the area you want AI to focus on, and provide a relevant prompt. ArtSpace will intelligently fill in the gaps, completing your image with coherence.

That’s how you use outpainting and inpainting inside Art Space.

And these were some of the fresh updates from ArtSpace. 

Art Space Pricing Updates

Now let me quickly talk about pricing.

As many of you might recall, ArtSpace had a lifetime deal when it first rolled out. BTW the lifetime deal still exists. We snagged it during its launch at just $120, as a one-time payment. 

However, times change and so do prices. As of now, I believe the cost for this tool is now $297. But wait! There’s currently a 23% discount for ArtSpace which brings down its price to approximately $228! 

Art Space AI Discount Code

So all you need to do is, visit the link given above, on this page. Then to get the discount code you will need to trigger the exit intent. 

This basically means, moving your cursor as if you’re about to close the tab or navigate away. Doing so will pop up the form where you need to fill in your email address. And your Art Space AI discount code will be revealed. 


And that’s it for this article about Art Space AI updates.

In an age where most tools have us reaching into our wallets month after month, this tool and the lifetime deal are a great way to secure access to a constantly evolving tool without worrying about ongoing costs.

If you’ve been contemplating adding this tool to your creative arsenal, now might be a great time to take the plunge!

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