Jasper (Jarvis) Boss Mode and Recipes Review

Welcome to Jarvis Boss Mode and Jarvis Recipes review. If you don’t know what Jarvis is, it is an AI content generator software that helps you write literally any kind of copy you want. You can write blog articles, sales letters, video scripts, books, landing page copy, and social media posts.

You can also write stories and even songs.

Is that really possible?

Can ‘AI’ do that?

I know, I was sceptical at first too.

But when I saw what this tool could do, I knew it had to be shared with you guys. Let’s continue this Jarvis Boss Mode and Jarvis Recipes review and find out how powerful is this stuff.

Before proceeding further I would like to mention here that Jarvis has been recently rebranded as Jasper. So the Jarvis boss mode and recipes will be hereafter referred to as Jasper Boss Mode and Jasper recipes.

What Exactly is Jasper (Jarvis) Boss Mode?

Let me start this review by telling you what exactly ‘Jarvis Boss Mode’ and ‘Jarvis Recipes’ are.

‘Jarvis Boss Mode’ is actually the name given to Jarvis’s highest plan, which gives you access to all the writing modules and features inside Jarvis along with access to its popular ‘long form assistant’.

You also get unlimited credits. Meaning, you can create as much content as humanly possible, using the ‘Boss Mode’ plan.

Before learning how exactly to create top-quality articles using the ‘Boss Mode’, let’s first have a look at the other unique features included in the ‘Boss Mode’ plan.

Jasper (Jarvis) Boss Mode Features

Here are the features that can only be found in the ‘Boss Mode’ plan inside Jarvis. If you are on the Jarvis standard plan, these features won’t be available to you.

50+ Templates along with Long Form Assistant

With the Jasper Boss Mode, you get access to more than 50 templates to kick start the writing process. You also get access to the popular ‘long form assistant’ that makes it easy to create any type of long-form content you want. You can create blog posts, books, video scripts, fictional stories, poems and more using this feature.

Unlimited Word Credits/Month

With the Jasper Boss Mode, you get unlimited credits. Meaning you can generate as much content as humanly possible. There is no limit of any kind.

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3,000 Character Lookback

This feature allows Jarvis to read your previous 3000 characters, every time before writing. This helps Jarvis to understand the context and create content that is relevant and engaging.

Jasper (Jarvis) Commands

With this feature, you can tell Jarvis exactly what to write and it will write that for you. For example, if you want Jarvis to write an introduction for the blog post about ‘Machine Learning’, all you have to do is type in the phrase ‘write a blog introduction about machine learning’ and hit ‘Command + J’ or the ‘Compose’ button and Jarvis will automatically start writing about that topic.

Jasper (Jarvis) Recipes

About Jasper recipes, we will discuss it later in this article.

Jarvis Boss Mode and Recipes Review

SEO Mode

To help you create SEO optimized articles that rank high on search engines Jarvis has inbuilt integration with Surfer SEO. But please remember that you will have to pay an additional fee to activate Surfer SEO integration.

Plagiarism Checker

There is also an inbuilt plagiarism checker. The tool used for this service is CopyScape. This too is going to cost you an extra.

Both Surfer SEO and CopyScape Plagiarism tool are optional add-ons. You don’t need them to use Jarvis Boss Mode.


Grammarly is a tool for writers and editors which helps them improve the quality of their work.

Jarvis Boss Mode integrates with Grammarly to make it easy for users to make sure that their writing is perfect before they share or publish.

Grammarly is probably one of the best grammar checkers available in the market which could help you with your writing.

This integration will help you save time by not having to re-read what you’ve written over and over again, but instead, automatically check for grammar mistakes on multiple parts of your content without any extra effort on your part.

25+ Supported Languages

Jarvis AI reads and writes in over 25 languages at present.

Priority Chat Support

Jarvis Boss Mode also gives you access to priority chat support.

How to Write an Article with Jasper (Jarvis) Boss Mode?

Now let’s see how to write an article using the Jarvis Boss Mode.

For this demo, let’s write an article about ‘Kidney Stone Remedies’.

Let me launch the ‘long-form assistant’.

Jarvis Boss Mode Templates

Now, this is where all the magic happens.

I am going to write an article from scratch to show you how all the features inside the ‘Boss Mode’ work.

Now, to start the writing process, I am going to switch on the ‘Power mode’.

Doing this will give me access to all the available templates inside Jarvis, without me having to close the ‘long-form assistant’.

Boss Mode Power Mode

To start the process, I am going to choose the ‘Blog Post Topic Ideas’ template. All I need to do is enter some basic details, choose the ‘tone of voice’ and click generate. The ‘Tone of Voice’ is the tone or the personality of the content that you are creating. (Watch the video below to find out how it is done).

Now Jarvis will automatically bring up the top 10 blog post ideas, based on our input. I can choose to select any of these topics or generate more content.

Once our topic has been decided we can create an outline for our blog post. The process is the same. Just choose the ‘Blog Post Outline’ template, enter the details and click generate.

Similarly, we can go on creating the blog intro paragraph, conclusion paragraph and more.

Now, let’s see how to create an article without the ‘power mode’. To do that, let’s use the ‘Jarvis Commands’ feature.

As I mentioned earlier, we can tell Jarvis exactly what we want it to write and it will do that.

To create a blog intro paragraph, I just need to type in ‘write a blog intro about getting rid of kidney stones’. And hit ‘compose’.

Jarvis will write it for me.

Jarvis Commands

I am sure by now, you have already seen how powerful the ‘Boss Mode’ can be.

Remember, I mentioned about ‘3000 character look back’ earlier. Now here, if I place the cursor, Jarvis will read the past 3000 characters and will write the content accordingly, when I hit ‘compose’.

Isn’t that amazing?

Following this same process, you can generate hundreds of articles in different niches every month.

There are also an inbuilt plagiarism checker, Surfer SEO integration and the grammar checker tool. The plagiarism checker and the Surfer SEO are add-ons that are paid.

The ‘Grammarly add-on’ is free.

But wait, there is more.

Jasper Recipes Review

Remember I told you about ‘recipes’?

These ‘recipes’ are there to make the writing process a whole lot easier than which it already is.

‘Jarvis Recipes’, are pre-built workflows that contain a series of ‘Jarvis commands’ to help you create content using a repeatable process. You can create your own recipe or save recipes shared by the ‘Jarvis community’.

Let me show you how that works.

We can access ‘Recipes’ from here.

Here are all the ‘Recipes’ I have saved over time.

Jarvis Recipes Review

We can create literally any kind of content using these ‘recipes’.

Let’s use the ‘Blog Post Recipe’ and see how that works.

Click on ‘Run’ to launch the ‘Recipe’.

Now here, as you can see, there are pre-written commands with certain ‘variables’. All we need to do is replace these variables and execute the commands.

Boss Mode and Recipes

For example, if I want to generate a content brief for the ‘Kidney stone remedy article’, all I need to do is enter the topic name where it says ‘topic’, and then hit ‘compose’.

Jarvis will then generate the ‘content brief’ for me.

Following the same process, I can write an entire article within minutes, using the chosen ‘Jarvis Recipe’.

There are also ‘Recipes’ available for writing books, video scripts, emails, press releases, social media posts and a lot more.

These were some important things I wanted to share about the ‘Boss Mode’ and the ‘Recipes’.

Jasper (Jarvis) Boss Mode Pricing

The Jarvis Boss Mode plan is currently available for a monthly payment of 119 dollars. If you want to get the yearly plan, the cost will be $99/month.

I have already given the ‘Jarvis free trial’ link above. That link gives you ‘10,000 credits for free’.

Check it out.

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