Speechelo Vs Vidnami: Which One Has The Better Text to Speech or Auto Voice Feature?

We have been using Vidnami for almost a year now. And recently we purchased the Speechelo license with the pro upgrade and have been loving it since. But which one is actually a better tool for voice-overs? Are both created equal? Can these software be used together?

This Speechelo Vs Vidnami article is going to answer all the questions you have about both these software. Let’s see which software has a better text to speech function or the auto voice feature. We will also see whether it is possible to use Speechelo with Vidnami to create top-quality videos.

Let’s begin.

What Are Vidnami and Speechelo?

Vidnami and Speechelo both are cloud-based software. While Vidnami is an AI-based video maker app that helps you create different types of videos, including videos from blog posts and other text, Speechelo is an AI-powered text to voice synthesis tool that helps you turn any text into speech.

If both of these tools perform two entirely different tasks why are we having this Speechelo Vs Vidnami showdown? That’s because both these tools have one function in common. And that’s turning text into speech.

Yes. While Speechelo is an exclusive Text to Speech software, Vidnami has an inbuilt function that turns text into voice. This Vidnami feature is called the ‘Auto Voice’.

And in this Vidnami and Speechelo comparison article we are going to compare Vidnami’s ‘Auto Voice’ to Speechelo’s standard and pro voices and see which one is better. Let’s continue.

Speechelo Vs Vidnami

Speechelo Vs Vidnami: Number of Available Voices

Before continuing further it is important for you to know that Speechelo is available in a standard and a pro version. Pro version is the upgraded version. So if you have a Speechelo pro account, the number of voices you have access to increases significantly.

You can read our Speechelo review to learn more about the software. Now let’s have a look at the number of voices available in both Vidnami and Speechelo.

Speechelo Voices

Speechelo standard version gives you access to 30 human-sounding voices in 23 different languages. If you get the Speechelo Pro upgrade the number of voices available will be close to 100.

Vidnami Voices

As we mentioned earlier, Vidnami is primarily a video creator software that has the ‘auto voice’ function as an extra feature. You can learn more about Vidnami from here. Unlike Speechelo, Vidnami only offers text to speech voices in the English language, in three different accents.

At present, there are 14 auto voices in total, available in US English, UK English, and Australian English accents. The US English accent has 6 auto voices, and UK and Australian accents have 4 each.


In this category, Speechelo is the winner. Even if you take Speechelo standard version into consideration, it has 30 voices in 23 different languages and accents, which is way more than what Vidnami has.

But we shouldn’t forget the fact that Vidnami isn’t an exclusive Text to Speech software. So the real winner can only be chosen depending on the quality of voice-overs we get from each of this software.

Speechelo Voice Quality Vs Vidnami Auto Voice Quality

To decide the real winner between Speechelo and Vidnami let’s check out the quality of voice-overs now, by practically carrying out a voice-over test. Let’s convert the following text into voice and find out who comes out a winner.

This is the text we will be using for our voice over test.

“Speechelo Vs Vidnami. Which is the better software when it comes to voice-overs? Let’s see how the voices created using both of these software actually sound. Do they sound like human voices? Or do they sound robotic? Let’s find out. By the way, this test was carried out by smartwebpreneur.com.”

Speechelo Standard Voice-over (Male and Female)

The first test we carried out was using the Speechelo standard edition. The male voice is the US English voice named Billy Joey. and the female voice over is the US English voice named Rosie. And here is how these voice-overs sound.

Try Speechelo from Here

How did they sound? Did you like them?

Vidnami Voice Over (Male and Female)

Now let’s see how the voice-overs created in Vidnami sound. We used the auto voice ‘Harry’ in Vidnami for the male voice-over and ‘Heidi’ for the female voice-over. The male voice is in the UK English accent and the female one is in the US English accent.

How did these auto-voices from Vidnami sound? What are your thoughts? Before wrapping up this test and giving our verdict, we need to hear the voice-overs created with Speechelo Pro voices.

Speechelo Pro Voice Overs

The Speechelo pro voices we used for the following voice-overs are ‘Andrew’ for the male voice-over and ‘Addison’ for the female voice-over. The male voice is in the US English accent whereas the female voice-over is in the Australian English accent.

Did you like these voice-overs?

Here’s our verdict.

Which Is Better for Voice Overs? – Speechelo Or Vidnami

Based on the voice-over tests done above we can confidently say that there is a clear winner. We don’t think it will surprise anyone. Among the three voiceover categories above, the one we liked the most and the one which is way better than the other two is the ‘Speechelo Pro voices’.

The quality of voices is much better in Speechelo Pro than in Speechelo standard and Vidnami. The pro voices almost sound human. And ‘Andrew’s voice’ is our personal favourite.

Speechelo standard voices and Vidnami voices are almost at the same level when it comes to quality. However, we liked Vidnami’s auto voice slightly better than Speechelo standard voices. So our ranking would be like this.

  1. Speechelo Pro Voices
  2. Vidnami Auto Voice
  3. Speechelo Standard

What are your thoughts about this?

Now, let’s see where to go from here.

How to Use Speechelo with Vidnami?

We have just now concluded that Speechelo with its Pro upgrade is a better Text to Speech software than Vidnami.

But that doesn’t mean Vidnami is a low-quality product. Vidnami wasn’t exclusively built for voice-overs. Its main function is to crank out professional, studio-grade videos within minutes. And Vidnami does it quite brilliantly.

We are currently using Vidnami with Speechelo Pro to produce videos and publish them on YouTube. This is the best way to combine two of these amazing software together and produce some great content.

We have come across many people who have adopted this technique to generate regular affiliate commissions using YouTube videos. They are doing it using Vidnami alone. Imagine the possibilities if you can combine Speechelo with Vidnami. The results can be truly mind-blowing.

Here’s one such result. This is a screenshot of the income proof shared by one of the member’s of Vidnami. We can’t verify the genuineness of this image. However, we personally know that these results can be achieved online if you have enough targeted traffic to your offers.

clickbank results with vidnami

The author of this FaceBook post claimed that he achieved these results using Vidnami alone. He has been continuously posting videos on his YouTube channel in a certain niche.

This YouTube channel was created five to six months back. All the videos he posted to YouTube were created using Vidnami and the voice-overs included were all done using Vidnami’s auto-voice.

Using Speechelo and Vidnami together, you can create videos within minutes, provided you have the script ready. You can choose a low-competition niche on YouTube and completely dominate that niche by producing a series of keyword-targeted videos quickly using these tools.

Hope that clears many of the doubts you had about which is a better voice-over tool between these two software. That concludes our Vidnami vs Speechelo review.

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