Nichesss Review: The AI Writer Lifetime Deal You Can’t Miss!

Today, I’m so excited to be doing the Nichesss review. Nichesss is a handy software that turbocharges content generation for any niche or use case.

It makes it really easy for anyone to quickly create high-quality, SEO-optimized content in no time – and all you have to do is provide the topic. 

Plus, with the AI technology backing it up, Nichesss has a deep understanding of the context of your content and can develop unique and riveting pieces with just a few clicks of your mouse. 

Whether you’re creating website copy, blog posts, emails – or anything else that relies on an expert writer’s touch – then Nichesss is the software for you!

In this review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at what Nichesss has to offer and how it can help you save time, money, and effort while still delivering quality content.

So let’s get started!

What Is Nichesss?

As mentioned above, Nichesss is an AI-powered software that allows users to quickly create highly optimized content for any purpose.

With Nichesss, you can effortlessly generate high-quality content in no time. All that stands between you and your next masterpiece is a topic – then let the AI take care of the rest!

No need to struggle for hours over writing; just provide some guidance and get an end result as if it was crafted by an expert.

Plus Nichesss also has many other cool features, which I will show you in the next section.

Nichesss Walkthrough & Features

Let me log in to my Nichesss account first.

As soon as you log in, you will be presented with a dashboard that looks like this…

Now, despite the lack of aesthetic appeal, the dashboard is easy to navigate, and you will be able to find all the features easily.

Content Tools

The first feature I wanted to talk about is the ‘content tools’. This basically is the collection of all the available templates inside ‘Nichesss’.

There are many short-form templates, such as blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, etc. At the moment of writing this Nichesss review the tool has 180 templates available to choose from.

Nichesss Tools Review

Long Form Templates

Let’s continue this review by looking at Nichesss’ long-form content templates, first.

There are 2 types of long-form templates available in Nichesss.

Nichesss 1-click Blog Post

The first one is the 1-click blog post template. As the name suggests, using this template you can create 1000+ words blog post with a single click.

Now, this works great for generic topics, but it won’t be as effective for more specific topics.

Learn More About Nichesss Lifetime Deal

To get started, launch the 1-click blog post template, first.

Then on the next page, we need to enter the title and choose the number of sections. Sections are nothing but the subheadings in the blog post. I like to keep it at 8.

Then there is the ‘advanced settings’ section where we can choose the tone of voice for the blog post. Nichesss has over 20 different tones of voice to choose from.

We also have the option to choose up to 5 keywords to be used in the blog post. This helps ‘Nichesss’ to create content that is optimized for SEO.

Once that’s done, on the next page, Nichesss will automatically create an outline for the blog post. You will be able to see the structure of the blog post on this page and make any changes if needed.

We can add our own sections, change the structure and even regenerate the outline.

Once you are happy with it, just click ‘generate content’ and Nichesss will start generating the content for you. It only takes a minute or two for it to generate 1000+ words of high-quality content.

You can access all your 1-click blog posts and long-form content from the ‘documents screen’.

ready blog post nichesss

As you can see, Nichesss just generated a 1000+ word, good quality blog post with a click of a button.

Long Form Editor Template

Now, the 2nd option to create long form content inside Nichesss is to use the ‘long-form template’. This template uses all the tools available inside Nichesss, in the document format.

So basically you will be using different short-form templates inside the document to create long-form content.

To get started, just enter the name and description of the content you are creating.

Next, we have the option to choose a blank template or one of the pre-made templates. Since I am creating a blog post, I am going to select the ‘Blog Post’ template.

The document looks like this.

As you can see there are some variables like the topic, intro, outline, etc. We need to enter our own values from the ‘variables’ section on the right. Meaning, when I enter my topic and outline here, it will be reflected in the document.

Once that’s done we can either select the text and choose from one of the options available to create content, which includes options like auto write, expander, explainer, etc, or choose the relevant short form template from the left side menu and start creating the content.

Now, this method isn’t a quick and easy method like the 1-click template but it’s great to create long-form content with more specific topics in mind.

Short Form Templates

Next, let’s look at the short-form templates. As I mentioned earlier there are 180+ short-form templates available in Nichesss.

These short-form templates are great for creating content quickly and easily. All you have to do is select the relevant template from the collection, enter the required information, and click ‘generate’ to get the content.

Some of my favorite short-form templates inside Nichesss are:

  • AI Art Prompt Helper
  • Content Continuer
  • Content Expander
  • Product Description
  • AI Story
  • Author Bio
  • Blog – Listicle Items
  • Book Description
  • Bullet Points to Paragraph
  • Appsumo Style App Description
  • Content Rewriter

In this Nichesss review, I am only going to show you two of my favorite short-form templates.

AI Art Prompt Helper

The first one is the ‘AI Art Prompt Helper’ template. This template is a creative’s best friend!

With the ‘AI Art Prompt Helper’ template, you can quickly and easily whip up prompts to produce incredible AI art with just a few clicks.

I use it virtually every day when creating masterpieces on Art Space, the AI art generator I use. It saves time and makes coming up with ideas an absolute breeze!

If you want to know about Art Space and how I use it to create AI art, please visit the link given above.

Now, coming back to the template.

ai art prompt helper

All I need to do is enter my art idea and click generate. The template will automatically generate 3 prompts for me.

I can now use these prompts to create some really cool art pieces.

Content Continuer Template

The second short-form template I love to use very often is the ‘content continuer’ template.

If you’ve ever been stuck looking for a creative way to expand on an idea or piece of content, the ‘content continuer’ template is there to help. With Nichesss’ ‘content continuer’ template, you’ll never get stuck on a sentence or article again!

Just enter your goal and the text that needs continuing for an instant power-up in creativity.

It will generate 2 different ‘continuers’ for you.

Meaning, it will continue your existing sentence, story, or article in 2 different ways. Now, this gives me enough ideas to continue my sentence and make it better.

Whether it’s crafting captivating stories or sharpening up sentences – this one remarkable template can make all the difference.

By the way, you can also choose the ‘tone of voice’ for the content continuer which is really cool.

So, those are 2 of my favorite short-form templates inside Nichesss that I use very often.

Nichesss AI Art Generator

Nichesss AI art generator makes it easy to create magnificent artwork with just a few words – the tool takes any text prompt and transforms it into an eye-catching image! Simply enter a prompt, choose a style, and you’ll have an AI art masterpiece in seconds.

Business Idea Generator

Nichesss helps you to jumpstart your business dreams through its ‘business ideas’ section. Take some simple quizzes, and get inspired with a unique idea that could be the start of something big!

The Business Idea Generator is a great tool for all kinds of budding entrepreneurs.

Right now, there are 6 types of quizzes for you to get started.

  • Passion quiz
  • Problem quiz
  • People quiz
  • Skillset quiz
  • Hobby quiz
  • Talent quiz

I highly recommend you try the ‘problem quiz’ first. It’s the best one if you are trying to figure out what kind of business you should start. It will help you identify an issue that needs solving and give some great ideas for how to solve it!

These are just a few of the many cool features and templates Nichesss has to offer.

Before winding up this Nichesss review I want to show you one last feature that has been added recently but has gained a lot of popularity.

Nichesss Widget Feature

With this feature, you can create a widget inside Nichesss and embed it on your website or blog. This way you can have access to all of Nichesss’ content templates without ever leaving your website.

The best part is, you can customize the widget according to your needs.

Using this feature, you can create your own AI writer without Nichesss branding, because you get white-label access to this feature with the Nichesss Plus plan.

I have written a blog post where I show you how to create your own AI writer within minutes using the Nichesss widget feature. I highly recommend you read that!

Plans and Pricing

Now before finishing, let’s look at the pricing.

Nichesss is available for a one-time deal of $59 that gives you lifetime access to Nichesss. You have unlimited access to short-form content templates for this price.

You also have 1000 credits per month for 1-click blog posts and long-form templates and 15 credits per month for AI art. These credits renew every month at no extra cost.

I am not sure whether the widget feature is included in this lifetime deal.

However, with Nichesss plus, which costs an additional $9 per month, you get access to the white-labeled widget feature. You can have ‘3,000 widget & long-form generations’ per month with this plan.

Nichesss review

By the way, this upgrade is optional but I highly recommend it if you are serious about taking your content marketing to the next level.

Because with Nichesss plus you also get 500 image generation credits, and 300,000 words long form credits.

Nichesss Review Concluding Thoughts

In my opinion, Nichesss is a really powerful content-creation tool, and the best part is now you can get lifetime access for only $59.

Think of all the possibilities – whether it’s using its ‘Widget’ feature to start a business or elevating your existing content marketing strategy with high-quality output regularly; Nichesss has you covered!

So, why not try it out today and see how it can help you create amazing content faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before?

By the way, you also have a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you just have to ask for a refund. No questions asked!

Now that’s what I call an amazing deal!

So, now over to you – Have you used Nichesss before? If yes, how was your experience?

If you have any questions about Nichesss or need advice on the best way to use this tool for your business, please contact me. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Cheers, and here’s to making your business successful!

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