Stockocity 2 – More than 6000 FHD Stock Videos at a Low One Time Price

Stockocity 2 is the name we are going to introduce you to, today.

Are you searching for cheap stock video clips or footages for your online campaigns? I guess by now you already know how costly it can be to use new stock videos and images in every video campaign of yours. Establishing a continuous supply stream of professional stock videos will definitely cost you a fortune.

We agree that there are many world-class stock video sites out there like Shutterstock, Videohive, Videoblocks etc. Then again, the question remains the same.

Are these provide cheap stock video clips?

And the answer is a big ‘NO’.

Here are the prices you have to pay if you want to use stock videos from one of the above-mentioned stock video websites.

But before that let me show you some facts that tell you why you need to use videos in your online marketing campaigns.

  • Businesses that use video in marketing grow 49% faster in revenue than the once that don’t use video in their business.
  • 74% people that surf online, find videos and video reviews helpful when shopping for a product or service.
  • Video on a landing page increases your conversion by 80%.
  • Videos can increase your organic traffic by 157%.

Now let’s look at some of the popular Stock Video Websites and their pricing plans.


If you want to download a single HD stock video clip at Shutterstock you will have to pay $359 for 5 HD clips. If you decide to buy 25 HD video clips you get a discount of $396 which still will cost you a whopping $1579.

Shutterstock Video Pricing


At Videohive the pricing is as follows. If you want to use a stock video for one of your projects, the price is $10 for single use. But please keep in mind that you can use this clip for one of your projects only. If you want to use it in multiple campaigns you will have to buy the ‘multi-use’ license which will cost you $38 for one video.

Videohive Pricing


At Videoblocks the pricing is a bit different. This is a recurring subscription which will cost you in the following manner. For ‘Basic’ subscription of $19 per month, you get to download 5 HD video footage from members library. For ‘Unlimited’ level subscription of $39/month, you get unlimited downloads of HD footage, 4k clips, and After Effects templates from the Member Library.

Videoblocks Pricing

For ‘Business’ level subscription of $199/month, you get everything in the Unlimited plan plus get up to 3 users licensed with Enterprise License coverage for your business. The last ‘Enterprise’ level plan is for the big players who will get a custom quote as per their requirements. This includes a custom plan with dedicated support to get your team the content they need cheaper and faster than elsewhere.

Now, the question still remains. How to get cheap stock video footages with unlimited download and usage rights?

And the answer to that is STOCKOCITY 2

What is Stockocity 2?

Stockocity 2 is a stock video membership website with a twist. What’s the twist? At Stockocity 2 you get access to more than 6000 FHD royalty free stock videos by paying once.

Yes! You heard it right. You will have to pay a small one time fee to get unlimited access to the above mentioned 6000 FHD royalty free videos. That’s not it. You will also get 75 FHD videos freshly added to your membership account every month for the next two years. I don’t think you will need any more convincing to check out the complete package.

Stockocity 2

Click here to take a look at the Stockocity 2 website and what they have in store for you. Stockocity 2 is the upgraded version of the popular Stockocity video membership site which was launched last year.

Why Do You Need Stockocity 2?

The answer is simple.

If you need highly professional Full HD stock videos for a low one time fee, you need to get Stockocity 2.

I have already shown you how costly it can be for you to buy high definition stock video footage online. You will have to pay anywhere between 20$ – 80$ or more per clip. But with Stockocity 2 that’s not the case. You pay once and get access to thousands of Full HD videos.

How Can You Use Stockocity 2 Videos?

You can use these stock videos in any manner you want (Of Course, you need to play by the rules. Don’t use this for any illegal or harmful purposes)

Here are some of the ways in which you can use the stock videos that you download from Stockocity 2.

  • For affiliate review videos
  • For the creation of explainer videos
  • Videos Intros and Outros
  • Videos for lead generation
  • Sales and promotional videos

Is It Compatible with Popular Video Editors?

Of course, it is. You can use Stockocity 2 with the following video editors with ease.

  • Camtasia
  • Screenflow
  • Powerpoint
  • VideoMaker FX
  • Explaindio
  • Videoscribe
  • Easy Sketch Pro
  • EasyVSL

Stockocity 2 Bonuses

Here are some added bonuses that you are going to get absolutely free if you decide to purchase Stockocity 2.

Bonus #1) 240 Extra HD Video Backgrounds

Now you can get your hands on thousands of dollars worth of HD video backgrounds absolutely free, as a bonus. This bonus is worth $6,960 value.

Bonus #2) YouTube Marketing Made Easy

This is a training program which teaches how to do internet marketing on YouTube, step by step. This is a 20 part series divided into 4 modules. The course is worth $197, which of course will be free of cost for you.

Bonus #3) YouTube Ads Made Easy

Another course on YouTube, this time concentrating on Ads. Here you are going to learn how to bring a flood of traffic to your web properties with low-cost YouTube ads. You are also going to learn about retargeting and other tricks that professionals use. This training is worth $197.

Bonus #4) Social Media Income

This is a 36 part video training program that teaches how to profit from the most popular social media platforms. Most of the major social media platforms are covered in this training. This course is worth $297.

Bonus #5) Editing Video for Free & Web Video Production for Non-Professionals

This is a video editing and web video publishing course specially tailor-made for beginners. You are going to learn about scripting, editing your videos for free, video production, professional transitions and more. This training is worth $194.

Bonus #6) 240 Royalty Free Music Tracks

You are going to get a free access to 240 royalty free music tracks worth $3,840.

Bonus #7) 1,000 Royalty Free Stock Images

Free access to 1000 royalty free stock images worth $4000.

Bonus #8) Designer / Developer Rights

This is the biggest bonus of all. Now you can use any of the full HD royalty free stock videos in Stockocity 2 in your client’s projects and clients videos including commercial projects. But please remember that you cannot sell these videos directly. You can only include these videos in your own work and you use these videos into a bigger project for clients.

How Much Does Stockocity 2 Cost?

Stockocity 2 is priced at a one time $67.00 (at the time of writing this article).

You can check out the current pricing and the complete set of features here.

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