VideoCreator by Paul Ponna Review, Demo and Discount ($18 OFF)

Hello guys. Welcome to our VideoCreator review. VideoCreator is the new and powerful all-in-one video creation app created by Paul Ponna and the team.

We have used many of their video creation and animation tools in the past and we can confidently say that this team knows what they are doing.

But have they delivered this time? Is VideoCreator software as good as or better than the other video animation tools out there? What about the features and value for money?

Let’s find all that out in this VideoCreator review.

What Is the VideoCreator App?

Ok, you’ve got an awesome idea for a video. Now what? You want to know how to make it stand out above all the other videos on the market. You want to know how to make it professional and high quality. You want to know how to make it sell like crazy. Well, VideoCreator is all-inclusive video software that makes it easy for both newbies and professionals to make videos.

Video Creator is the perfect software for making videos of all kinds, whether you’re a newbie or a professional. With this software, you can create instructional videos, product presentations, commercials and so much more!

You can create engaging, impactful animated videos no matter what your marketing goal is. And you can do it in any language!

We all love a good video. They are the perfect way to communicate your brand and help create an emotional connection with your audience. If you are choosing the same old boring format, you are probably missing out on a TON of sales. And that’s where VideoCreator comes into the picture.

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What Can You Create Using the VideoCreator App?

VideoCreator is like an encyclopedia for videos, featuring HUNDREDS of beautiful video templates. This revolutionary app comes loaded with over 650 video templates in the front-end product alone. Pay once and forever own all the templates.

This is the largest collection of high-quality customizable video templates available in any ONE app at present. There are lots of video editing and animation apps out there, but none of them offer the level of customization and quality provided by the Video Creator — an app that can take your videos from drab to fab.

VideoCreator app also has the latest technologies like Motion Tracking, Logo Mapping, Scroll Stoppers, Neon Videos, 3D visuals, and live-action videos specific to local businesses featuring real humans from various professions.

There are hundreds of unique video templates for different occasions and purposes.

With VideoCreator you can also create long length explainer and animated videos using professional ready-to-use video templates! There are no limits.

Here are the type of videos you can create using the VideoCreator app.

Logo Motion Tracking Videos

Branding is a lot more than just putting your logo on something. It’s about telling a story, building a lasting impression, and stirring emotion in your audience. Now with the Video Creator app, you can add your logos to real-life moving objects and scenes, thanks to the Logo Motion Tracking technology. Check out the demo below.

Scroll Stopper Videos

Scroll Stopper videos bind to the edge of your browser window, making it impossible for users to scroll past your ad without being engaged. Scroll Stopper videos create a situation where people won’t be able to ignore or mute your video, and you’ll be able to reach up to 100% of your target market!

Live-Action Text Messaging Videos Featuring Real Human Actors

With this Video Creator feature, you can create a perfect video message for any local business! It includes a variety of characters, including doctors, real estate agents, handymen, construction workers, fitness models, shoppers, businessmen and more.

The live actors are dressed in all types of clothing as well as in different props to represent their profession. Use these videos to help promote your local business or start an advertising campaign!

Here are the other type of videos you can create using the Video Creator app.

  • Video Flipbooks
  • E-Commerce videos
  • 3D animation videos
  • Explainer videos
  • FB and Insta stories
  • Neon videos
  • Intro videos
  • Promo videos and much more.

How to Create Videos Using the Video Creator App by Paul Ponna?

You can create videos in all sizes, languages, and topics for any marketing goal. You don’t need to be a professional video maker to do it. Just choose a template, add text content and add images, and you’re ready to upload your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or any other video sharing platform.

Video Creator Review Discount

Step 1

Select from an ever-growing library of hundreds of professional video templates from all of the trending topics & categories.

Step 2

Customize with your images, videos, and text.

Step 3

Render out spectacular animated videos in minutes with zero technical experience.

Watch the Video Creator demo video below to find out how exactly it is done.

How Much Does Video Creator Cost? – Price Review

The Video Creator software is presently being offered at a one-time price of $49 for lifetime access to the software and all its future updates. You also get access to an unlimited commercial license at no extra cost. The actual price of the software is $67, at present. But during the launch period, you get a discount of $18, which brings the total price down to $49.

Video Creator Front End Purchase

Here’s what you get with the VideoCreator front end purchase for one-time payment of $49.

There are no limits – you get UNLIMITED access to all features for the low ONE-TIME price…

  • Hundreds of Video Templates
  • All-In-One VideoCreator
  • Videos In All Dimensions
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images & Videos
  • Built-in Copyright-Free Music Library
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Upload Your Own Assets
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • Multilingual Video Support
  • Commercial License
  • Sell The Videos
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access
  • 8 Week Training Webinars

Upgrade 1  – VideoCreator Deluxe ($67 One-Time)

  • Get access to additional features worth thousands. 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of the competition and other VideoCreator customers. 
  • Sell videos for $300 to $500 each with the done-for-you agency package included!
  • Unlock 200+ Premium Video Templates Immediately
  • 20 New Templates Each Month For 1 Year (no monthly fees)
  • 1080P Video Renders
  • Multi-Thread Video Renders (6 Renders At a Time)
  • Agency Account – 5 Simultaneous Logins Allowed
  • Done-For-You Agency Website To Sell Videos For Top Dollar
  • Agency Marketing Package To Automate The Selling Process. Includes Done-for-you Sales Video, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Ready-made Emails, Invoices, Letterheads, Client Contracts and a whole lot more. 
  • Premium Music Tracks To Spice Up Your Videos. 
  • VIP Customer Support

UPGRADE 2 – VidEditor Unlimited ($49 One-Time)

  • Full feature 2-in-1 video editor and screen capture app with everything included. Create, edit and publish. 
  • Create Long Length Videos, Attach Multiple Videos Together, or Edit The Videos You Create Inside VideoCreator With Ease!
  • Camtasia Style Full-Feature Timeline Editor
  • Loom Style Screen Capture App
  • Webcam Recorder
  • Text-To-Speech Built-in
  • In-app Voice Recording
  • 150,000 Ready-made Video Scripts
  • Huge Collection of Motion Text Effects, Lower Thirds & Animations.
  • Unlimited Videos – No Monthly Fees!

UPGRADE 3 – VoiceSuite Unlimited ($39 One-Time)

  • Full feature text-to-speech voice app with life-like male and female voices.
  • Text-to-Speech in 52 Major Languages  
  • 290 Male & Female Voices
  • Largest Collection of Text-To-Speech Voices Available in any ONE app.
  • 1-Click Translation Engine
  • Adjust Speed & Pitch of Your Voice 
  • Powered By Amazon, Google & Microsoft Voice Engines
  • Unlimited Usage Forever
  • No Limits or Monthly Fees

UPGRADE 4 – VideoPlayer Unlimited ($37 One-Time)

  • Unique new player to boost video engagement and watch times by over 300%.
  • Turn YouTube & Vimeo Videos into A Premium Video Player Without The Ads
  • Beautiful Video Player Themes
  • Professional Video Player Colour Sets
  • Add Watermarks and Logos For Branding
  • Next-Gen Video Autoplay Technology
  • Animated Attention-Grabbing Play  Buttons
  • Embed videos anywhere.
  • Create unlimited video players. 
  • No video hosting fees. 

Video Creator Review Verdict – Is This for You?

If you are doing any kind of marketing online, you are going to need the Video Creator app. Considering the price of $49 one time, the decision shouldn’t be a difficult one to make. Before concluding this VideoCreator review let’s give you a few reasons why you should consider getting VideoCreator now…

Amazing video creation and animation features

The app comes loaded with first-to-market UNIQUE video technologies such as…

  • Pattern Interrupt Scroll Stoppers
  • 3D Video Flipbooks
  • Big-Budget Corporate Commercials
  • Profit Boosting 3D Ecommerce & Product Demos
  • Local Business Videos ft. Real Human Actors
  • Immersive 360 Degree Animations

Plus, you can also build ANY style of video you can imagine from ONE dashboard!

Explainer videos, animated videos, e-commerce, social media, real estate, whiteboard, social media, live-action, logo reveals, video ads, animated videos and a whole lot more!

HUNDREDS of Video Templates in All Dimensions

With the Video Creator app, you can make videos in all dimensions like Square, Rectangle, Landscape or Vertical etc. without the need for multiple apps. You can turn your ideas into world-class animated videos for any goal in ALL shapes, topics & languages.

UNLIMITED Usage of All Features

You get access to unlimited usage rights.

  • UNLIMITED Video Renders
  • UNLIMITED Usage of All Features
  • UNLIMITED Text-To-Speech

Millions of Royalty-free Image & Video Assets

With the premium assets library, you can elevate your videos and leave your competition in the dust. You never have to pay extra for assets again!

Video Creator Bonuses

Thousands of dollars worth of bonuses are being offered by the vendors of the Video Creator app, during the launch. Here’s what you get as added bonus.

  • BONUS #1: VidCompass App Commercial ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #2: VidRank Engine Commercial ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Campaign Cloner App Commercial ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #4: Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator App ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #5: Video Thumbnail Maker App ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #6: Viral Meme Generator ($47 Value)
  • BONUS #7: HD Stock Video Bundle ($147 Value)
  • BONUS #8: Royalty Free Music Tracks ($147 Value)
  • BONUS #9: Skype Mentorship Group ($497 Value)
  • BONUS #10: 21 Day Mentorship Training ($497 Value)
  • BONUS #11: Voiceovers & Video Sales Scripts ($197 Value)

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