Commission Gorilla Review 2024 – The Secret Tool of Super Affiliates

Welcome to our Commission Gorilla review for the year 2024. Are you into affiliate marketing? Have you heard of super affiliates? A super affiliate basically means an affiliate marketer who earns more than hundreds or even thousands of small affiliates combined.

The super affiliate has a proven system that he or she rinses and repeats over and over again to generate six and seven-figure affiliate commissions each time a product is promoted.

What makes the super affiliates different from the regular affiliates is the value they add to every offer they promote. And one of the ways they add more value to their affiliate promotions is through bonuses.

Yes, adding bonuses to your promotions can be a great way to 5x or 10x your affiliate conversions. What super affiliates commonly do is that they create beautiful and engaging bonus pages and then drive traffic to these pages.

On the bonus page, the affiliates inform the visitor about the product they are promoting and also show them the bonuses they are going to get if they purchase the recommended product through a link on the page, which is the super affiliate’s affiliate link.

If the visitor purchases the product through the link on the bonus page, he/she will be redirected to the bonus delivery page once the product purchase is complete.

If you want to increase your affiliate conversions and want to make more money with the same amount of traffic using bonus pages can be a great way to do that.

But creating bonus promotion pages and bonus delivery pages can be hard. More so, if you are a non-technical person.

And that’s where Commission Gorilla comes into the picture. In this Commission Gorilla review, let’s see what exactly can you do with this tool and how it can help you boost your conversions 5 to 10 times, resulting in more revenue from the same amount of traffic.

What Is Commission Gorilla?

Commission Gorilla is a tool using which you can create attractive and engaging bonus promotion pages and delivery pages with ease. It is a completely drag-and-drop software and is a web-based application. You don’t need to download or install this on your device.

Along with creating stunning bonus and promotional pages, Commission Gorilla V3 does also give you access to a number of conversion boosting elements.

Also, there is an in-depth reporting and analytics engine included with Commission Gorilla V3 which is a great help for budding and seasoned marketers alike.

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Features – What’s In the Member’s Area?

Let’s look at some of the unique features Commission Gorilla offers.

Drag and Drop Editor

Commission Gorilla offers a simple point-and-click WYSIWYG editor. What it means is that to build attractive pages using Commission Gorilla you don’t need to have coding knowledge. You can drag in images, insert videos and even create custom, high-impact call to action buttons. All with a simple point and click.

Bonus Library

As you grow as an affiliate marketer you tend to reuse your bonuses because you are running several affiliate campaigns at a time. And Commission Gorilla makes it easy to build and store all your bonus blocks at one place called ‘bonus library’.

To use these bonus blocks you just need to drag these on to the bonus pages your create. We will see how to do that in the Commission Gorilla demo below.

Unlimited Free Hosting

No matter you have built 2 pages or 2000 pages, all your pages will be hosted on Commission Gorilla’s servers at no extra cost. This is great if you don’t have a website of your own. If you do have a WordPress website, there is an easy way to integrate your Commission Gorilla pages with your site using a plugin.

Automated Bonus Delivery

When we create our bonus pages, Commission Gorilla creates automatically creates our delivery page at the same time. We can even drag and drop in the pre-written text to create pages even faster.

Cloning Pages

If a page you created has been performing great you would definitely want to replicate the same level of success with your future pages. If that’s the case, the ‘clone’ feature is for you. With this feature, we can easily clone any bonus page with a simple click of the mouse, edit it and make it live in minutes.

Detailed Statistics

Commission Gorilla offers detailed statistics on its dashboard. We can easily find the high and low performing pages and act accordingly.

Social Share Feature

Using the built-in social share buttons we can easily promote the bonus pages created with Commission Gorilla. Plus we can even drag and drop social share buttons into our bonus pages for the visitors to use.

Other Cool Features

There are some other cool features inside Commission Gorilla like attention bars, exit pop-ups and countdown timers which can help take your conversions through the roof.

How To Create Bonus Pages Using Commission Gorilla?

This is how Commission Gorilla works. The demo video is given below.

Let’s login to our account first.

The first thing we see when we log in to our account is the statistic. We can see how our pages are converting, how many people are visiting our page, how many of them are unique visits, how many hits our CTA buttons are getting and so on.

The highest converting and lowest converting campaigns are separated accordingly, which makes it easier for us to optimize campaigns which aren’t converting that well.

commission gorilla review

Now on the top, we can see different tabs.

The first thing we have is the ‘New Bonus’ section. This is where we can add new bonuses and bonus blocks to our Commission Gorilla dashboard.

Next is the ‘Bonus Library’ from where we can access all the bonuses we have added to our Commission Gorilla account. Bonus library is a great feature to have because now you can collect all your bonuses at one place.

Next is the ‘New Page’ section which is where we build our new bonus or promotion page.

Next is the ‘My Pages’ section from where we can access all the pages we have built using Commission Gorilla V3. From here, we can also clone our pages and edit them to create new pages from some of our winning campaigns.

How To Add a New Bonus In Commission Gorilla?

To add a new bonus, click on the ‘New Bonus’ section. Here, we have different types of bonus layouts to choose from. There is the classic layout, which included text and image, then there is the image graphic, text-only layout and also the invisible layout which shows up only on the bonus delivery page.

bonus blocks

To add a bonus, just choose and click on one of the 4 available bonus layouts. Now a WYSIWYG editor will open up. This is a fully drag-and-drop editor where you can add different elements.

adding bonus block

As you can see, on the left there is the category section. You can arrange all your bonuses into different categories which makes it easy for you to use these bonuses for future promotions.

You can also see the ‘Delivery Block’ on the left. This basically is the block of text that shows up on the thank you page after your referred customer has purchased the product.

We can edit this delivery block however we want, using the WYSIWYG editor. On this block, don’t forget to add the bonus download link, which is the download link to where you have hosted your bonus.

How To Create The Bonus Promo Page?

The process is almost similar to what we just did earlier.

Click on the ‘New Page’ tab to get started.

The first thing we need to do is go to the ‘page settings’ section on the left and give our page a name. We also need to add our affiliate link (our promo link to the product we are promoting), and the redirect URL, which is the link to which our page will be redirected if we decide to pause this campaign in the future.

commission gorilla page setting

Now, if we want to change the colour of our page, we just need to go to the ‘Page Colours’ section and customize the page. We can change the outer colour, inner colour and even the background colour of the page. We also need to set up our ‘bonus delivery’ page here.

To start building our page we need to go to the ‘Blocks’ section. From the left, we can drag and drop elements on to the page and start building it. For example, if we want to add text to our page, we just need to drag the text block on to the page and customize it.

The same way we can add headlines, call to actions, images, videos, countdown timers, social sharing options, bonus blocks and more to the affiliate promotion page we are creating.

commission gorilla blocks

The customization options are really extensive. For example, when editing the text element we can customize the size, colour, style, spacing and so on. Similarly, we can customize each of the elements based on the type of element we have added to the bonus page.

Now there are some ‘Pro’ features available inside Commission Gorilla which can be accessed through an upgrade. These Pro features include the countdown timers, attention bars and exit redirects.

That’s about it. Once your page is ready you can save it and publish it to make it live. Here’s an example. This is a promotional page we created using Commission Gorilla V3 to promote the same product.

All the bonus and promotional pages you create using Commission Gorilla will be hosted on their servers at no extra cost. Watch the demo video below to find out more.

Commission Gorilla Pricing Review

Now let’s quickly look at Commission Gorilla pricing.

At present, the Commission Gorilla software is being offered at the low price of $49 per year.

But wait!

There’s good news.

Right now, there is a promotion going on, as a part of which you can now get the Commission Gorilla page builder software for just $24.5 per year. That’s a 50% discount on the original price for the lifetime of your account.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes. There are several high value bonuses being offered by the vendor to anyone who purchases Commission Gorilla right now.

You get access to the following bonuses.

  • 10 done for you bonuses already added inside your account which can be used for any of your promotions.
  • 8 ready-made bonus page campaigns for high converting products are already added to your Commission Gorilla account.
  • Then there are 7 different ready-made bonus pages which you can clone start making commissions by simply adding your affiliate links.
  • Bonus training materials – There is some high-quality training included with your Commission Gorilla purchase at no extra cost. Affiliate gorilla video training shows how super affiliates earn huge commissions and bring traffic on demand to their promotional pages. Affiliate mining strategy manual gives 25 proven affiliate strategies to rake in more affiliate commissions and the Commission miner video training demystify all the knowledge out there on the web and show you not only the correct knowledge for maximum affiliate sales but also how to take the components and put them together, the right way.

How Many Pages Can You Create with Commission Gorilla?

With the standard front end product you can have upto 20 pages at a time. This will be enough for the newbie affiliate marketer. However, if you are trying to scale your business, 20 pages may not be enough.

That’s why we have got the Commission Gorilla Pro upgrade. With the pro account we are able to create unlimited pages. That means we can run hundred or even thousand affiliate campaigns at the same time with no limit.

Commission Gorilla Review Verdict

We have been using Commission Gorilla since 2014 for different purposes in our affiliate campaigns. What we have is the lifetime pro account.

As we mentioned above, we have numerous campaigns running at the same time with no issues at all. The pages created with Commission Gorilla are really beautiful and convert really well.

If you are into any kind of affiliate marketing, we suggest you grab Commission Gorilla with no second thoughts. You will be better off with the Pro account. It is really worth it. BTW you can also use Commission Gorilla to build bridge pages, thank you pages and more.

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