Art Space AI Vs Closers Copy Creatives : Which AI Tool to Choose?

In this article today I am going to compare Art Space AI with Closers Copy Creatives. Art Space and Closers Copy Creatives are two software created by the same person.

While Art Space is an AI art generator software, Closers Copy Creatives is an AI art generation module inside the popular copywriting tool ‘Closers Copy’. Now, in this blog post, I’m going to compare the two in terms of features, ease of use, and cost.

By the end of this comparison, you should be able to decide which of these 2 AI art generators is right for your needs.

So let’s get started!

Art Space AI Vs Closers Copy Creatives Features

To get started, I need to log in to both these tools. Luckily, I already have access to both! So, I’m just going to start with a quick overview of their features.

Art Space

First, let me log into my Art Space AI account.

As you can see here, Art Space AI has a simple yet powerful interface. You have the prompt box and the canvas in the center and all the important settings on the right.

art space ai dashboard

To create beautiful art pieces inside Art Space all you need to do is enter your text prompt in the given prompt box and press the blue button on the right. The generated art will appear in the center.

Art Space AI Lifetime Deal

As I mentioned earlier, all the important settings are on the right side. You have the seed and seed image boxes, different resolutions, height and width adjustments, and more, on the right.

There is also an option to enable or disable ‘automatic face corrections’. This feature is incredibly useful when you are generating portrait photos.

Closers Copy Creatives

Now, let me log into my Closers Copy Creatives account.

As I mentioned in the beginning, Closers Copy Creatives is a module inside the popular copywriting tool Closers Copy. So when you log inside, you can see all the different writing tools and modules in the software.

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In this review, I am not going to go into details about all the features and functionality in Closers Copy, but to give you an idea, this tool helps you easily create copy for various content needs.

And when it comes to AI art generation, Closers Copy Creatives is the module to look at.

We can access ‘creatives’ from the left side menu.

This too has a simple interface like art space AI. It has the prompt box in the center and all the different adjustments below. You can set the size or resolution from here.

closers copy creatives dashboard

There is a ‘seed box’ here, where we can enter the seed number of an image that has been created using the tool. Closers Copy Creatives will use that seed number as a starting point to create a unique image.

You can also enter a ‘negative prompt’ here.

A negative prompt is something that you don’t want the AI to incorporate into the image it is going to create. It could be something like ‘cartoon characters’ or ‘abstract shapes’.

For example, if you wanted a realistic landscape painting, you could mention ‘cartoon characters’ in the negative prompt section to ensure that the AI does not incorporate any cartoon characters into the image.

By the way, we can use negative prompts in Art Space AI by adding simple brackets to the items we want the AI to exclude from the image.


Now one significant difference we can see between Art Space AI and Closers Copy Creatives is that in Art Space you have got an option to use an image as a seed. But in CC Creatives you don’t seem to have that option.

If you don’t know what a seed image is, it is like a base image or texture which the AI uses to generate art.

The ‘seed image’ section in Art Space AI is a great feature that allows users to create unique images from existing images.

This means that users can use a photo of a person, landscape, or other images as the basis for their artwork.

For example, if someone wanted to create a painting of a beach scene, they could upload a photo of a beach and use it as the seed image. The AI would then use the seed image as a starting point and generate a unique painting based on that seed image.

Now, this feature is not available in CC creatives.

Another difference we can see here is that CC Creatives doesn’t have the ‘automatic face corrections’ feature like Art Space AI.

Differences In Art Generation Modes

Another major difference between Art Space and Closers Copy Creatives is the absence of various ‘modes’ inside Closers Copy Creatives. It has only the ‘drawing’ mode.

Now Art Space has 3 different modes.

Drawing, in painting, and out painting modes.

Now, I have already explained these different modes and other unique features of Art Space AI in detail, in my review article here.

The drawing mode in Art Space AI and CC creatives allows users to create unique art pieces from scratch. All you need to do is enter the text prompt and the tool will generate beautiful artwork based on the prompt.

With the inpainting mode inside Art Space, the tool takes existing images and adds elements to them, such as colors, textures, shapes, etc. This can be used to enhance existing artwork.

The out-painting mode inside Art Space is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to push the boundaries of your creativity. With this mode, you can take your artwork in a completely new direction and explore new possibilities.

For example, if you have a painting of a landscape, you can use the outpainting mode to extend the landscape into a larger scene with more elements and details.


Next, let’s look at the quality.

When it comes to the quality of images generated, both Art Space AI and ClosersCopy Creatives are on par with each other.

art space ai vs closers copy creatives
Created with Art Space

Both tools are capable of producing high-quality and visually appealing images that can be used for a variety of purposes.

I am not saying that these tools will generate the perfect images with the very first prompt, but they can certainly help to create something beautiful.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money both of these tools offer great value. Both these tools are available for lifetime deals and offer unlimited generations.

Art Space is available for a one time payment of $227 which gives you unlimited lifetime access to the tool.

ClosersCopy Creatives is available for a one time payment of $297 with an added 20% discount with the coupon code which brings the price to approximately $240.

Art Space Ai Vs Closers Copy Creatives – Who is the Winner

Now, which one should you choose?

If you are a heavy user, then Art Space is the perfect choice for you. Unlike Closers Copy Creatives, which is an AI art generator module inside a copywriting tool, Art Space is a dedicated software that focuses solely on creating beautiful images.

Also, I have heard that many more new features will be added to Art Space AI in the near future making it even more powerful. Please remember that CC Creatives will not get many new features in the future.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for powerful copywriting software that also includes an AI art generator with limited options, ClosersCopy Creatives is a great choice.

The AI art generator module inside Closerscopy is sufficient for a normal user. Plus, you get the added benefit of a copywriting tool that will help you create compelling content quickly and easily.

And that’s it for this article.

I have given links to both of these lifetime deals above. Both these tools can help you create high-quality visuals with ease. So choose your AI tool and start creating something amazing.

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