Vidnami Review 2024: A Must Have Video Creator for Bloggers and Marketers

Welcome to our Vidnami review. Vidnami is a video maker software using which you can create professional-quality, studio-grade videos, fast.

This tool is offered as a Saas or Software as a Service. Meaning, you don’t need to download or install this software on your computer, to use it. Everything is done online.

Before we start reviewing Vidnami, we want you to know that we have been using Vidnami for more than a year now and we are really happy with it. It is one of the few tools we use on a regular basis to grow our business using video.

In this comprehensive review, we are going to show you Vidnami member’s area, demo and its features. By the end of this review, you will also know about its pros and cons.

We have also included a Vidnami coupon link for you if you are interested in buying this tool at a 25% discount, for life. Let’s get started.

What Exactly Is Vidnami?

Vidnami is a video maker software with which you can quickly crank out different kinds of videos using built-in templates, artificial intelligence technology, auto-voice and a few other astonishing features.

Previously known as Content Samurai, Vidnami is developed and managed by the Noble Samurai team. These are the same guys who are behind Market samurai, the once-popular keyword research tool.

Use This Instead of Vidnami

Vidnami is a paid tool and is offered under a monthly payment option. So if you are searching for a free video maker tool, this isn’t for you. We will talk about the pricing structure and discounts at the end of this article.

As mentioned earlier, we are paid members of Vidnami. Below is a screenshot of our receipt.

vidnami price discount

As you can see, we got it for only $29 per month, during an offer. But this offer may not be available right now. Now let’s quickly have a peek inside the Vidnami members area.

What Is In The Vidnami Member’s Area?

When we enter the Vidnami member’s area, the first thing we see are all the videos we created in the past. Our earlier video projects are stored on the cloud and can be accessed from the member’s area unless we delete them.

Vidnami Member's Area

Now, to proceed further and see all the features Vidnami has to offer, we will need to create a video. And that’s what we will do now.

How to Create a Video Using Vidnami?

To create a video using Vidnami, we will start by clicking on the ‘create a new video’ button. Now, on the next page, we have access to more than a hundred video templates.

Vidnami Demo Video

Choose The Template

All of these templates are arranged in different categories. Depending on the type of video you want to create, you can choose a template. Here are the type of videos you can create using Vidnami.

  • Social media video templates
  • Videos from blog posts
  • Influencer video templates
  • Instant Ads templates
  • Sales video templates
  • Online course video templates
  • Property listing video templates
vidnami templates

To continue further, choose the desired template and then click on ‘use this template’ button.

use this template

Add The Script

Once we have chosen the video template, we will be taken to the ‘script’ section. The ‘script’ section can also be accessed from the panel on the left side of the dashboard.

To add the script we can either copy our text and paste it into the script section or can directly type inside. Once the script is ready, we need to click on the ‘Edit Scenes’ button to continue.

Editing The Scenes

Now, this is where the fun begins. When we clicked on the ‘edit scenes’ button in the previous step, the Vidnami software quickly got into action and created different slides containing video, text and images.

These slides are not created randomly. Vidnami’s inbuilt Artificial Intelligence technology created these slides based on our script.

For example, if one of our sentences reads “Blogging is one of the best ways to start an online business”, the software automatically inserts the video or image related to the term ‘Blogging’, or ‘Online Business’, into the slide. This actually is a wonderful feature, that is hard to see in any other video maker.

Editing The Media and Text

If you don’t like what Vidnami’s AI has chosen for you, you always have the option to edit the slide and choose the media file you want. You can either upload a file from your computer or can choose a video or an image from the millions of royalty-free assets on the ‘StoryBlocks’ library.

Storyblocks is a stock media subscription site where you can access millions of royalty-free images, footages, soundtracks and more for a paid monthly or yearly subscription. Even the basic membership at StoryBlocks can cost you $19 per month, that gives you access to only 5 downloads per month.

But with Vidnami, you get the StoryBloks subscription for free and also, there is no limit on the number of downloads. We also have access to other free stock media websites like pexels, pixabay etc. from inside our Vidnami account.

Even the text element on each slide can be edited. We can change the text colour, size and even the font. We can also split a slide into two or merge two slides into one. (Watch the official demo video below)

Adding Music and Voice Over

Once we finish editing our slides, it is time to add some background music and voice over to the video. To add a voice over to the video we have 4 options.

1st Option: Music Only

If we don’t want to add a voiceover to the video, there is an option to add only the background music. We can choose music from thousands of royalty-free music tracks available inside the Vidnami dashboard.

2nd Option: Auto Voice

Auto voice is another amazing feature that can only be found in the Vidnami software. Using this feature, you can create human-sounding automated voice-overs for your videos.

There are a number of text-to-speech software available in the market now. But nothing compares to the quality of voices created using Vidnami’s auto voice technology.

( Now there is Speechelo which is a promising TTS software and is marginally better than Vidnami’s auto voice, especially when it comes to the premium voices. Check out Speechelo voices)

To use the auto-voice feature all you need to do is select an automated voice from the 14 available voices and accents. The chosen automated voice will then read the text for you, which will be the voice-over for your video.

All of the text-to-speech voices included in Vidnami are top quality. But the ones we like the most are Harry (UK accent), Heidi (US accent), and Luke (US accent).

3rd Option: Record Your Voice-Over

This feature allows us to record our own voice-overs from inside Vidnami dashboard. We have the option to record voice-over for each slide, separately. Also, there is an option to re-record the voice-over, if we don’t get it right the first time.

4th Option: Upload a Voice-Over File

We can upload a pre-recorded voice-over file and Vidnami will automatically sync each of the slides with the corresponding audio track. We were really amazed at the accuracy with which Vidnami synced each slide with the corresponding part of the voice over.

Then again, if you are not satisfied with the sync, you have the option to manually adjust and sync the video with the audio, in the end.

Once this step is accomplished, we can click on the ‘preview your video’ button (as shown in the picture above) to move on to the next step.

BTW if you are looking for an exclusive text to speech software we recommend Speechelo. You can read all about it in our Speechelo review.


This is the final step before publishing the video. If there are any final adjustments to be made, we can make them here. Here’s what we can do.

  • We can change the background music
  • We can add watermarks to the video
  • We can reduce or increase the speed of voice-overs
  • We can manually adjust timing. It means we can manually sync each slide with the audio track if it wasn’t synced properly earlier.

Once we are satisfied with the way our video looks, it is time to publish the video.

Generate and Download the Video

In this step, all we need to do is click on the ‘generate video’ button, to start rendering the video.

Vidnami Review

Videos can be rendered in 720p HD resolution or 1080p FULL HD resolution.

Vidnami also creates an attributions file for us to use with the video. This is necessary when we publish videos on platforms like YouTube. Proper attribution is pretty much compulsory.

The attributions file is generated in Vidnami only if creative commons images and videos were used in our video. If not, this file won’t be generated. See the image above to get a clear picture.

Once the video is generated, you can easily download it on your device. The video will be downloaded in mp4 format.

Vidnami Review: Pricing, Discount Link, Free Trial and Bonuses

Vidnami can be purchased under the monthly plan for $47 per month or under the yearly plan for $397 per year. Here’s what you get with Vidnami.

Features List

  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • 790,000+ Storyblocks Video Clips
  • 125,000,000+ Royalty-Free Images
  • 30,000+ Premium Music Tracks
  • 170+ Stunning Video Templates
  • 30+ Popular Fonts
  • Auto-Intelligent Video Clip Selection
  • 14 Automatic Text to Speech Voices
  • Automatic Sync of Audio and Visuals
  • Full Motion Video Backgrounds
  • Landscape & Square videos
  • Customizable Templates & Branding
  • Upload Your Own Media
  • Automatically Bolds Keywords, Adds Ken Burns Effect, Adds Transitions & Animates Text

Vidnami Discount Link

As promised in the beginning, we have got a Vidnami discount link for your that gives you access to Vidnami and all its features at a 25% discount for life (as long as you keep the membership).

That means you will get access to Vidnami for only $35/month, which otherwise costs $47/month. That’s a massive saving of $144 per year, for LIFE!


There are a few bonuses you can get your hands on when you purchase Vidnami. Here’s what you get.

  • Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint Pack
  • 21 Ways To Find Clients Cheat-Sheet
  • 5 Minute Facebook Ad Formula
  • ‘Convert Your Phone Into A Pro Video Camera’ Cheat-Sheet
  • Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet

Is There Vidnami Free Trial?

Vidnami also offers a free trial of 14 days for people who want to give this video maker a try before buying it. However, the videos created using Vidnami during the trial will have the Vidnami watermark. To remove this watermark you will have to upgrade your account.

How to Make Money with Vidnami?

Before concluding this Vidnami review, we want to tell you how we make money with Vidnami. One of our favourite ways to earn money with Vidnami is through affiliate marketing. BTW if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, download our free affiliate marketing guide.

The best way to do affiliate marketing with Vidnami is to start a YouTube channel. We have created a YouTube channel in a non-mainstream niche. We regularly post videos created with Vidnami on this channel.

BTW we have written an article that shows how to make money with Vidnami doing affiliate marketing. Please read it if you want to learn more.

In the videos we post, we try to answer a specific question or solve a particular problem our viewers are facing and then at the end of the video ask them to click the link in our YouTube description for further information.

Now, this link in the YouTube description can be an affiliate link or a link to a page where we have placed an affiliate link. Sometimes we include links to a freebie page, where the visitor needs to enter the email to get a free download. This way we collect email addresses, build our lists and then monetize that list.

You too can start a YouTube channel in a particular niche in which you are interested and start posting videos created with Vidnami. As you already know, you can use the auto-voice feature to give voice-overs to your videos, if you don’t like recording yourself speaking.

Can You Monetize Vidnami Videos with AutoVoice on YouTube for Adsense?

Now, this is a debatable question. We came across a person or two on Vidnami FaceBook group who claimed that their YouTube channels were enabled for Adsense monetization, even after using the automated robotic voices from Vidnami.

So, we can’t confirm whether Adsense for your YouTube channel will be enabled or not after using robotic voice-overs created using the auto-voice technology. But what we can say for sure is that you definitely can make money with affiliate marketing using the same videos on YouTube.

Who needs Adsense when you can earn a ton more money with affiliate marketing anyway. Right?

Vidnami Review Conclusion

Now we have come to the end of our Vidnami review. Before concluding this article we want to tell you that you have got a winner here. Vidnami is definitely a great tool to have in your collection.

We are definitely going to keep using this video maker tool for a long time. We suggest you to do the same.

Grab the Vidnami software at a discounted price using the link given above and start using it today. There are many creative ways to use this software. You will eventually find the most effective way to use this software that suits your audience and the niche.

If you have any questions regarding Vidnami please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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