Create Studio Standard Package: What Exactly Do You Get?

Welcome to another article about Create Studio. In this blog post today, I am going to show you everything you get with Create Studio standard package.

This is a question that I get asked a lot, and I think it is important to know what you’re getting before you purchase.

So, first of all, let me start this video by telling you what exactly CreateStudio is.

CreateStudio is a desktop-based animation software using which you can create 2d and 3d animation videos, without knowing coding or graphic designing. This software can be used on both PC and MAC.

I have already written a detailed review of CreateStudio on this blog. You can check it out if you are interested to know more about this amazing animation tool.

In this article, I will just be giving you a quick overview of all that you get with the standard package.

Let’s get started.

What’s Included With Create Studio Standard Package?

First of all, when you purchase the CreateStudio standard license by paying $67 there is the commercial license included. The commercial license allows you to use the software for creating videos for clients, and also to sell those videos.

BTW the newest version of Create Studio at the time of updating this blog post is Create Studio 3.0. Here are the assets included in the Create Studio 3.0 Standard Version.

In addition to that, you will also get lifetime access to the software. That means you can use the software as long as you want and there are no monthly or annual fees.

Now let me log inside my account and show you what’s included with Create Studio. I have access to the standard package (not the all access pass) and when I enter inside this is what you see.

Create Studio Standard Package Review

As you can see here, there are shortcuts to the store, all access pass, and the learn sections.

The learn section is where you get access to all the software tutorials. This is really important because it will teach you how to use the software and create professional animations even if you haven’t done anything like this before.

The store section is where you can purchase additional assets and templates.

Create Studio All Access Club Template

And the all access pass is a monthly subscription that gives you access to all the assets and characters in the store, as well as all the software updates.

You also get additional assets, characters and other animation resources added to your account each month.

Please remember that the ‘All Access Pass’ is not included in the CreateStudio standard package. If you want to get this upgrade, you will have to pay an additional $37 per month or $297 per year.

Now let’s enter the main dashboard.

create studio interface

This is the workspace and you have a lot of tools here to create your animation.

Now, I am not going to go over all these tools in detail because I have already done that in my detailed review video.

But, I will just show you some of the main features that come with the Create Studio standard package.

For starters, you have all the different studio assets.

Create Studio Assets Library

First, there are scenes.

There are supreme scenes, 3d scenes, charts, and hand action scenes.

Right now, I have access to more than 40 supreme scenes and all the charts.

Looks like I don’t have access to the 3d scenes and hand action scenes in my Create Studio standard package. If you want to get these, you will have to upgrade to the all access pass.

In addition to that, you also have a wide variety of characters here. We have access to 2d and 3d characters, doodle characters and more.

Create Studio Characters

Now, if you see in the image above, there is a blue download icon. That means this particular character is available for our use in the standard package.

If there is a ‘green shopping cart’ icon on an asset it means that you need to upgrade to the all access pass in order to use it or you need to buy extra credits.

As of now, I have access to more than thirty 2d characters and eight 3d characters. There are also different emotions and poses for each character type.

Right now, I don’t have access to doodle characters and other premium character assets inside my CreateStudio standard account.

Then there are scene transitions. Here too, we don’t have access to the 3d transitions. But we do have access to numerous cool 2d transitions. We also have access to some amazing video special effects.

Then there are icons, most of which are included in the standard package, except the premium ones like the doodle icons.

Then there are 2d and 3d backgrounds some of which come with the standard package and some which you can purchase from the store.

Then there are ‘Titles’, most of which are available for our use.

Other assets which we have access to are shapes, emojis, and scroll stoppers.

Then there are some devices and some social icon animations.

We also have access to many cool doodle hand animation effects in our standard package.

Now all these resources are available to us inside the main dashboard. You just need to drag and drop them into your scene and start animating.

You can easily add text and animate it if you want.

Adding doodle effect is also very easy, which I have already discussed in my other review article link to which is given above.

creating doodle

Additional assets like icons and shapes can be accessed from the header on the top. There are hundreds of free assets available for us.

We can also add advanced motion effects to our assets using the settings on the right side.

If we want additional media assets to be used in our videos, we need to go to the ‘Media’ section and open the ‘media library’. There is an inbuilt Pexels integration that gives access to thousands of free images and video assets.

There is also the additional PixaBay integration and the royalty-free music library which are available as an upgrade.

By the way, you can also upload your own assets to the library and even the ‘lottie’ files, if you want.

Then there is the ‘Text to Speech option’ which is very helpful if you want to add narration to your videos but don’t want to use your voice.

Text to Speech Create Studio

You can also upload voiceover, music, and sound effects directly inside the dashboard and export your video with voiceover and music.

The videos that I have exported so far, look really good.

All in all, the CreateStudio standard package is a great way to get started in creating professional animated videos. You have access to all the main features and tools needed to create high-quality videos.

So, go ahead and try it out today. There is also a money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the product.

The link to the Create Studio lifetime deal is given above.

I hope you liked this Create Studio standard package review. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me.

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