Assets Included In The Create Studio 3.0 Standard Version

Welcome to our new blog post where we’ll explore the vast array of assets included in Create Studio 3.0 Standard Version. Launched in 2023, the updated version, Create Studio 3.0, is designed for everyone from digital marketers to freelance video editors, making video creation more accessible and innovative.

Video Creation Redefined

Create Studio is more than just an animation software. It’s your tool to create both 2D and 3D animations, perfect for explainer videos or character narratives.

If you’re starting out, the Create Studio 3.0 Standard Edition is tailored for you, offering a comprehensive set of tools to bring your creative ideas to life.

It’s particularly user-friendly for beginners, offering an array of tools that are both powerful and easy to navigate.

Create Studio 3.0 Upgraded Features

The latest version of Create Studio brings significant enhancements over its previous iterations.

Key areas of improvement include 3D character creation, AI-powered text-to-speech, accurate lip-syncing capabilities, and a more intuitive timeline management system.

These features not only simplify the animation process but also add a professional touch to your creations.

Create Studio 3.0 Standard

Exploring the Create Studio 3.0 Standard Version Assets

1. Templates: A World of Creativity

The Standard package offers an expansive selection of over 50 templates. These templates span across different video types, catering to your diverse creative needs. They are particularly useful in speeding up the video creation process, allowing you to focus more on customization and storytelling.

create studio 3.0 standard version templates

Please Note: Some of the more advanced templates are reserved for ‘All Access Plan‘ subscribers. These are marked with a distinct icon for easy identification.

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2. Media Assets: Diversity at Your Fingertips

a. 3D Characters

As part of the Standard Edition, you get access to 25 diverse 3D characters. These characters cover a wide range of genders, ethnicities, ages, and styles, allowing you to create videos that resonate with a broad audience.

3d characters

b. Expansive 2D Character Selection

  • 22 Supreme 2D Characters: This variety ensures that you have a character for almost every scenario you can think of.
  • 4 Bobble Head Characters: Add a fun and quirky element to your videos with these unique characters.
  • 16 Additional Characters: Including doodle, classy, animal, and flow styles, these characters add more versatility to your animations.

c. Props and More

With over 1,000 props and other media assets, you can add depth and interest to your scenes, making your stories more compelling and visually appealing.

create studio 3.0 standard asstes

d. Environments for Every Scene

Choose from a rich collection of more than 50 backgrounds, ranging from bustling cityscapes and serene forests to imaginative futuristic landscapes and cozy interiors.

3. 3D Character Creator: Unleash Your Creativity

A standout feature in the Standard Edition is the 3D character creator. This tool allows you to customize almost every aspect of your characters, from their clothing and colors to hairstyles and facial expressions.

You currently have access to characters like Tom and Lenka, with advanced options for customizing facial expressions and eye movements.

create studio 3.0 character creator

4. A Plethora of Additional Assets

  • Comprehensive Asset Library: Including shapes, emojis, icons, and lower thirds, these assets help you add a professional flair to your videos.
  • 50 Scroll Stoppers: Designed to capture your audience’s attention, these assets are perfect for social media content.
  • Complete Doodle Assets: All doodle assets in Create Studio 3.0 are at your disposal, offering a playful and creative way to convey your message.

Cost-Effective Pricing

The entire suite of features and assets in the Standard Edition is available for a one-time fee of $67. This pricing makes it an accessible option for those seeking professional-quality animation without breaking the bank.

The ‘All Access’ Upgrade Option

For those who require even more creative freedom and resources, the ‘All Access’ upgrade is available for an additional $27 per month. This upgrade unlocks all current and future assets, providing an unlimited canvas for your creativity.

Create Studio 3.0 Standard: Tailored to Your Creative Needs

Whether you’re taking your first steps in video animation or are looking to expand your creative toolkit, Create Studio 3.0 Standard Edition is designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

It’s a solid starting point for beginners, while the ‘All Access’ upgrade is there for those who need an even broader range of features and assets.

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