Create Studio Vs Doodly: Which Is Better Value for Money?

Welcome to my Create Studio Vs Doodly review.

The world of video animation is changing and it’s happening at a fast pace. With the rise of easy to use video animation software, more and more people are now able to produce quality animated content for their businesses from the comfort of their homes. 

This new development has opened doors to amazing new opportunities and has allowed people to create breathtaking animation videos with a few clicks of their computer mouse.

These are the same people who struggled to create animations earlier because they had great ideas but didn’t have the know-how or skillset. 

Now, there are a ton of different tools out there for doing this, but the two most popular are Create Studio and Doodly. 

Create Studio and Doodly, both are desktop-based video animation software. While CreateStudio can help you make 2d animation videos, 3d animation videos, doodle videos, scroll stoppers and more, Doodly can help you create professional doodle animation videos.

Both of these are affordable software that are easy to use.

In this post, I will compare them by telling you the strengths and weaknesses of each in order for you to know which one is better for you.

I decided to write this CreateStudio Vs Doodly review after getting numerous requests from my readers both on our blog and the YouTube channel.

So, let’s get started.

CreateStudio Vs Doodly – Features

The first thing we are going to compare is features.

Although both CreateStudio and Doodly are desktop-based video animation software they are significantly different from each other.

Create Studio is a desktop-based video animation software using which you can create PIXAR style animation videos without any prior knowledge of animation or graphic designing.

You can create 2d animation videos, 3d animation videos, doodle animation videos, scroll stoppers etc. using Create Studio.

On the other hand, Doodly is a desktop-based doodle animation software. You can create glass board, blackboard, whiteboard and more such videos with Doodly. 

But like Create Studio, you can’t create 2d and 3d animation videos with Doodly. It is an exclusive doodle animation software. Meaning, you can’t create cartoon explainer videos with this tool.

But the best part about both of these is that they are very affordable and don’t require any special skills or prior experience in video animation to create awesome videos with them.

Do we need an internet connection?

Yes, although CreateStudio and Doodly are desktop-based software they require an internet connection to use them.


So, as far as features and capabilities go, Create Studio is definitely way ahead of Doodly.

Which One Is Easier to Use?

Although both are relatively easy to use, I will have to go with Doodly for this. Doodly is pretty straightforward to use and very easy to understand.

While CreateStudio isn’t a difficult software to master there is a slight learning curve when compared to Doodly.



Tutorials and Customer Support

Which one has better tutorials and support? CreateStudio or Doodly?

I am happy to say that both CreateStudio and Doodly have exceptional customer support and both provide excellent tutorials for their users.


Both! This is a tie.

Create Studio Vs Doodly

User Interface

Which one has a better user interface?

I am slightly bent towards Doodly on this one. Its user interface is pretty clean and simple to use.

CreateStudio has an intuitive user interface but it also has a bit of clutter (mostly because of the number of features inside) in it which might confuse some beginners.



CreateStudio and Doodly Pricing

As I already mentioned, both CreateStudio and Doodly are budget-friendly tools for creating video animation from your desktop.

CreateStudio Vs Doodly Special Pricing

They both have special lifetime deals available at $67.

If you want to buy CreateStudio you can get the CreateStudio standard plan for $67. Similarly, a one-time payment of $67 can get you a standard license of Doodly that will give you lifetime access to the software.

Check out the CreateStudio lifetime deal from here.

Regular Pricing

The regular pricing of CreateStudio standard is $99 for lifetime access and $299/year for All Access Pass.

Whereas the Doodly regular pricing is on the costlier side. The Doodly standard plan will cost $240 per year and the Doodly enterprise plan will cost $480 per year under regular pricing. That’s way costlier than CreateStudio’s regular price.


If you want more features and assets you will have to get the upgrades.

CreateStudio has an upgrade called All Access Pass that gives you access to all their assets, characters and templates for a monthly payment of $37. You also get new characters and assets added to your account each month.

Doodly has the Doodly Enterprise upgrade that gives you access to extra characters and props each month.

I have heard that there is a one-time payment option for the Doodly enterprise version as well which is offered as an upgrade once you purchase the standard version. I am not that sure how their enterprise pricing works.


CreateStudio is the winner here.

Final Verdict

Now, the final verdict.

CreateStudio Vs Doodly, which one is a better software?

Both of these are great pieces of software. I personally use both these software and have all the plans of continuing to do so.

However, from a beginner’s point of view, the question we should be asking is which one gives more bang for your buck.

And the answer is CreateStudio.

While Create Studio can create whiteboard animation videos for you as Doodly does, Doodly on the other hand can’t create 2d and 3d animation videos like Create Studio.

CreateStudio can be an all in one video animation tool for you if you know how to use it right. For $67, it definitely is a grab.

My Experience of Using Both These Software

I have had the pleasure of using both CreateStudio and Doodly for my business. However, I must say that Doodly was the first software I used for video animation (because it was the first one to be launched) and it did a great job too.

I used to create a lot of doodle videos, especially the whiteboard ones. And the experience with Doodly was really good. In fact, I still use Doodly for some of my projects in different niches.

But I had to switch over to CreateStudio because what I needed at that point in time was a tool that can help me create 2d and 3d animation videos as well and since CreateStudio does both 2d and 3d animation videos along with doodle videos, it became the perfect choice for me!

Once I started using CreateStudio, I noticed how much of an improvement it is over Doodly in terms of features and assets. There is just so much to explore in Create Studio that you can’t get anywhere else for that price.


The Create Studio Vs Doodly debate has been going on for a few months now, but it’s time to finally put the question of which one is better to rest once and for all. I hope this article has made you understand the difference between these two software’s and how each one can benefit you in its own unique ways.

You should try both of them out before making your decision. As I have already mentioned earlier, I personally have both of these software.

But, if you are pressed for time or are on a budget, I would suggest that you purchase Create Studio because it offers you far more features than its competitor, Doodly.

Furthermore, in the long run, Create Studio is far more cost-effective than Doodly because you can use it for different types of animation whereas Doodly only offers doodle style animation videos.

I hope this article helped you make an informed decision on which software to go for. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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