Create Studio All Access Pass Review And Demo

Welcome to my Create Studio All Access Pass review. I am writing this review after using the Create Studio software for more than a year.

I have created some amazing animation videos using this software. The videos I created have got good responses from my viewers on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

And that’s the reason why I am writing this review.

CreateStudio is a tool that is close to my heart.

For those of you, who don’t know what I am talking about, here’s a quick introduction to the Create Studio software.

What’s Create Studio?

Create Studio is a desktop-based animation software that can be used on both PC and MAC. Using this software, you can easily create 2D and 3D animation videos that are engaging and are of professional quality.

The software is really easy to use and you don’t need to have any technical or graphic designing skills to produce studio-grade animation using this tool.

Create Studio software has 2 plans. The first one is the standard plan that gives you access to limited characters and assets. But the best thing about the standard plan is that it is available for a one time price at the moment.

I have already written a detailed Create Studio review which can be accessed from here. You can access the lifetime license from below.

Access Lifetime License

The second plan is the Create Studio All Access Pass.

The All Access Pass is offered as an upgrade to the standard plan. What it means is that you must have the Create Studio standard plan to use the All Access Pass.

Also, the All Access Pass is a monthly subscription about which I will be talking at the end of this article.

Let’s continue this Create Studio All Access Pass review and find out what’s in store for us and how this software can change your video marketing game.

Create Studio StandardCreate Studio All Access Pass
8x Free 3D CharactersOver 120x Characters & Counting
20x Free 2D CharactersAll 80+ Scroll Stoppers & More
50 Free Templates500x Templates & Counting
$67 One Time Fee$37/month
No access to the audio libraryAudio Library
CreateStudio All Access Pass Review

What Exactly Is Create Studio All Access Pass?

As mentioned above, the CreateStudio All Access Pass is an upgrade to the CreateStudio standard license.

Remember, how you get only a few animated characters, backgrounds and other assets with the standard plan?

With the CreateStudio All Access Pass, all these limits are removed.

What Does All Access Pass Include?

With this upgrade, we get unlimited access to CreateStudio’s entire template library with over 500+ premium templates, 120+ additional characters & every asset inside StudioBuilder.

We also get access to 1000+ animated assets and 30 new templates, assets and characters every month. Plus we get to use all the new scroll stoppers available inside Create Studio.

Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s log in to our CreateStudio dashboard. 

Now here, I am going to go to the ‘Templates’ section.

As you can see, now I have access to the whole library of templates, which wasn’t there before.

Create Studio All Access Club Template

All the templates are grouped into different categories. I also have access to all the Scroll Stoppers now.

Now let’s enter the editor interface.

I am going to choose one of my projects and show you what’s inside.

If you see closely here, you will understand what I am talking about. I am going to click on the ‘studio’ tab and then click on ‘characters’.

Here, as you can see, there are different types of characters available for me to choose from. (see the image below)

I am going to choose ‘3D characters’.

Now, if you remember, in the CreateStudio standard version we only had access to 8 free 3D characters and 20 free 2D characters. But that’s not the case here.

As I have upgraded my account, I now have access to hundreds of 3D characters inside my dashboard. There are awesome sports characters, professional characters, animal characters, doodle characters and more.

All Access Pass Characters

There are also other interesting characters like a snowman, robot, panda, Ninja etc.

Even the number of backgrounds in my asset library has significantly increased after the upgrade. I now have access to stunning 3D and 2D backgrounds available for different occasions and purposes.

How to Create Animated Videos With All Access Pass?

Creating amazing animation videos with CreateStudio All Access Pass is a breeze. You can watch the video below to find out how exactly it is done.

Just choose your background and drag it onto the canvas.

Then choose your character, and assign an action to the character. You can make your character happy, make it sad, make the character walk and talk, take a selfie, and do a lot more. 

If you want your character to do nothing, you can choose it to be ‘idle’.

Once that is done, add more characters.

Add a pet.

Add music and voice over.

And that’s it.

You can publish the video in your desired resolution.

Create Studio Text to Speech Feature

With the all access pass, the text to speech feature inside CreateStudio is unlocked. You now get access to unlimited text to speech generations inside the software.

Text to Speech Create Studio

All you need to do is, at first, choose a voice. There are both male and female voices available to choose from in more than 30 international languages.

Once you choose a voice, enter your text and click on generate. The text will be converted into voice in a matter of seconds.

However, the quality of the voice-overs generated is ordinary. If you want to use TTS voiceovers for your videos I recommend this text to speech software.

Is All Access Pass Worth It?

As you already know, the all-access pass is offered as an upgrade. So you will first need to get the standard plan for $67 and then upgrade to all-access by paying $37 per month or $297/year.

Yes, you will have to pay $37 per month to keep the subscription active.

I am sure my $37 per month investment is worth it considering the quality of characters and assets I get for the price.

The resulting animation videos are also of very high quality. Moreover, new characters, templates and assets are added to my library every month.

What more can I ask?

Is There A Create Studio All Access Pass One Time Payment?


All Access Pass is a monthly or yearly subscription.

You can either pay $37 per month or pay $297 per year to get this upgrade.

When you pay $297/year you are going to get 4 months free on the annual subscription.

I will recommend the CreateStudio all access pass to anyone who wants to generate leads and sales using videos online.

Animated videos are definitely the best way to engage your audience and turn them into paying customers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Subscribe to Create Studio today and start creating awesome animated videos. The link is given above.

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