How to Make Whiteboard Animation Videos with Create Studio Pro

If you have ever wanted to create your own whiteboard animation videos but didn’t know where to start I have good news for you. It is actually quite easy to create engaging doodle videos, even if you haven’t created one before.

All you need is a good whiteboard animation creator software and a willingness to learn and experiment. Now the first part is what I will help you with today.

The doodle animation software we will be using today is ‘Create Studio Pro’. It is a powerful video animation software using which you can create 2d and 3d animation videos, explainer videos, doodle videos, scroll stoppers, and more.

It is a very intuitive video animation tool that’s perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

I am sure you already know what a whiteboard animation video is. If not, it’s a type of video that features a moving hand illustrating or drawing on a whiteboard (or sometimes a chalkboard) in a sequential manner, often accompanied by a voiceover narration.

These types of whiteboard animation videos are often used to explain complex concepts or ideas in a simple and visually appealing way. They are also known as “doodle videos” or “hand sketch videos.”

Now let’s get started and see how to make whiteboard animation videos with Create Studio Pro and bring your ideas to life. There’s also a video below if you like to watch.

Whiteboard Animation Videos with Create Studio Pro – The Process

Making a Doodle Video with Create Studio Pro is relatively easy and only takes a few minutes.

While Create Studio PRO isn’t a dedicated doodle animation software, it does have all the tools you need to create your own doodle video from start to finish.

Watch Create Studio Pro In Action

The first thing we need to do is launch the software.

Now here we can either use one of the readymade templates to create our doodle video or we can start from scratch.

Let us see how to create doodle videos starting from scratch inside Create Studio Pro.

I am not going to create an entire video for this demo but I will show you all the important features inside Create Studio Pro using which you can easily create your own whiteboard animation videos.

Let me start by creating a new project.

Create Studio Pro Dashboard Review

The very first thing I like to do is adjust my canvas size. The default canvas size is too small for my liking.

Now let’s see how to create the doodle effect inside this tool.

First, let’s create a doodle animation for text.

For that, I am going to click on this TEXT option on the top.

Now, let me type some random text here and format it a bit.

To add the hand animation effect to this text I am going to click on the ‘Effects’ section and choose the DOODLE effect. And then drag and drop it on to the TEXT element inside Canvas or in the timeline.

addind doodle effect to the text

And just like that, we have a hand, writing the text, giving the impression that it is being doodled.

If you want, you can further customize this effect by going into the properties panel and adjusting things like the SPEED, SHAKE, etc.

We can do that from inside the timeline.

The first thing we can do is adjust the speed and duration of the animation.

To reduce the speed we need to drag the keyframe icon toward the right, which also increases the duration of the doodle animation.

whiteboard animation videos with create studio pro

The default shaking effect in the animated hand is a little too much for my liking, so I am going to reduce it.

To do that I am going to click on the section that says ‘drawing’, inside the timeline. This opens up a new window where we have more (hand) customization options.

There is the HAND SIZE option, which we can use to adjust the size of the hand. I like to keep it at 50%.

Then there is the ‘Shaking’ option which we can use to reduce the shaking effect (or the frequency of hand movement) and make the animation look more natural.

doodle hand adjustment

I have found that keeping the ‘shaking effect’ to 40% for TEXT and 10% for SHAPES and Pictures works really well. Then again these are my personal preferences. Feel free to play around with these settings and see what works best for you.

There is also an option to hide the hand.

By turning off the toggle, we can hide the hand from our animation. This can work great for creating some cool animation effects, especially for texts or video reveals.

I am going to leave the hand visible for now. I am also going to leave this final option as it is.

Now, if you see in the image, at the top, there are 2 options.

One is for drawing and the other for erasing. If you choose this ‘Erasing’ option, you can create some really cool erase effects. The erase effect is automatically added to your animation at the end of that particular slide.

By dragging the keyframe icon we can easily change the speed and the duration of the animation as we did earlier.

I personally don’t like to have the erasing effect on my doodle animations but you can experiment with it if you like.

There are also automatic and manual modes for the doodle effect.

In the automatic mode, the drawing path is automatically generated.

In manual mode, you can control the path of the drawing hand, by adjusting these keyframes.

custom animation create studio

I prefer to use the automatic mode for most of my animations.

Having said that, if you want more control over the drawing path, you can always switch to manual mode.

It does help us create some really cool effects, especially when drawing imported images.

But please remember that it is going to take more time to create animations in manual mode.

Finally, you have the option to choose the HAND STYLE.

There are different choices of hands based on gender, color, pen style, and more. There are also some really cool 2d and 3d cartoon hand options that can help you add some fun and personality to your videos. You also have the option to choose the right or the left hand.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to the ‘doodle settings’ inside the Create Studio Pro software.

Now let’s quickly see how to use this doodle effect for characters and other media assets.

I am going to drag a random character onto the canvas.

This particular character already has the waving animation. Now, this may interfere with the doodle animation effect that we are going to add, so I am going to change this animation action to ‘IDLE’.

Next, I am going to add the DOODLE effect to this character.

As we did with the TEXT, we can customize this animation to suit our needs.

Once the hand finishes drawing the character we can assign different animations to this character to bring it alive.

We can also use the in-built Doodle characters to make the video content even more engaging.

Next, let’s add a shape to the canvas and give it the doodle effect (Watch the video below to find out how it is done).

I can go even further and add an animation to this shape. I am going to add a moving effect to this shape. Then I will copy this shape 2 or 3 times and give it different colors and animate it the same way.

This will give us a really cool and fun animation.

We can also add doodle effects to images and videos.

Let me download a video from one of the royalty-free media sites integrated with Create Studio Pro. I will choose one from this collection.

Now I am going to drag this video to the canvas and add the doodle effect.

I am going to hide the hand for this one and reduce the speed.

As you can see this creates a really fantastic video-reveal type of animation. It can be even more effective if you add some music to it.

You can then export your video in your desired format.

And that’s how you can create whiteboard animation videos with Create Studio Pro.

As you just saw it is mostly drag and drop and even if you are a beginner you can create some really cool doodle animations using this tool.

Now go ahead and experiment with Create Studio Pro and see what you can come up with. If you want to learn how to create bobblehead videos read this article.

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