How to Make Bobblehead Videos with Create Studio Pro

In this blog post today I am going to show you how to make bobblehead videos with Create Studio Pro. Before proceeding further let us first try to understand what a ‘Bobble Head’ is.

A bobblehead is a type of collectible toy, usually depicting a person or animal, with an oversized head on an otherwise small body.

The term “bobblehead” is derived from the word “bobble.” The head can be made to wobble or nod back and forth, hence the name “bobblehead.”

Because the head is connected to the body with a spring or hook instead of something solid, a light tap on the head will make it bobble or wobble, giving it the name.

These bobblehead videos are usually humorous in nature and are often used to parody public figures or celebrities. They can also be used to promote a product or service, or simply to show off someone’s creativity.

Now there are many tools available online which can be used to create such videos, but in this blog post, we will be using Create Studio Pro.

Create Studio Pro is a powerful video creation platform that enables you to create professional-looking videos with ease. You can create 2d and 3d animation videos, doodle videos, explainer videos, and more using this tool.

It comes with a wide range of features and tools that make video creation a breeze. Plus, it’s very affordable and is available for a low one-time price.

So without further ado, let’s get started on how to create bobblehead videos using Create Studio Pro.

Here’s How to Make Bobblehead Videos Using Create Studio Pro

The first thing you need to do is launch Create Studio Pro and then click on the “New Project” button. Once we are inside, we need to import the photo whose head we want to make into a bobblehead.

Once we import a picture we need to section off the head.

For that, we need to choose the PEN tool from inside Create Studio Pro.

Using this tool we can easily create a path around the head and the hair which we need to section off.

To choose the PEN tool, we need to go to the left-top panel and then select the “PEN” tool from there.

Now we can start drawing a path around the head.

how to make bobblehead videos

To do that, we need to click on the starting point of the path and then start drawing the path around the head.

As we move the cursor, we can see that there are nodes appearing.

These nodes can be used to change the shape of the path.

We can use the CTRL + to zoom into the image so that we can get a better view and be more precise while drawing the path.

Holding on to the SPACE bar and clicking and dragging the image will help us reposition the image for a better view.

Once we have drawn the path around the head, we need to re-click on the first point from where we started drawing the path.

Now that we have drawn the path, the next thing we need to do is to apply a mask to the image.

A mask is basically a way of hiding or revealing parts of an image.

And in this case, we want to use a mask to reveal only the head and hide everything else.

Now that we have drawn the path and selected it, we need to go ahead and choose the entire picture. I am going to right-click on the head section, which I have just selected using the PEN tool, and choose “MASK”.

Doing this will choose only the head portion of the image that we want.

Now, we need to take a snapshot of this head.

To do that, I need to right-click on the head image and choose snapshot.

Snapshot is a feature inside Create Studio Pro that lets you take a screenshot of the current frame.

Now we have the head image that we need for the bobblehead.

By the way, the snapshot we took will be saved in the project media section.

The next thing we need to do is to choose the body for our bobblehead. (Watch the video below to find out how exactly all the future steps are done).

But before that, we can build a background scene for the video.

To do that, we need to head over to the STUDIO section, and then the backgrounds section, and choose a suitable background.

We can also add some additional objects to the scene if we want.

Now, to choose the body for our bobblehead video, we need to go to the characters section and choose the desired character under the bobblehead category.

We can preview the default animation added to the character, by using the slider on the timeline.

And we can also adjust the size of the character by using this box. We can also add more animations to the character using the ‘New Action’ button.

Once we are happy with the character, we now need to add the head.

To do that, we need to go to the MEDIA tab and choose the snapshot of the head that we took earlier.

Now, we need to add this head to the scene. We will place it over the body of the character. We can resize the head if needed.

The next thing we need to do is to add some animations to the head.

To do that, we can go to the ‘Motion’ settings and select the LOOP action. Now, we can choose ROTATION and click on SWING.

Now if you see the preview, you can see that the head is swinging but the effect seems to be limited to only a small area.

To add the effect to the entire slide, we can simply drag this slider.

Also, we can adjust the frequency of the wobbling or the swinging action to make it faster or slower.

And that’s about it. As I mentioned earlier, you can add a sequence of animated actions to make the video more interesting.

You can also group both these sections, I mean the head and the body together, and add animated entrance and exit effects.

So, that’s how you can make bobblehead videos using Create Studio Pro.

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