SiteGround Monthly Plan Launched: But Is It The Right Fit for You?

Are you searching for the SiteGround monthly plans? If yes, there is a happy news for you. Monthly payment options are now active on SiteGround hosting.

Yes, you heard it right.

SiteGround monthly plan has been launched recently. This monthly billing option is available for all the different plans in SiteGround shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

SiteGround is one of the few top web hosting companies that never offered a monthly payment option earlier. But it all changed in the mid of the year 2020. Let’s see how much the monthly plan on SiteGround costs and whether it is worth your money or not.

How Much Does The SiteGround Monthly Plan Cost?

The money you need to pay for the monthly plan on SiteGround will obviously be different for each plan. Here’s how much it is going to cost you for different SiteGround hosting plans per month.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

  • StartUp Hosting Plan – $19.99/month
  • GrowBig Hosting Plan – $29.99/month
  • GoGeek Hosting Plan – $44.99/month

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • StartUp Hosting Plan – $19.99/month
  • GrowBig Hosting Plan – $29.99/month
  • GoGeek Hosting Plan – $44.99/month

WooCommerce Hosting

Same pricing as above.

Cloud Hosting

CPU 3Cores Memory 6GB SSD Space 40GB (+ FREE setup) – $80.00/month

Siteground Monthly Plan

Is The Monthly Plan on SiteGround Worth It?

To answer this question let’s compare the SiteGround monthly plan with SiteGround’s yearly plan which happens to be their best deal.

Let’s assume that you chose the monthly billing option for one of the three web hosting plans on SiteGround. At the end of 12 months, you will be paying the following amount, in total.

StartUp Hosting Plan – 19.99×12 = $239.88 for 12 months
GrowBig Hosting Plan – $29.99×12 = $359.88 for 12 months
GoGeek Hosting Plan – $44.99×12 = $539.88 for 12 months

Now if you would have chosen the SiteGround’s 12 month billing cycle for these exact plans, it would have cost you $83.88 for the StartUp plan, $119.88 for the GrowBig plan, and $179.88 for the GoGeek plan.

That means you could be saving $156 per year on StartUp plan, $240 per year on GrowBig plan, and $360 per year on the GoGeek plan.

That’s a lot of money you can save if you choose the 12-month option instead of the SiteGround monthly plan.


In our opinion, it is always a better idea to sign up for the 12 month hosting plan, no matter what company you choose. This way, you can be sure of being committed to your cause. And also, you are going to save a lot of money.

The monthly hosting plan can be a great option for you if you can’t afford to pay even $83.88 for 12 months of hosting. But remember that you will end up paying approximately $80 in 4 months, the money which would have lasted for you 12 months, with the yearly plan.

Also, you may want to signup for the SiteGround monthly plan, if you are unsure of continuing your blog for more than a few months. But in that case, it is better not to start a blog in the first place. Blogging is a serious business. How to go about it, is up to you.

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