Landing Page Monkey Review – Unlimited Attractive Landing Pages for a One Time Fee

Welcome to the Landing Page Monkey review post. Landing Page Monkey as the name says, is an easy to use landing page creation software that helps you create unlimited opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages and more, easily.

You don’t need to learn any of the coding languages or have any designing skills, to create stunning pages with this software. Before continuing further below is my overall rating for the product.

Landing Page Monkey Features

Below are some of the salient features that Landing Page Monkey offers to its customers.

  • You don’t need to download or install any software. As this product is a SAAS (Software as a Service) and is on cloud hosting, you can access it from any device at any time.
  • You can create unlimited pages using this software.
  • You can create stunning video landing pages
  • It is a one time fee. So you don’t have to keep paying recurring membership fees as is in the case of LeadPages or ClickFunnels.
  • You can also host your pages on their servers if you don’t have a website or a blog. Their servers are pretty fast and I use their service for some of my pages. This feature comes with no extra cost.
  • Landing Page Monkey integrates with most autoresponder services. They even integrate with self-hosted email marketing services like Rapid Mailer which is the one I am mainly using for my business.
  • Step by step training videos are included in the member’s area, to guide you through each step systematically.
  • Detailed analytics dashboard to help you with tracking traffic, clicks, and conversions.
  • All the pages created using LPM are mobile responsive and load very fast.
  • You can edit your pages on the fly. Whatever corrections you do to your pages from inside the LPM page builder, will be immediately reflected on all your published pages no matter how or where you published them.

How to Integrate the Pages Built with Landing Page Monkey with Your Website

There are 2 ways to publish your finished pages.

  1. Download the published page as an HTML file and upload it to your website. It is very easy to do. You can add this page, as a media file into your WordPress site. If you don’t know how they have got a tutorial video for that too.
  2. This is the easy method of publishing your LPM page. Here you don’t have to actually do anything to host or publish, as they are taken care of by the LPM itself. You create a page and hit the publish button. Once you finish doing that, you will be given a unique URL which is the link to your page. Now all you need to do is, promote that link. If you want to integrate this link with your WordPress website, just use a free plugin like Pretty Links.

Check out the Landing Page Monkey from here.

Landing Page Monkey Bonus

There are many announced bonuses that were included with my purchase. I assume they are still valid and are available for anyone who buys the software for a low one time fee. Here are the Landing Page Monkey bonuses I got.

landing page monkey review

Free Traffic to Bank Big Commissions Strategy

This actually is a Webinar replay that shows you how to get all the free traffic you need, to earn $1k+ commissions on a regular basis.

Inbox Samurai

A video training that shows how to make a lot of money with your mailing list.

List Miner

Another training guide that concentrates on one of the most important aspects of an online business. Right, list building. This eBook shows you how to build and make profits with your email list.

The List Monster

Another coaching program about the same topic of email list building.

Free HD Backgrounds

100 high definition images and background wallpapers for you to build beautiful landing pages using the Landing Page Monkey software are included as a bonus. You can download it as a ZIP file and store it on your device.

Traffic Rampage

Video training that shows how to generate a flood of traffic to your web properties.

Video Motion Backloops

Video backgrounds for your pages.

There are 2 more partner offers that are mentioned in the bonus section, which allows you to grab some quality software for a discounted price.

What I Liked About The Landing Page Monkey Software

The 1st thing I liked about LPM, is its unbeatable price. Yes, for a tiny one-time fee I got hold of LPM which allows me to create unlimited sales pages, landing pages and more. A standard LeadPages subscription will cost you anywhere around  $37/month and ClickFunnels will cost even more.

I agree that they have got more features and templates. But if I am a beginner I would prefer Landing Page Monkey’s one-time payment option any day, over LeadPages or similar high-end subscription-based software.

The 2nd thing I liked about LPM is its hosting feature. They are hosting all my published pages at no extra cost. Can you believe it? I can create independent campaigns and publish it without needing to have my own domain name or a website.

The 3rd most important feature I liked about Landing Page Monkey is its integration feature. I have used software like LeadPages in the past. But I must say LPM integrates with the 3rd party autoresponders even better than LeadPages.

I had experienced many issues with LeadPages while integrating it with email autoresponders like Rapid Mailer or Mailit but with LPM its a breeze.

What Didn’t I Like About Landing Page Monkey?

Well. I must agree that LPM is not a perfect solution in itself and has got few flaws of its own as is the case with any other software online for that matter.

One thing I didn’t like about the software is the lack of pre-made templates. Yes, there are no pre-made templates available inside the member’s area. Although creating a page in LPM is as easy as 1,2, and 3, you still have to do it from scratch.

This is a major drawback in my opinion especially if you are trying to build a sales page or a long-form opt-in page. But if you are creating simple lead capture pages this won’t be an issue I guess.

Then there is a second thing which can be a minor issue for some but definitely a drawback nonetheless.  LPM doesn’t host the images or videos that you use as backgrounds to create the landing pages.

Yes, you will have to host these images somewhere else or directly grab the URL of an image that’s already hosted on another website (with their permission of course).

For videos, it is not much of a problem as you can easily host your video on YouTube for free or grab any video URL from YouTube and use it as your landing page background.( please check CopyRight regulations before grabbing a YouTube video URL that you don’t own).

My Conclusion

Landing Page Monkey is one of the few software which I use for my own business. When I got hold of the LPM introductory offer it was available for only $37 one time fee. So it was a no brainer for me.

When I checked it out the last time the price had not raised much and it was still available for a one time fee. So my recommendation to you, please don’t invest your money in costly landing page creation tools like LeadPages or ClickFunnels, if you are just starting out.

Those tools are really good, but they are meant for advanced marketers. If you are tight on budget and are a newbie please get hold of Landing Page Monkey. I am sure you won’t regret it.

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