Conversion Gorilla Review – A Simple Tool to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Welcome to my Conversion Gorilla review!

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to get more clicks and more conversions on your website. It’s frustrating to spend all that time and effort creating great content, only to have it fall flat.

That’s where Conversion Gorilla comes in, and believe me, this software is a game-changer!

This tool lets me create attention-grabbing bars that seriously boost my conversions.

Think of Conversion Gorilla as a SaaS (Software as a Service) that helps me add those eye-catching banners to my website or blog. I use them constantly to send traffic to affiliate offers or get more people on my email list.

Plus, the countdown timers are perfect for limited-time promotions – they add that irresistible “act now” factor to my pages.

And here’s what really blew me away: with an optional upgrade, I can even use Conversion Gorilla on third-party websites. That’s huge for getting my offers in front of even more people!

Alright, let’s get into the good stuff – how I actually use Conversion Gorilla to get results.

How Exactly Can Conversion Gorilla Help You Increase Your Conversions?

Let me be real: Conversion Gorilla is one of my secret weapons. I use it all the time to display awesome attention bars that promote the right affiliate offers to my readers. But it doesn’t stop there – this tool is also my go-to for capturing email leads without making visitors jump to a whole new page.

Check Out Conversion Gorilla

Once you are inside the dashboard, you can create 3 types of conversion bars using conversion gorilla.

1. A simple, single line message bar to grab some attention

This can be used to give a welcome message to your readers or can be used to announce an upcoming event or a sale etc. There are no buttons on this bar.

2. The second type of CTA bar is used for driving traffic to affiliate offers or a sales page or anywhere else you wish to. This comes with 3 options.

  • Standard Bar, Single Text Line With Button
  • Feature Bar, Dual Text Line With Button
  • Hero Bar (The big one), Dual Text Line With Button

3. The third type of email lead generation bar is the most important one which can be used for collecting email addresses and growing your list. This too comes with 3 bar designs as follows.

  • Standard Bar With Slide Out Form
  • Feature Bar With Slide Out Form
  • Hero Bar With Slide Out Form

Customization Options Available Inside The Conversion Gorilla Dashboard

Once you are inside the dashboard there are several ‘tabs’ for you to play with, that help you tweak and test the design elements of the bar.

conversion gorilla review

In the first tab called APPEARANCE, you can adjust the colour of your bar, add the text and the subheading and also can change the font on your bar. Bar colour mode can be set to a Solid or a gradient.

The next tab is for ‘settings‘.

These are the elements that need adjusting.

Bar position – This can be used to show the bar at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page.

Scroll mode– Can be set to the ‘fixed mode’ or to the ‘follow mode’.

Push mode – It can be set to the ‘overlay’ mode where the bar appears on the page as an overlay or a ‘push’ mode where the bar pushes the web page down while making space for itself on the top.

Show on exit – This is where you can set the exit-intent on or off. If it’s set to ‘on’ every time your visitor tries to leave the page, the conversion bar will be shown to him/her just before leaving.

Bar trigger – You can set the bar to appear instantly on page load or after some specific seconds or percentage scroll. This trigger can also be set to only for exit intent.

Bar Frequency – Can be set to appear on every visit, once in a few days or only once.

Lock Bar – You can also lock your bar preventing your reader from closing it.

Only show to specific visitors – This option can be used to show the bar to only certain visitors from a specific URL.

On the next tab, you can set the countdown timer to being timed/evergreen or none.

Similarly, there are a few other tabs for adjusting the button colour and text, opt-in form integrations, CTA adjustments etc.

Watch a brief video demonstration below which shows you how to create amazing conversion bars using conversion gorilla in minutes.

[Video No Longer Available]

Some Other Extra Ordinary Features of Conversion Gorilla

  • You can create unlimited bars with unlimited page views (with the optional upgrade)
  • Nothing to install or download. Everything is cloud-based and even updates are automatic.
  • Can be used on WordPress, non-WordPress or any kind of web page.
  • With the pro features, you can create conversion bars on other websites too.
  • Integrates with most of the popular autoresponders. If your autoresponder is not featured in their list, no worries. There is an option to integrate custom HTML code. So it is easier to say that this software integrates with almost all of the autoresponders out there.
  • You can create animated CTA buttons to increase your conversions.

Who Are The People Behind Conversion Gorilla?

This awesome Saas is brought to you by The PROMOTE LABS team. These are the same people who have created some awesome cloud-based software solutions in the past, like COMMISSION GORILLA and LANDING PAGE MONKEY. I am actually quite a big fan of their software solutions.

Their products have never caused any glitch in my business personally and their support is pretty quick to respond.

So I never hesitate to refer their products to my readers and friends.

Conversion Gorilla Drawbacks?

Personally, I haven’t found any noticeable drawback with this software. The only minor thing is that on mobile, the smaller bars can get a bit funky. The Hero Bars are a lifesaver there.

My Conclusion

We hope that you have found this Conversion Gorilla review helpful and informative. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you increase your website’s conversion rate, then Conversion Gorilla is definitely worth checking out.

The software is easy to use and can be implemented on any website in just a few minutes. And best of all, it’s affordable and comes with a money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Give Conversion Gorilla a try today!

If you have a blog/website or if you want to convert more of your readers into leads, then there is no hesitation for me to recommend conversion gorilla to you.

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