WP Content Guard – A Cost Efficient Way To Effectively Protect Your Website Content

WP Content Guard is a WordPress plugin that helps you guard your website/blog content and prevents it from being stolen from your readers/competitors. If you are worried about content theft, this plugin is a must-have tool for your online business. Here is my overall rating for this product.

What Is WP Content Guard?

As the name itself suggests, this is a WordPress plugin that protects your website/blog content. All you need to do is purchase the plugin and install it on your WordPress site, and you are ready to go. WP Content Guard is a one-click solution that does the following.

Built-In Advanced HotLink Protection:

This feature allows you to prevent people from directly linking to your images and files from anywhere on the website. They can’t link to your content from their websites, online forums, and even emails.

What it means is that your bandwidth is protected and no one else can steal or misuse it thereby avoiding you unnecessary complications with your hosting service provider.

Automatic Right-Click Blocking:

wp content guard review

If you want to see how this feature works, right-click your mouse now.

Did you do it?

Yes. All the right clicks on my websites are disabled.

Why? Well, I like to protect my content, you know.

By automatic right click blocking, the WP Content Guard plugin also prevents your competitors from looking at your web page source code.

Automatic Copy & Paste Blocking:

As I already told you this plugin prevents your readers from copying and pasting your content on their web pages. Believe me, there are thousands of people online who like to directly copy and paste other’s content on their own websites and use it as their own.

Afterall, writing is no fun. Right?

This, in turn, can cost the owner a penalty by Google and other search engines for duplicate content.

By blocking automatic copy and paste function, one can rest assured now that his/her content online is safe.

Is There a Money back Guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee.

WP Content Guard – The Positives

  • It’s very easy to use. All you need to do is, install the plugin. And that’s it.
  • It’s not costly.
  • Includes lifetime of updates and support.
  • It comes with a one-time fee.
  • Money back guarantee, to try it risk-free.

The Negatives

The biggest drawback of this product is that it can only be used for WordPress websites. If you are using any kind of CMS which is not WordPress, I am sorry. You will have to look elsewhere to protect your site content against online thieves.

If you are using any kind of CMS which is not WordPress, I am sorry. You will have to look elsewhere for a solution to protect your site content against online thieves.

WP Content Guard Price

As I already told, this plugin is surprisingly cheap.

A single site license will cost you $12. This license is for one site only.

An unlimited site license for this plugin costs only $12.57.

So I don’t think you need my suggestions here. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Go for the unlimited version. (These are the prices at the time of writing this article.)

You might come across a slightly varied pricing options depending on when you are seeing it.


There isn’t much to think. This is a powerful plugin which is available for a one-time, low price right now. So I suggest you buy it right now, before the price increases.

If you want to protect your website content against online theft, check out the plugin now.

This Product Is Not Available Anymore

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