Click Wealth System Review: Can You Really Earn Money Online with this System?

Welcome to our Click Wealth System review. We have been hearing a lot about this system lately, so wanted to have a look inside and review it for our readers. And that’s why we bought the system and spent some time with it.

In this review, we are going to tell you what we liked about Click Wealth system and what we didn’t. By the end of this review, you will be in a better position to decide whether Click Wealth System is worth your investment or not.

Introduction to Click Wealth System

Click Wealth System is a software-based online income generation system that claims to help anyone start earning money almost instantly, even if they are beginners and haven’t earned anything online before. This system is created by an internet marketer named Matthew Tang. Let’s begin our Click Wealth System review and find out what’s inside the system.

What’s On The Sales Page?

Let’s start the review by first having a look at the sales page. After watching the sales video we can definitely say that few parts of the video felt unrealistic. However, good thing about this video is that they are not promising you millions overnight. That is commendable.

In the video, Matthew Tang claims that he turned from a low waged accountant to an online multimillionaire using the same system. Now there is no way to verify those claims. But let’s not worry about that at the moment.

In the presentation, Matthew (or his video presenter) says that they are going to show you an iron-clad verified income proof that the system works and anyone can do it. The creator of the system also claims that it is a 100% legal and ethical system, which is true.

BTW the proofs they show in the video are some screenshot of customer testimonials, which can’t be verified.

What Exactly Is the Click Wealth System?

Matthew Tang says that Click Wealth System is based on one method that internet millionaires are using to make money online. And he calls the method ‘Customer Middleman Arbitrage’.

That’s kind of funny because when we looked into the Click Wealth System, the ‘Customer Middleman Arbitrage’ he was referring to was nothing but ‘affiliate marketing’. He could have simply said ‘affiliate marketing’. Anyway, that’s how things work nowadays.

Matthew describes this system as a comprehensive system that breaks down the entire concept of ‘Customer Middleman Arbitrage’ into simple, actionable steps. Now let’s see what is inside the Click Wealth System member’s area.

Check Out The System from Here

Click Wealth System Member’s Area Review

Here is a screenshot of our Click Wealth System member’s area.

Getting Started

click wealth system review

When you log into the member’s area this is what you will see. By default, you will be in the ‘getting started’ section, where all the steps you need to accomplish have been laid out.

We have completed a few steps for this review. And that’s why you can see the ‘completed’ mark in front of step 1 to step 4. At this stage, you need to complete at least 2 steps before moving forward to the next section.

And they are, creating your ClickBank account and setting up your GetResponse account (if you don’t already have one). You can read our ClickBank affiliate marketing guide to know more about ClickBank. Also, get 30 days free trial for GetResponse from here.

Once you sign up for ClickBank and GetResponse accounts, you need to connect them with the Click Wealth System. We already had both of these accounts. So connecting them with the CWsystem hardly took us five minutes.

All the different modules of this system can be accessed from the left side of the member’s area, which we have marked in the image above.

Welcome Video

The next section is where you will be greeted with a ‘welcome video’ done by the author Matthew Tang.

click wealth system welcome video

In this video, the author explains the 5 steps to master the Click Wealth System. You can choose to either watch the video or to read the written version. From here, you can also join their private FaceBook group.

Profit Pages

Now, the next section is where the core of this system exists. It is called ‘Profit Pages’. Profit pages are simple one-page websites that are built with the intention of collecting email addresses of your visitors. Below is a screenshot of one such profit page.

click wealth profit pages

How Do The Profit Pages Work?

Let’s take the above profit page as an example. Whenever a person lands on this particular profit page he/she will be presented the foolproof method of making $500/day paychecks, in return for the email address.

If the person is interested in what we have to say and enters the email address, he or she will be redirected to the affiliate offer we are promoting, while the email address they entered will be stored in our email service database.

Most people will not buy the product, the very first time. And that’s why follow-up emails will be sent to that person’s email address, promoting the product.

The secret of the Click Wealth System lies in these follow-up emails. The author says that these emails have been crafted by expert copywriters and that’s why they tend to convert like crazy. More people read your emails, the more money you make.

There are 10 profit page templates to choose from. With the standard plan, we can use any 2 profit pages from the available 10 templates.

Once you choose a profit page template and publish it, your GetResponse account (which is connected with the Click Wealth System in the first step) will be automatically loaded with 30 autoresponder emails related to that profit page.

Now to start earning money, all you need to do is bring traffic to these ‘profit pages’. But how to get traffic fast? Here’s what the Click Wealth System suggests you do.

Traffic Source

There are two types of traffic sources mentioned in the Click Wealth System. The first one is the influencer traffic and the second one is free traffic.

Free Traffic

The free traffic methods mentioned inside the system are Pinterest, Facebook, and blog commenting. There’s also a PDF given inside the member’s area that shows you 30 free traffic methods. They have also mentioned in the member’s area that these free traffic methods are time-consuming and take time to be effective.

What we personally think is that except Pinterest, other two methods mentioned in the system may not work. Free traffic with FaceBook is a thing of past and blog commenting has been ineffective from a very long time.

If you really want to get free traffic fast, YouTube is the way to go. Here’s an amazing course that shows you how to generate free traffic to your websites, squeeze page and affiliate campaigns by creating simple videos. Have a look.

Influencer Traffic

Influencer traffic mentioned inside Click Wealth System is nothing but traffic from ‘solo ads’. A solo ad is a type of advertisement where you pay a person owning an email list, to email your offer to his/her subscribers.

The person will then send an email to his/her subscribers that contain a link to your landing page, website, offer, etc. You pay a specific amount to get a certain number of clicks.

influencer traffic

This is a great way to generate traffic to your profit pages almost instantly, provided you know what you are doing. We personally don’t use solo ad traffic. The biggest drawback of this method is that it can get really costly. So try this method only if you have enough funds at hand.

Matthew Tang recommends two solo ad vendors, who we personally know are good at what they do. So no problems there.

Click Wealth System also recommends UDIMI, a popular solo ad marketplace from where you can choose from a variety of solo ad vendors from different niches and industries.

Free Clicks to Your Profit Pages

Matthew Tang also promises 100 clicks absolutely free. But we don’t know where these clicks will be sent to, because it has been clearly mentioned inside the member’s area that it does not send traffic to your profit pages.

Now let’s quickly look at the Click Wealth System pricing and upgrades.

Click Wealth System Pricing and Upgrades

The basic version of Click Wealth System can be yours for only $9 one time fee. Yes, there are no recurring charges and you get lifetime access to the software and the system. You don’t have to worry about the domain name and hosting. What we have got for this review is the same standard version.

There are three upgrades available for people who want to take their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level. They are

  • 5x Profit Pages
  • Profit Activator
  • Click Profit Multiplier

5x Profit Pages

This upgrade gives you access to 5 more profit pages. All the hosting and technical issues are taken care of by Matthew Tang’s team. This upgrade will cost you $95 one time for lifetime access.

Profit Activator

This upgrade will give you access to instant add-ons that can boost your conversions. Here’s what you are going to get.

  • Scarcity Activator (adds scarcity element to the page)
  • Social Proof Activator (adds social proof)
  • Personalization Activator (adds personalization by inserting country name)
  • Urgency Activator (adds countdown timers)

This upgrade is going to cost you a one-time fee of $147.

Click Profit Multiplier

This upgrade gives you access to proven email templates written by 8 figure copywriters. All you need to do is ‘copy and paste’ these emails and send it to your subscriber list. With these emails, you can promote a done-for-you product from inside Matthew Tang’s insider list. This upgrade will cost you $148 one time fee.

Are There Other Expenses?

Yes. You will have to invest in an email marketing service, which in this case is GetResponse. It is going to cost you $15/month for maintaining a list of 1000 subscribers. You can also send unlimited emails and build unlimited landing pages with this plan.

Pros and Cons


  • This system is easy to get started.
  • No need to worry about the domain and hosting as everything is included with your purchase.
  • The method itself is genuine and is used by many super affiliates to earn tons of money every single day.
  • The basic version of this product is priced at only $9 for lifetime access. That is a great value for your money.


  • With the basic version, we can only promote one product which is Click Wealth System itself.
  • There is no way to edit or alter the design of the landing page.
  • As you don’t host these pages, you don’t actually own them.
  • Quality of emails included with the standard version is questionable.
  • You will have to invest in email marketing service (GetResponse) which is going to cost you extra.

Click Wealth System Review Verdict

We personally feel that with the Click Wealth System, they got the concept right, but the implementation could have been better.

If we look at the cons, the emails included with profit pages which are loaded automatically onto your GetResponse accounts, may not be the best emails you will ever see. They are in fact pretty ordinary. So you will have to edit these emails to get good results.

Also, you will have to stick with promoting only Click Wealth System. There is no way you can change that, as there is no way to edit your profit pages. But you can, however, promote the product you want, through your follow up emails.

If we look at the positive side, the $9 lifetime-deal in fact is a grab. You can’t go wrong there. Also, all the hosting is taken care of by the vendor. So you don’t have to worry about recurring hosting expenses.

Our final verdict is that, if you want to learn about how this system works and how super affiliates make money, invest $9 and get the standard version. You will not regret it.

Get the standard version, edit your emails inside GetResponse and start getting visitors to your profit pages. If you are able to generate traffic to your pages, making money with this system shouldn’t be very hard. But if you are expecting to earn $500 a day with this system alone, that may not be easy.

And that concludes our Click Wealth System review. If you have any questions please feel free to mail us through our contact page.

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