How to Make Cartoons for YouTube Videos?

I know you want to make cartoons for YouTube videos, but do you have any idea where to start?

This article will teach you all the basics of how to create a cartoon easily.

Making cartoons for YouTube videos is a fun way to express your creativity and have some artistic freedom. Whether you’re trying to make a tutorial video, a sketch comedy, or just something silly for your friends, it can be very fulfilling.

As a child, almost everyone, at some point in their life, has dreamed of being a Disney animator. As children, we were fascinated by the idea that these magical cartoons could come to life with just a few strokes on paper. 

Nowadays, many people are using YouTube as a way to bring their own original characters and storylines into the world for others to enjoy through cartoon animation. 

We’ll go over what cartoon software is best for animation and drawing, tips for creating cartoon animation, and more in this blog post. If this sounds like something that interests you then keep reading! 

What Is a Cartoon Animation Video?

A cartoon animation video is a type of video that is animated using illustrations. This is the art of bringing moving pictures to life.

In simple terms, it is a motion picture with an animated sequence, typically using a sequence of drawn images.

Whereas most modern cartoons are made using computer graphics, traditional cartoon animation involves animators creating moving images by hand on paper, rather than through digital equipment.

Cartoon animation has been used for over a century in the production of animated shorts and feature films, as well as for entertainment purposes, educational purposes, and advertising purposes.

Can You Publish Cartoon Videos on YouTube?

Yes, you absolutely can publish cartoon videos on YouTube. Cartoon animation videos are increasingly popular on YouTube, but you will need to provide the story and characters that bring them alive.

It’s possible to create your own cartoon videos for YouTube as long as you follow the YouTube Community Guidelines.

But here are the things you need to remember.

  • Any video uploaded to YouTube needs to be in a compatible format. 
  • If you want your cartoon video to be published on YouTube it should also originally be created for this purpose and not just taken from another website. Many people take other people’s videos and upload them onto YouTube without permission creating copyright infringement problems. 
  • Some clip art and cartoons that you find might include copyrighted elements such as someone else’s characters or music clips which would not be allowed on an official YouTube account due to the way that copyrighted material is dealt with.
  • Also explicit language or content is not allowed.

Learn more about YouTube community guidelines from here.

make cartoons for youtube

Decide on a Topic to Make Cartoons for YouTube

Arguably the most important part of making cartoons for YouTube videos is deciding what you are going to make. This could be any topic that interests you, whether it’s something serious or just something off the top of your head.

I once came across a cartoon YouTube video about depression and suicide awareness. It’s a serious topic, so the creator decided to make the video animated (cartoon) so it would be easier for viewers to pay attention.

You must have also come across many cartoon videos on YouTube that has no specific meaning other than wanting to entertain people by making funny voices and acting goofy.

Since there are no serious messages or stories in such videos, these are simply made to make people laugh.

Any topic, whether it be something serious or something entertaining can work well with cartoon animation. There are many different ways you could use your idea; the possibilities are endless!

Write the Script for Your Cartoon Video

Writing the Script is a key step in making your own cartoon videos.

Carving out an idea, coming up with characters and stories for them to explore – these are all essential ingredients of good animation that will make it stick with viewers long enough so they can hear what’s happening story-wise!

The script is simply a way to convey your ideas in an organized sequence.

It’s important to understand that you are not stuck with it. If at any point, during the animation process, you find some sections of your script unnecessary or extraneous, then feel free to cut them out.

Do thorough research about your topic before writing your script. The more research you do about your topic, the easier it will be for you to organize your thoughts and ideas.

When writing a script for an animation video, keep it short and to the point. The best stories are ones that are easy to follow but also fun! You can also mix in some comedy or funny anecdotes, as this will give the video some character and make it more unique.

If you want a bit of extra help, there are many programs available that will help you write a script for your story. There are also AI content generator software like Jarvis that can help you create your video scripts within minutes without you writing much.

Record Your Voice Over

If you don’t have a professional microphone, but still want really good sound quality for your video, there is an easy solution: the camera.

On most smartphones, if you hold the phone up to your face while recording it will give your voice a nice depth and volume that makes it almost sound like a radio broadcast!

Of course, if you don’t want to use your smartphone, or just want the best quality sound possible, then you can always invest in a USB microphone.

I recommend either Blue Microphones Snowball or the Blue Yeti. They’re both great microphones that will really improve sound quality so if you plan on using voice-over, then go ahead and buy one.

Create Your Cartoon Using Animation Software

There are many animation software available online that you can use to create your own cartoon animation without requiring to know any animation or graphic designing.


CreateStudio is our favourite cartoon animation software at present.

You can create 2D and 3d animations, cartoons, explainer videos and doodle graphics in minutes using Create Studio for a low one time payment of only $67!

The premium desktop-based platform not only offers ease but also allows users on both PC & MAC to use it without any problems whatsoever making this an excellent purchase whether you’re looking to make small scale projects or bigger animation videos.

It’s really that simple – just choose what type of video project you want then drag-and-drop pieces into place inside the editor until you are happy with how things are turning out. Just hit publish and your cartoon animation video will be live.  

You can learn more about CreateStudio from here.

VidToon 2.0

You can create amazing 2D cartoon animated videos with Vidtoon 2.0!

You don’t have to be stuck on a grid – just drag and drop different elements where you want them in your video.

VidToon 2.0 comes packed full, including 25 characters each sporting 20 different animations.

So there’s no limit when it comes time to make a masterpiece, thanks to 100 FullHD cartoon backgrounds, 200 modern royalty-free music tracks, and more, available inside VidToon 2.0.

VidToon is currently available at a price of $49 one time. Check out this link for more information.


Vyond is an online animation software that will change the way you communicate with your customers.

With Vyond, creating professional videos for any industry is easy- everyone from marketing professionals to training instructors can use this service that provides high-quality results in just minutes!

Vyond has a powerful yet easy-to-use interface. With Vyond, your stories are told beautifully and visually through video.

Instead of stale text that won’t go anywhere – now there’s something to make those complicated ideas more visceral than ever before!

Vyond is a subscription-based software. Their lowest plan costs $49 per month. Check out their plan from here.

Animation Studio

Animation Studio is a plug-and-play 2D animation creator that can help you create custom cartoon explainer videos from scratch.

Animation Studio is the perfect solution for creating custom animated videos. You can choose from a huge library of DFY templates.

With this software, you can create professional-quality cartoons that will engage your viewers and keep them interested in what it’s about!

At present Animation Studio can be yours for a low one-time payment of $37. Check out this page for more information.

Add the Music and Sound Effects as Needed 

Once you have finished creating the scenes for your cartoon animation video, it’s time to make sure that everything has a perfect sound with music and sound effects.

There are many websites that allow you to download royalty-free music for use in your videos.

Just search on Google or YouTube and you will find them all!

YouTube also has its own audio library where you can get professional music and background effects for free. This can be easily used in any YouTube video without running into copyright issues.

Similarly, there are also many other places where you can buy cheap background music and sound effects online. You can buy many of them for as little as $1 each.

BTW all the cartoon maker software we mentioned above have both music and sound effect libraries inside the software to help you save money and time!

Process the video and upload it to YouTube

Once you have finished adding the music, sound effects, and voice to your cartoon video, the only thing left to do is render it down. Now there are 2 ways of publishing your video.

Animation software like CreateStudio allows you to directly publish your videos to YouTube after it has been rendered. But it is always better to save the rendered video on your device and upload it to YouTube later.

This is because if there are any last-minute adjustments that you had forgotten earlier, you can still do it without having to take down your already published YouTube video.

Once your video is rendered and saved on your computer you can create the thumbnail for your video to and then publish the video on YouTube.

Now here, you can skip the step of creating your own thumbnail. If you don’t upload your own thumbnail, YouTube will automatically select a thumbnail from your video.

It is always advisable to make your own thumbnails and upload it to YouTube. You can easily create attractive thumbnails using software like these.

That’s it!

You have made a brand new cartoon animation video for YouTube and as always- make sure to make the most of it by sharing your videos as much as possible with family, friends, and fans!

Concluding Thoughts

Creating a cartoon video for YouTube can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. The process is not difficult if you have the right tools to get started. 

No one wants to watch a video that’s boring or lacks quality content.

That’s why you need to make sure your cartoon videos are interesting and entertaining, with plenty of good information for the viewer.

We hope this blog post has given you some ideas on how to do just that! Think about what topics would be most relevant to your audience, then write out a script so people can enjoy watching your cartoons.

Now that you know how to make a cartoon video for YouTube, what will your next cartoon animation be? Will it be an educational video about safety or something more personal like documenting the day-to-day life of a pet? 

We are eager to know.

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