How to Build an AI Writer Without Coding in 5 Minutes

Today, I’m going to share a secret with you – you can actually build an AI writer without having to write a single line of code. That’s right, in just 5 minutes, you can make your own AI writer that can generate coherent and meaningful articles, stories, or even poetry.

Imagine being able to create content for your blog, website, or social media platforms in a matter of minutes, freeing up your time to focus on other important tasks. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not! 

Forget the days spent manually crafting each article – with modern technology at our fingertips, we can harness the power of artificial intelligence for automated content creation. 

In this article, I am going to show you how to build an AI writer from scratch, without knowing to code. I have created my own AI writer using this method.

So let me show you how it is done.

How Exactly to Build an AI Writer – The Strategy

The method I am going to show you today is pretty simple.

I am going to create a widget and then embed it on my website, which then is going to act as a full-fledged AI writer. You can embed this widget on your blog or website, or any other platform which supports HTML or JavaScript.

The widget is going to be powered by an AI-driven writing platform, where a variety of algorithms are used to generate human-like content. And that platform is called GPT-3 by OpenAI.

GPT-3 is a powerful AI engine created by OpenAI, and has been used to generate convincing human-like text in various languages. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand patterns, language structures, and even ideas from a given input.

But you said, we are going to build an AI writer without coding, right?

Yes, I did!

That’s why we are going to create a widget from a popular AI writer that uses the GPT-3 technology and has trained it using a vast database of content.

The tool from which we are going to create a widget is called ‘Nichesss’.

Nichesss recently announced this feature which allows us to create a widget, embed it on our website and use it with our own branding.

Now let’s see how to build an AI writer without coding using Nichesss’ widget feature.

What Is Nichesss and How to Create a Widget?

Whether you’re a blogger, website owner, or content publisher – if you need a unique and captivating copy in a pinch, Nichesss has your back!

This powerful AI tool takes the stress out of creating fresh content by giving you all the resources to do it quickly and easily. 

Nichesss Lifetime Offer

Nichesss leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to generate content that is both informative and entertaining, ensuring you get the most out of your website or blog. But today we are not here to discuss all the features and capabilities of Nichesss.

I have already written a detailed review of this tool on our blog. You can read that Nichesss review if interested to know more about the tool.

Create a Widget

To get started I am going to log in to my Nichesss account. Once you’re in, head over to the ‘Widgets’ tab and click ‘Create New Widget’.

build an ai writer

Now a pop-up window will appear where we need to give a name to our widget and choose the tools we want to incorporate in our AI writer. 

nichesss widget review

We have 2 options here. We can either choose the option to use all the tools available inside Nichesss or just the ones we want. 

I personally like to choose all the tools to get the most out of my AI writer. 

Once you have chosen the tools, click ‘Create Widget’ and the widget will be ready. 

Now we can customize this widget even more. 

To do that, let’s click on this cog wheel icon. 

Inside, we have a few simple customization options that allow us to change the color scheme of the widget.

The most important thing inside the settings section is the ability to set the ‘user daily limit’. This is important because if you don’t set the limit, your users might end up misusing the AI writer.

The default limit is 10. I like to keep it at 15 generations which I believe is more than enough for an average user.

By the way, this number indicates the number of times a visitor can generate content per day.

Once we are done customizing the widget, we can update our widget. 

Once that’s done, get your embed code from here and embed it on your website or blog, as you would embed any other code.

And that’s it! 

You have just built an AI writer that is now ready and your users can start generating high-quality content in just a matter of minutes. 

This can be a great tool to build your audience and keep them engaged. You can also sell this tool as your own product and make money out of it. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlocking the ‘widget’ feature is easy! All you need to do is invest in Nichesss AI writer – a one-time payment of $59. This gives you lifetime access to the tool with all its features.

But if you want to access the ‘widget’ feature with white-label you need to upgrade to ‘Nichesss plus’ which will cost an extra nine bucks per month, and it’s definitely worth it!

I have explained all these details in my Nichesss review, a link to which I have already given above.

How to Make Money with the AI Writer Created Using Nichesss?

Now there are many ways to earn money with the AI writer you just created. But here are the important ones. 

Sell It as a Subscription-Based Product

You can consider offering your AI tool as a subscription-based product. This could really help increase its long-term value. 

This way, customers can pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to your AI tool. This will enable you to generate steady income and give you the opportunity to grow your business further.

Monetize It as a Service

Another cool way to make money with your AI writer is to monetize it as a service. By creating an AI writing service, you can offer content creation services to other websites or businesses at a fee. This will enable you to capitalize on the ever growing need for unique and engaging content in the digital space today.

Sell it as a Standalone Product

Another interesting way to make money from the AI writer you created, is by selling it as a product. You can list your AI writer on digital marketplaces, and charge for it. This way, you can make money from the sale of your AI tool and get more people interested in using it.

No matter what method you choose to monetize your AI writer, by leveraging the Nichesss widget to create an AI writer quickly and easily, you can capitalize on the growing need for automated content creation. With a few simple steps, you can turn your AI Writer into a profitable business endeavor.


With the Nichesss widget, creating an automated content creation system of your own has never been simpler! This innovative platform can help you to take advantage of the rapidly accelerating demand for AI generated content.

Moreover, with an effortless setup process that literally takes moments, you’ll have everything set up and ready to go in no time at all.

It really pays off to stay ahead of the curve – so start taking charge now!

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