Internet JetSet Review – Make Life Changing Affiliate Commissions with Free Traffic by John Crestani

If you are a wannabe online entrepreneur who always searches the net for relevant information or if you are someone who likes watching make money online and IM related videos on Youtube, I am sure you have either watched or at least come across an advert, by a person named John Crestani.


That guy with a beard, who shows off his luxurious cars and big bungalows and claims that even you can have them all, if you follow his proven affiliate marketing blueprint.

And that’s what we are going to discuss today.

Today’s product in focus is “Internet Jetset” by John Crestani. Before looking at the product itself lets try to know John Crestani a little bit better.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a successful internet marketer who has earned six-figure incomes from his internet businesses. No arguments there. He topped many leaderboards and affiliate promotion contests in the past. So there isn’t much hesitation in saying that, this guy knows what he is talking.

He also owns an affiliate marketing company which sells health care products. He is also the creator of a program called ‘Super Affiliate System and has been featured in many leading newspapers and magazines like Business Insider, Forbes, INC magazine etc.

John cresting

You can find all kind of stories about this guy on the net, some of which are obviously negative. Looks like some people are more focussed on his past deeds. For example, once he sold answers to the question papers(test papers) to other students and made up to 1000$, which was obviously illegal.

But I personally am not interested in knowing his past stories. You can’t judge the quality of the product in question just by looking at its creator’s past life. Isn’t it?

What I am interested in, is his new product Internet JetSet.

So let’s dive deep in….

What is Internet JetSet and What Is Included?

John Crestani claims that Internet JETSET is a complete step by step system that teaches even beginners how to make life-changing affiliate commissions online with free traffic from Google, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Internet JETSET consists of following training modules and has been laid out nicely.

The  In-Depth Step By Step Video Training

Here are some of the main modules that have been included in the step by step video training.

  • Wealth Transformation Series
  • The Online Business Blueprint
  • Introduction To The System
  • Niche Selection
  • Google Traffic for Free
  • Free Youtube Traffic
  • Free Facebook Traffic
  • Building and Setting Up Your Website
  • Copywriting
internet jetset review

Other interesting highlights from the Internet JetSet training are

  • How to make your first commissions within 2 hours of joining Internet Jetset;
  • A secret trick to combine Amazon, and Facebook, for instant profits;
  • How to remove the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ that ruins most online business owners;
  • The number one culprit that causes business owners to lose focus;
  • The highest payout affiliate networks, and how to join them;
  • John’s super long-tail, high-intent, high-volume keyword trick;
  • How to use Google’s Keyword Planner.

Jet Set Live Webinars

These are the monthly webinar sessions conducted by John, in case you need extra training and help. These are helpful if you want to be up to date with the trending topics online.

Xtreme Case Study Archive

This actually is an upsell for $187. This includes interviews with experts from the industry, case studies and webinars. The content is really good. They are as follows.

Video # 1: Successful marketer Ronnie Sandlin, shows you how to make $2,000/day with advertorial blog posts on Facebook, as well as how to obtain a healthy psychological response in your headlines.

Video # 2: This interview with Taylor Barr, shows how to earn a passive five figure a monthly income.

Video # 3: In this video, John reveals strategies to market skin care products and make a killing online.

Video #4: Carlos Cruz shows how he earns $1,200/day through marketing flashlights.

Video # 5: In this video, John teaches you how to sell gold investments via Google.

Video # 6: John reveals you how to market blood pressure supplements and make money.

Video # 7: This video reveals some secret Copywriting methods that will boost your conversions like crazy.

Video # 8: You will learn from John how to market credit repair offers through blog posts and earn up to $80,000/day.

Video # 9: In this video, you will find out about the seventeen step copywriting template that motivates people to purchase.

Video # 10: John interviews the Chinese super-affiliate Nick Chou who will share his successful affiliate marketing strategies with you.

How Much Does Internet JETSET cost?

The prices may vary depending on when you are reading this article.

The front end Internet JETSET course costs 47$ one-time fee. If you want an access to the live monthly webinars you will have to pay an extra 47$ per month.

As I mentioned earlier there is only one Upsell for 187$ one time fee called Xtreme Case Studies Archive. It will be definitely worth your money if you want to take your online business to the next level.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Internet JETSET system?

Pros –

  • Step by step training
  • Quite comprehensive
  • Front-end product pricing is definitely at the lower end
  • High-quality training material and webinars
  • Good collection of case studies ( of course, with the upsell).

Cons –

  • The claims done by John Crestani are hard to believe.
  • Some people might find the training included with the front end product alone, limited.

My Conclusion About The Internet JETSET System

I personally am not a big fan of larger than life claims that are done by marketers and the advert I saw belonged to that category.

Anyway, the course itself looks good, content-wise. But please keep in mind that you won’t be able to start making money online within 2 hours of joining this course, as claimed by John.

If you leave the get rich quick claims aside, the course itself is quite decent and provides good value for your money (at least the front end offer). You still will need to put in a lot of hard work to earn a life-changing money with this method.

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