Solo Build It Review – E-Business Building Tool for Solopreneurs

Welcome to the Solo Build It review post. Previously known as Site Build It, Solo Build It is a complete e-business building suite created by Ken Evoy. If you are trying to build an online business from scratch but don’t know how or where to get started, then this might be just what you are searching for.

Solo Build It teaches you how to build an online business that’s based on your passion. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what Solo Build It has got to offer us?

My Relationship with Solo Build It

When I started my journey online around six years back, there were not many tutorials and coaching programs out there for beginners. So what I did was what any beginner would do and started digging the internet for relevant information.

It was then, I came across Solo Build It, which was called Site Build It at that time. It was through one of the hot selling ebooks about affiliate marketing by Rosalind Gardner.

I saw the sales page and immediately got hooked. On top of that, they were offering a monthly payment option with a 60-day money back guarantee. I immediately joined Solo Build It without much thought and I wasn’t disappointed either.

Sadly I did the rookie mistake of choosing a wrong niche and failed with my first attempt… and the second:-) After the second attempt, my relationship with the SBI abruptly came to an end due to my own errors in judgments.

I frankly think, if you are a beginner Solo Build It is better than WordPress. I wasn’t a dummy when I entered the WordPress stage.

Check Out Solo Build It

I will tell you why I chose WordPress when I started creating multiple niche sites in different niches, later. This one is not applicable for you if you are just starting out and plan to build only a single website, at least for the time being.

Solo Build It Review – The Positives

As I told you earlier Solo Build It is a complete e-business building solution built especially keeping the beginners in mind. It contains tools and the training required to take you along smoothly, step by step.

The original Site Build It training was based on the four basic pillars of online marketing which remain the same, for the new Solo Build It as well.

The 4 Pillars of Successful Online Business Building Process – Unique Selling Proposition of Solo Build It

Content -They teach you how to research and create compelling content that is search engine friendly and pleasing to the human eyes.

solo build it review

Traffic – They teach you how to bring targeted visitors to your websites using Search Engines and Social Media for free.

Pre Sell – They teach you how to Presell to your readers and help them make informed decisions for buying the products you recommend.

Monetize – They teach you how to finally make money once the stage is set.

This process is popularly known as the C-T-P-M process in the Solo Build It community.

Now enough of theory. What are the tools that are being provided with the Solo Build It subscription? Let’s find out.

Solo Build It Tools

Training Tools


The most important tool in the Solo Build It arsenal is the action guide. Action guide is a collection of step by step instructional videos and PDFs. This makes your business building process really enjoyable and actionable.

You build your business, one step at a time. And this was the most enjoyable part for me as well when I used to have a Solo Build It subscription in the past.

Research Tools


This is a keyword research tool that helps you to brainstorm your interests and narrow down on your niche. It shows you the most searched keywords on the search engines. Basically, you will get a broad picture of the demand and the competition for any given keyword. Solo Build It tells you what keywords are easy to rank for and what niche is winnable. They have got some specific range of numbers to help you with your decision.


Contains more than 100 powerful, advanced searches in 20 categories for you to choose from.


Helps you choose the very best site concept for your niche site.


Which guides you on building your first ever digital product and monetize your traffic.

Site Building Tools


Hosting and domain registration comes included with the Solo Build It subscription. You don’t have to go searching for another hosting service provider or a domain name registrar elsewhere.


Allows you to park domain names, in case you want to create another website in the future.


Several pre-built site design themes to help you build a beautiful looking website from scratch without any coding skills.


Is the simple drag and drop website builder tool which helps you build a complete website with a click of a mouse. As told earlier you don’t need any coding skill whatsoever.


Automated blogging tool that helps you create blog snippets and RSS feeds for your subscribers.


Uses the power similar to Web 2.0 properties, which allow your readers to create viral content for your sites, which in turn increase social signals and organic traffic to your site.

Traffic Tools


Helps you with your SEO before publishing your page and suggests you On Page SEO corrections automatically.


Helps you track your page ranks in top search engines for the pages you have published for the chosen keyword.


Solo Build It automatically pings your pages and posts to all the major search engines every time you add content to your Solo Build It powered website.


There are many other important tools that are included in your SBI subscription. Of course, I can’t list each and every one of them here. Tools like Socialize It and Face It help you utilize the viral properties of Social Media to bring a flood of visitors to your website. They also have a basic autoresponder function included with the subscription which allows you to collect email subscribers and send emails automatically.

Is Solo Build It for You?

Solo Build It is the best investment you can do for your online business, if

  • You are a beginner and have absolutely no idea about internet marketing or how the online business system works.
  • You don’t have any technical knowledge other than the basic typing skills.
  • You don’t want to be overwhelmed with information overload
  • You want to stick to your goal without roaming on the internet searching for the new shiny object that’s released to the market recently.

Solo Build It Review – The Negatives

I list below two Solo Build It drawbacks that I came across.

I will start with the reason which made me move away from Solo Build It, a few years ago. And that is, Solo Build It supports only one domain per subscription. What it means is that if you want to create multiple websites, you will have to have multiple subscriptions of SBI. This is only a problem if you are planning to run multiple niche websites at the same time, which of course isn’t a good idea if you are a newbie.

The second drawback with the Solo Build It platform is that the designs of the Premade templates that are available for website designing are pretty basic, and might look outdated at times.

How Much Does Solo Build It Cost?

The price of Solo Build It hasn’t changed for many years. They have 2 payment options. Monthly and Yearly.

  • Monthly subscription costs 29.99$/month.
  • With a yearly subscription, you get 2 months of subscription free. For a fee of 299$, you get 12 months of Solo BuildIt subscription and access to all their tools and training. What it means is that you pay for 10 months and get 2 months for free.

My Conclusion

If you are a newbie who wants to build a successful online business and be your own boss but has no prior experience on the net or if you are someone who has not succeeded online even after trying for few years, Solo Build It is for you. At a cost which is less than a dollar per day, this is a deal you can’t afford to miss.

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