Stop Motion Creator Review: Now Create Stop Motion Animation within Minutes

Welcome to the Stop Motion Creator review. In this article today, I am going to show you how to create videos that are like images that move. These are the videos that are highly engaging, eye-catching and are the newest and hottest trend online.

Brands like Starbucks and Samsung are using them to make announcements, tell stories, promote their newest product, or even promote events. And these videos tend to go viral fast, helping drive tons of traffic to your product, service, or website.

Yes, we are talking about Stop Motion animation videos. And in this Stop Motion Creator review, we are going to show you how to create stop motion animation easily, without requiring any technical knowledge or designing skills.

What Is Stop Motion Animation Video?

Stop motion animation videos are those in which the video jumps from one scene to another, smoothly making it look like it’s a series of images put together. It is actually a cinematographic technique where the camera stops and starts repeatedly. With this technique, you can give the animated figures the impression of movement.

This is a trend happening recently and even the top brands are using this video strategy to attract more customers online.


Because these animation videos are eye-catching and help them drive thousands and hundreds of thousands of targeted viewers to their product, service, or website.

As mentioned earlier, even some of the fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, M&M Candy, Wendy’s fast food, Samsung, and so many other companies use this Stop Motion technology. Just have a look at this video below to find out how Stop Animation videos work.

Creating such an amazing stop motion animation video requires skill. They also require highly specialized tools along with tons of patience and time.

But that’s not the case anymore.

Today there are many apps that can create Stop Motion Animation videos within minutes. And one such tool which is highly popular among our readers is the ‘Stop Motion Creator’ app.

What Is Stop Motion Creator App?

As the name suggests, this is a tool which helps you create breathtaking Stop Motion animation videos within minutes. Precisely speaking, your animation video will be ready in three simple steps.

All you need to do is follow these steps.

1. Select a Video

This step involves choosing any video from your computer and dragging it inside your Stop Motion Creator app.

2. Select the Type

In this step, you need to select the exact type and speed of your stop motion video.

3. Generate Your Video

Once you click generate, the video can be previewed live and then exported to your device. The video can be exported in MP4, MOV, or GIF.

That’s it. Your stop motion video will be ready within minutes. Before watching the Stop Motion Creator demo, at first, let’s have a look at its features.

Stop Motion Creator Features

  • Requires no technical skills or expertise.
  • You can create unlimited stop motion videos. There is absolutely no restriction.
  • You get lifetime software updates for this version at no extra cost.
  • This stop motion creator is presently available for a one-time price. So you don’t have to worry about recurring monthly subscriptions.
  • Stop Motion Creator can be downloaded and installed on both PC and MAC.
  • You also have the option to get the commercial license that allows you to sell videos to your clients and keep all the profits.

Stop Motion Creator Review Demo


The Stop Motion Creator is available in two license types. The Personal license and the commercial license. As the names suggest, with the personal license you can’t sell the videos you create using the Stop Motion Creator app and with the commercial license, you can.

The personal license can be yours for only $47 one time fee (normally $39/month) and the commercial license for $57 one time (normally $59/month). Both of these are lifetime licenses. So you don’t need to pay anything extra in the future. Also, you get free lifetime updates for these versions.

Important Things You Need to Know

Do you need internet to operate this software?

As this is a desktop device you don’t need to worry about slow internet connections. You can use this Stop Motion maker software without internet.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30-days no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you don’t like this software, you can always get a refund within 30-days.

Is there a limit on the number of stop motion videos one can create?

No. There is absolutely no limit. You can create unlimited videos with this tool.

Is there training?

Yes, there is extensive training included with the software.

stop motion creator review

Stop Motion Creator Review Verdict

In the past, these stop motion videos used to cost $300 to $500 per video to create. Thanks to tools like Stop Motion Creator you can now create these videos within minutes without spending a fortune.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, stop motion animation is a craze these days. They have one of the highest chance of going viral. So if you want to bring a ton of traffic from your video marketing efforts on social media, Stop Motion Creator should be in your toolbox.

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