Creaitor AI Vs WordHero AI : Which Is a Better Tool for Content Writing

In this Creaitor AI Vs WordHero showdown, we’re pitting two of the popular AI-powered writing tools against each other. Both tools claim to be able to help you write better, faster, and more efficiently.

So which one is really the best?

WordHero has been in the market for almost a year, whereas Creaitor AI is relatively new. Both of these tools are available for lifetime deals and both of these software are good in their own ways.

So we thought it would be a great idea to compare these two software and see which one is better. So, let’s get started.

I have already published individual reviews of both these tools on this blog. You can check them out if interested. I have given the links below.

Now let’s start this Creaitor AI Vs WordHero comparison.

Creaitor AI Vs WordHero Pricing

Let’s begin this comparison by looking at the pricing differences between WordHero and Creaitor AI. While both of these tools are available for lifetime deals, there is a slight difference in the way they are priced.

Creaitor AI is right now available for a one-time price of $89. This gives you unlimited access to the tool with unlimited credits. You don’t need to get an add-on or buy extra codes.

On the other hand, WordHero too is available for a one-time payment of $89. This license gives you unlimited access to the WordHero app without the ‘editor’. This means you will have to pay an additional $89 to get access to the long-form editor inside WordHero.

So, as far as the pricing goes, Creaitor AI is definitely cheaper.

Creaitor AI Vs WordHero

However, we shouldn’t also forget the fact that WordHero gives unlimited credits no matter whether you have an access to its editor or not.

So, it is a TIE when it comes to the pricing of these two tools.

Feature Differences

Now, let’s take a look at the feature differences between Creaitor AI and WordHero AI.

We’re not going to be taking an in-depth look at every feature, but more so just a broad overview of each software.

First, let’s look at the available templates.

Both WordHero and Creaitor AI come with a wide range of templates for you to choose from.

They both have templates for social media posts, blog posts, articles, and even product descriptions. So you can really generate a wide range of content with either software.

WordHero Writing Templates

As for the long-form content goes Creaitor AI doesn’t have a dedicated ‘editor like WordHero does. So if you want to generate really long-form content like eBooks or white papers, WordHero is going to be a better choice.

But we must say here, after using WordHero AI for almost a year now, we have the feeling that its long-form editor still needs some work. The content it creates is not as good as we would like it to be. dashboard

Also, it loses context a lot, so you have to go back and regenerate the content a few times before you get something that makes sense.

One thing that stood out for us in Creaitor AI is that it has an ‘open form’ feature. This feature allows us to keep the content open-ended so that we can add our own spin to it or personalize it for our audience.

This means, we don’t have to depend on a particular template when using the open form feature and can just start generating content without any pre-determined structure. This is something that WordHero doesn’t have and we think it’s a great feature to have.

This feature works similar to the ‘Commands feature’ we see in popular AI content writers like Jasper. All you need to do is instruct the AI in the form of a command and it will generate the content for you.

For example, you can give it a command like “Generate an engaging blog post paragraph about the benefits of meditation” and it will generate a well-crafted content piece for you on the topic.

So, if you’re someone who likes to have more control over the content being generated, this feature in Creaitor AI can be a real game-changer for you.

You can also use this feature to complete your sentences. For example, we can write an incomplete sentence and click the create button to get Creaitor AI to finish the sentence for us. review open form

This works great when we want the AI to sound more natural and not so robotic. So, this is another big advantage that Creator AI has over WordHero.

Another feature Creaitor AI has that WordHero doesn’t have is the Translate feature. This feature allows us to translate the content into different languages with just a single click.

So, if you’re targeting an international audience or want to reach out to people who speak different languages, this is a great feature to have.

So as far as the features go we find Creator AI to be superior to WordHero.

Content Quality and Quantity

Now let’s look at the content quality.

We feel that the quality of content generated by WordHero is marginally better than Creaitor AI. The sentence structure is more fluid and engaging.

It is not to say that the content generated by Creaitor AI is bad. It is just that WordHero’s content sounds slightly better.

As for the quantity, Creaitor AI has an edge here. It can generate more content for each output. Also, we have the option to choose the number of outputs here.

We can choose up to 5 outputs whereas WordHero doesn’t have an option to choose the number of outputs.

User Interface and Performance

Finally, let’s look at the difference in UI and performance between these two tools.

WordHero’s UI is more user-friendly and easy to use. Creaitor AI’s UI, on the other hand, looks a bit dated and needs an update.

As for performance, again WordHero has the edge here. We found that WordHero is slightly faster in loading the results than Creaitor AI.

Creaitor AI Vs WordHero – Who Is The Winner?

So, these are some of the key differences between WordHero and Creaitor AI.

It’s really hard to say which one is better as they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Overall, based only on the quality of output, we would say that WordHero is a marginally better tool.

But if you’re looking for more features and flexibility, then Creaitor AI is the better option. So, it really depends on your needs and preferences.

We own both these tools and find that they complement each other quite well.

So, the best way to go about it is to try out both these tools and see which one works better for you and your needs. You have a 60-day money-back guarantee for both these tools, so you can take your time to decide which one you want to keep.

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