WPX Hosting Review [2022]: Here’s What I Experienced After Hosting My Sites at WPX

In this WPX hosting review I am going to give you an account of my experience of moving most of my websites from HostGator to WPX hosting. I am also going to tell you what I liked about WPX hosting and what I didn’t. Let’s get started.

In case you are hearing about WPX hosting for the very first time, WPX hosting is a managed WordPress hosting service. WPX hosting is the best WordPress hosting for 2022 according to me, considering the price and quality of the service they offer.

After performing thorough research I migrated most of my websites from HostGator to WPX hosting. And thinking of moving the remaining sites to SiteGround. Here’s my WPX hosting review and my experience after a week with WPX hosting service.

WPX Hosting Review: The Price

WPX hosting is a managed WordPress hosting solution that offers three types of plans for its customers. I had the following options to choose from. Business, Professional and Elite.

The Business Plan

The Business plan costs $24.99 per month in the monthly billing cycle and $20.83 per month in the yearly billing cycle. I chose this plan to host my websites. I also got 50% OFF on WPX hosting plan and paid only $12.50 using this WPX hosting coupon code.

Here’s the screenshot of my purchase of WPX hosting and their welcome email.

wpx hosting review
wpx hosting welcome email

The business plan supports five websites, offers 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth. We also get access to WPX cloud, a high-speed custom CDN, developed in house.

The features we get with hosting plans at WPX hosting no matter which plan we choose are as follows.

  • Unlimited Site Migrations – Depends on our chosen WPX hosting plan. If I choose the BUSINESS PLAN, I will have access to five free web site migration requests.
  • Unlimited SSLs – We get access to an unlimited number of free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates which can be installed with one click.
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Staging Area
  • Free BackUps– We get access to free automatic backups daily. We can also perform manual backups. It means you don’t have to continue paying for services like JetPack premium for backing up your websites. However, I will continue using JetPack for its unlimited video hosting feature. Use this link to find out what I am talking about.
  • DDoS Protection
  • Malware Scanning & Removal
  • 1-Click WP Installations
  • USA And UK Hosting Locations
wpx hosting plans

The Professional Plan

The Professional plan at WPX Hosting costs $49.99/month in monthly and $41.58/month in yearly billing cycles. This plan supports 15 WordPress websites and offers 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth.

The Elite Plan

The WPX Hosting Elite plan can host up to 35 websites. This plan offers 40GB storage and unlimited bandwidth (WPX hosting’s terms and conditions apply).

If you choose to buy the ELITE plan, it may cost you $99 per month in the monthly billing cycle or $83.25 per month in the yearly billing cycle.

Migrating The Websites To WPX Hosting

Once I finished signing up for the WPX Business plan it was time to move five of my websites from HostGator to WPX hosting. I have always used vault press and a few other migrations and duplicator plugins to migrate my WordPress websites from one host to another, in the past. And that’s what I did this time too. But somehow, it didn’t go as planned.

The website migration process was completed successfully but somehow the websites didn’t load properly. There were few minor glitches which were stopping the websites from loading.

Luckily for me, the WPX hosting was offering five free website migrations for my plan. And that’s what I did. I applied for the free website migration service and WPX customer team migrated all my websites within 24 hours.

wpx hosting website migration

Two of my websites were showing Malware/virus alerts due to some plugin malfunction. The WPX support team got rid of that too. I was really happy with their service and the level of expertise.

migration complete


One of the reasons why I chose WPX hosting over others was speed. I had heard that the websites hosted on WPX hosting had amazing loading speeds. Here are the loading speeds for this particular website after hosting on WPX.

The loading speed of Vishicastle.com was around 2.5 seconds, on other company web hosting servers. Earlier I used to have WP Rocket activated on my website and also had Cloudflare integration. Even with all those things the speed was never below 2 seconds (except on rare occasions).

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The GTMetrix score shown above is taken when my website is hosted on WPX hosting (BTW these scores keep fluctuating depending on various factors).

I have disabled all my caching plugins now because they appeared to slow down my website after hosting it on WPX servers, don’t know why.

Obviously, I am very happy with the loading speed now. But some of my websites aren’t loading as fast as Vishicastle.com. Maybe it has something to do with the themes and plugins I am using. BTW the WordPress theme I am using for this website is ASTRA theme.

Ease Of Use And WPX Hosting Features Review

WPX hosting client area is one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there. The learning curve isn’t steep and even a newbie with no special technical skills can manage his/her websites on WPX hosting with ease.

Installing WordPress

I could easily install WordPress on my sites (the ones which I didn’t migrate from other hosts) with one (or two) click. All I had to do was click on the ‘Install WP’ button.

installing wordpress on wpx hosting

Installing SSL

As I mentioned earlier we get access to unlimited free SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt) with every plan on WPX hosting. To install SSL on my websites all I had to do was click on the SSL button as shown in the image above and choose ‘install free certificate’.

This free SSL option has saved me a lot of money because I have always used Positive SSL for my websites till now which costs about $10-$15 per year per website.

We also have the option to install commercial SSL certificates, which I haven’t felt the need to try yet.


With each hosting plan on WPX, we get daily automatic backups for all our websites at no extra cost. Automatic Backups are kept for a maximum of 28 days. We can also choose to back up our websites manually.

automatic backups on wpx

WPX Cloud

WPX Cloud is a custom-built CDN or a Content Delivery Network. Earlier, I used to avail the services offered by Cloudflare CDN for most of my websites. But with WPX Hosting I don’t have to use the CDN services of a third party anymore, thanks to WPX Cloud.

With WPX cloud, websites load extremely fast, no matter which corner of the world visitor is browsing. The distance from the original server location isn’t a matter of concern when we use CDN services.

As is the case with the other services at WPX, even the WPX cloud can be activated with one click.

There were many other features like the staging area, which I haven’t tried yet. There is also free malware and virus scanning and removal services offered at WPX. Also, we get to choose from two hosting locations, USA or UK.

Customer Support

Before signing up for the hosting service at WPX I had heard rave reviews about their amazing customer support.

Although these are the early days of my WPX subscription, I can already vouch for the efficiency and professionalism of their customer support team.

They are quick to respond and have an in-depth knowledge of the workings of WordPress and hosting technicalities in general.

When I approached them about the migration of my websites they responded within minutes and got to work almost instantly.

Hopefully, they will maintain the same level of professionalism in the coming days.

WPX Hosting Review: My Verdict

I have genuinely loved their service until now. Its been only a week or two with them but I have already started seeing the difference between the ‘cheap shared web hosting services’ and the ‘premium managed WordPress hosting’.

The Pros

  • My sites load much faster than they used to do earlier.
  • I don’t have to worry about paying for a third-party service to back up my websites.
  • Amazing customer support
  • Free SSLs and many more.


  • I haven’t encountered any problems yet with WPX hosting. I will be updating this section soon as and when I come across a negative point if I ever get one.

What Does This mean For You?

If you are a blogger, internet marketer/online business owner looking for the best WordPress hosting solution for your project, look no further. If you can spend $24.99 per month get the WPX hosting.

I have also got a WPX hosting coupon code for you that gets the price down by 50%.

If you can’t afford $24.99 per month for web hosting, please have a look at the other web hosts which I recommend. These may not be the best in the business but will get the job done for you.

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