Which AI Content Generator Should You Choose?

We all know that every digital marketer needs a fast, reliable, and affordable way to create content for their blogs, social media pages, web pages, videos and more.

And we also know that one of the most difficult things that digital marketers have to do is come up with engaging and high-quality content regularly.

Luckily, due to the advancements in technology now it is a lot easier to create content leveraging today’s cutting-edge AI technology.

While there are many AI content generators to choose from, they are not created equal.

If you’re looking to leapfrog your online business ahead of your competition and outshine them with high-quality content keep reading this article.

In this blog post I am going to tell you which AI content generator should you choose based on your budget and desired outcome.

Let’s begin.

The AI Content Generator I Use

Before we start looking at the different Ai content generator options available for us, let me tell you what I use.

Frankly speaking, I have played around with many of them and have chosen two AI content generators that I have been using for over a year now. 

The 2 AI content writer tools I regularly use now are Jasper and Rytr.

Both these tools are excellent and they have been working well for me. They both have the ability to produce very creative, engaging and unique content. They do not disappoint at all.

I also have a lifetime license to WordHero. You can check out the WordHero lifetime deal from here.

And I have also tried a few other AI writers like Copy AI, Chibi, CopySmith and a few more. 

which ai content generator should you choose

What Are The Available Choices?

AI content generator tools are not yet a replacement for human writers, but they can be used as an assistant.

The role of AI writers in the future of copywriting looks bright. It is clear that they will have a significant impact on the industry and how copywriters work.

Now, without further ado, let us start looking at the AI writer options we have.


Let’s first look at Jarvis and see who should buy this. 

For those of you who don’t know about Jarvis, it is arguably the most popular AI content generator tool out there. 

Jarvis can create blog posts, video scripts, FaceBook ads, books, and even song lyrics.

The tool is simple to use. You can either choose a template to generate content or use the inbuilt long-form editor.

Jarvis has recently changed its pricing.

You can now get the Jarvis Starter plan for $29 per month where you can generate up to 20,000 words per month using the inbuilt templates.

You won’t be able to use the long-form editor in this plan.

If you want to use all the features inside Jarvis along with its long-form editor, you need to get the ‘Boss Mode’ plan that starts from $59 per month with a limit of 50,000 words generation per month. 

You can check out Jarvis free trial from here.

Now, if you are a beginner and don’t have enough budget, I don’t recommend Jarvis. There are cheaper tools out there that can get your job done.

However, if you are a professional who needs to create content at scale or if you are someone who writes for a living then Jarvis is definitely the tool for you. 

You can read my Jarvis review from here.


For those of you, who don’t have the budget to get Jarvis, I recommend Rytr. When it comes to the quality of content output Rytr is as good as Jarvis and sometimes even better. 

And it only costs a fraction of what Jarvis costs.

I bought Rytr when there was a lifetime deal going on. Right now, that offer isn’t available.

However, you can still get Rytr for a low price of $29/month which allows you to create unlimited content.

Check out Rytr unlimited plan from here.

I have used Rytr to generate blog posts, articles, and video scripts. You can also use it to create ebooks, creative stories and more.

I have already published a Rytr review article on this blog. I highly recommend you to read it.

So, if you are looking for a way to create great content at scale without having to spend hundreds of dollars per month, then Rytr is worth checking out.

Rytr is the one I highly recommend to beginners and intermediates alike, especially to those with a limited budget. 

You can also read my Jasper Vs Rytr blog post to find out more about these 2 tools.

AI Content Generator Lifetime Deals

Finally, if you can’t even afford to spend $29 per month for Rytr, I recommend you to check out AI content generators that are available for a one time price, otherwise called the Lifetime Deals.

Check out my updated list of best AI writer lifetime deals.

WordHero has a great lifetime deal that is available for a one time price of $89. It was earlier $69. But due to the high demand, the price has been increased recently.

I am sure the price is going to go up even more and WordHero AI may cost a few hundred dollars in the coming days.

If you are thinking of getting a good quality AI content generator for a Lifetime deal, this may be your chance. I have already given the one time offer link above for you to check out this tool.

If you are late to the party and have somehow missed this WordHero deal we have got another tool for you.

Right now, there is an AI writer called ‘Nichesss’ available for a one time price of $59. It is a decent AI content generator with a lot of potentials.

You can check out Nichesss from here.

My Concluding Thoughts

If you’re looking to find out which AI content generator is best suited for your needs, I hope you’ve found this article helpful!

It’s not an easy decision and there’s no obvious answer, so it’s best to try the different generators and see what best suits your needs.

When it comes to a tool that is going to help you generate content using AI, you need to make sure that the features and functions of the tools you are considering will not only meet your needs but also fit your budget.

You can get started with one of the cheaper tools for now and once you have enough money to spend on tools like Rytr and Jarvis you can move up to them.  

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