3 Must Have Video Editing Tools for Newbie Internet Marketers

If you are an internet marketing beginner who wants to create stunning video animations for personal use or to sell it to clients for a fee, here are 3 video animation tools you need to check out.

All the 3 tools I mention below are the ones I personally use in my business and have found a great amount of success with. Again, all these tools are newbie-friendly and you don’t need to have any special technical skills to use them.

Here are my top 3 video editing tools for internet marketers

Top 3 Video Editing Tools for Beginners


This is my favourite tool of the lot. Video builder app is a SaaS or cloud-based software that allows you to create stunning videos with talking Avatars. You can even use their amazing text to speech software to generate voice overs if you don’t want to give your own voice.

can also use this tool to create awesome lower third animations, text animations and more. You can upload your own images and other media files if that’s what you want to use in your video. The final video created with this tool are HD quality and look really amazing.

video editing tools

There are some other features that are included with this SaaS, like green screen replacement and resizing the images and repositioning them etc. Check out a demo video I created using this VideoBuilder App.

As I told you earlier, I like playing with this tool and use it almost daily in my business. The best part is that it comes with a low one time fee, as of now.

Click here to read about VideoBuilder review.


This is another video editing software which serves a slightly different purpose than the first one. Viddyoze is also a SaaS or a cloud-based software which allows you to create Logo animations, Intros, Outros, Lower thirds, Cinematic effects, Speech bubble effects on the videos, YouTube video animations, videos with the call to actions and more.

Their recent release was a best seller. It is called Viddyoze Live Action which helps you put your logos on live objects that are already present in the video.

How cool is that? Viddyoze and Viddyoze live action, both come with a one time fee and definitely worth the investment. Videos created with these tools are of professional quality. These videos also include astonishing background music.

Check out a demo video below.


Yeah! The name is Doodly. And as the name suggest this software helps you create Doodle videos that convert like crazy. If you don’t know what a doodle video is, it is that hand sketching style video or a whiteboard video where an animated hand goes on scribbling various texts and images on a virtual whiteboard, blackboard or a glass board mostly with background music and a voice-over.

These whiteboard animations are very effective in advertisements, especially on Facebook ads and YouTube ads.

Doodly isn’t a SaaS. It is a software which you need to download and install on your computer. It is very easy to use like the ones above and has a great set of instructional videos for your help.

You can create unlimited videos with Doodly, which also includes numerous royalty free background music files for you to choose from. There are also many graphics and vector images included with the purchase. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always upload an image or a sound file to your software and use it in your videos.

Here is a demo video for you.

Now let’s look at different ways with which we can make money using these video editing software.

Different Ways To Make Money Using Video Editing Software


The easiest and my favourite way of making money using video editing tools is by selling our services to the clients on freelancing platforms. There are many freelancing websites like Fiverr.com where one can join for free and start selling his/her services instantly.

You can charge anywhere between five dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the project and other factors. And best of all, you don’t have to reveal the name of the secret video software you are using to complete these projects, with the click of a mouse.

You can also use these video editing software to create videos for offline businesses near your locality and sell them for a handsome amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing Promotions

You can use these video tools to create affiliate marketing promotional videos and post them on YouTube and similar platforms. Trust me. These things work surprisingly well especially on YouTube.

I created a video using VideoBuilderApp and posted on YouTube and guess what? I made a sale with just 20 video views. That’s the power of videos. You can also use these video software to create videos and generate leads to your squeeze pages or websites.

If You Are a Camera Shy Person

These video tools especially the VideoBuilderApp is a blessing from the gods for you if you are a camera-shy person and don’t want to show your face to the others watching your video.

In that case, you can create animated Avatars with your voice over and put it on social media. These things will definitely work as efficiently as the videos with your face, if not more. You can read this article to learn how to make videos without showing your face.

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