Link Whisper Review: Ultimate Internal Linking Plugin for WordPress

Welcome to my Link Whisper review.

A while back, I was looking for easier ways to add internal links to my existing WordPress blog posts and pages without having to manually type in the URLs. Of course, there are hundreds of plugins out there that will do this for you.

But every time I looked at one of them, they seemed to lack some features or were bloated with the extra features I didn’t want or need. And then I found a plugin that did exactly what I needed.

And that WP Internal linking plugin is LinkWhisper.

Fortunately, it was very easy to get LinkWhisper working on my WordPress websites and blogs.

So today, in this LinkWhisper review I want to show you how LinkWhisper can help you add internal links the easy way and thereby boost your website ranking and traffic.

Let’s get started.

Link Whisper Review

What Is Link Whisper?

As mentioned above, Link Whisper is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that can help you speed up the process of internal linking and help you rank better in Google. It will do all your Internal Linking for you.

Link Whisper is very easy to use, it’s one of the easiest internal linking plugins out there. It helps you create a more natural link structure by finding the pages that are related to the published post and then suggesting them as potential link targets.

And if you are trying to find ways to speed up the process of internal linking for your WordPress websites or blogs, then you will love this plugin.

So before we get into the meat and potatoes of this Link Whisper review, we need to know why interlinking matters.

Why Is Internal Linking Important?

Internal linking or internal link building is the practice of creating links within your own website, to other pages and posts throughout your website. And one of the best ways to do this is to strategically link your posts and pages to other related articles on your blog, through text links.

Internal linking is a powerful SEO technique that can boost search engine ranking.

It can also improve user experience by making it easier for your visitors to find content that they are interested in on the site.

Internal linking is also important because it helps build authority and credibility on your site. When you have a lot of internal links, you are telling search engines like Google that your website is an authority in its niche. 

Using internal links also increases the chances of someone clicking through to another page from one of your posts or pages which can lead to higher conversions.

By internal linking your posts and pages you can pass link juice and SEO power to these internal pages and posts.  And this will help you rank better for targeted keywords and search terms. 

Internal link building is one of the most underused strategies in SEO mainly because manual link building is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort, so most people either don’t do it or underdo it.

And that’s where Link Whisper comes into the picture. Link Whisper plugin takes out all the effort required in internal link building.

Download Link Whisper

How Does Link Whisper Work?

So how does LinkWhisper work? (Demo video below)

Install & Activate Link Whisper

Link Whisper works similar to any other WordPress plugin.

You need to first install and activate Link Whisper on your WordPress website. Then you need to activate your license by entering the license key you got at the time of purchase.

LinkWhisper License

Adding Links as You Write

Once the Link Whisper plugin is installed, click on the start button.

LinkWhisper will then crawl your entire website within minutes, find all the posts and pages that are suitable for being linked together.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article right within the WordPress editor.

adding links in Link Whisper

Depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content, Link Whisper will suggest dozens or more internal links from the content you are editing.

Add Links to Existing Content

You can also add internal links to your existing content. 

To do this, simply view the report created by LinkWhisper and choose the article you want to add new links to. 

adding links to existing content

LinkWhisper will find smart and relevant link opportunities for your article inside your website. All you have to do is go through the suggestions and add the links you want. 

There is total control when adding the link.

You can edit the anchor text and even the sentences without leaving the page. 

This feature alone can save you a lot of time. 

Target Keyowrds

For more powerful link suggestions, you can add target keywords for each post inside LinkWhisper. LinkWhisper can also automatically import data from SEO plugins like Yoast if you have one activated on your website. 

Link Whisper Target Keywords

There is also an option to link your Google Console with LinkWhisper if you want to access Google’s valuable data from inside your website.

Auto Linking

You can also automatically add links to certain keywords throughout your site with the Auto Linking feature. You can easily choose your keyword and add your target URL that will automatically be added to that word throughout your website. 

Auto Linking

Of course, you can also control how many times the keyword is linked from a single article. 

Another unique feature of LinkWhisper is its ability to suggest links to other sites you own. This can be great if you have multiple sites in a similar niche. 

URL Changer

This feature allows you to change your old URL to a new URL. If you use this feature, Link Whisper will rewrite the links that are already there is your website.


And finally, the LinkWhisper dashboard. It is very clean and easy to read and use.

Linkwhisper Dashboard

You can easily see the number of posts and pages with existing internal links, linked domains, as well as those without any link throughout your website, sometimes called the ‘orphan pages’.  

The dashboard also shows broken links inside your website.

Watch the demo video below to see how exactly Link Whisper works.

LinkWhisper Pricing Review

Now let’s quickly look at the LinkWhisper pricing. 

LinkWhisper is available under 3 plans. Single Site License that costs $77 per year, 3 Site License that costs $117/year and the 10 sites license that costs $167 per year.

Pricing Link Whisper

What I have is the 3 sites license. 

Is There Link Whisper Life Time Deal?

No. There is currently no lifetime deal for Link Whisper. However, there is a limited time Link Whisper deal running on App Sumo with which you can get the Link Whisper plugin for only $49 per year.

You can check out the LinkWhisper AppSumo deal from here.

Please remember that it is a limited time deal and may expire at any time.

LinkWhisper Review Verdict – Is It Worth It?

Is Link Whisper worth it?

It definitely is.

Based on my experience I can tell you that LinkWhisper is a must-have IM tool for anyone who is serious about their online business. I am definitely having good results after I started using this interlinking plugin.

As you already know, internal linking is an important part of SEO and user experience. LinkWhisper not only makes it easy to create these internal links but does so without slowing your site down.

It’s a fantastic plugin that I highly recommend for anyone who has WordPress-based blogs and websites with multiple pages or posts.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

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