Schema Theme Review [2024]- Is This The Best Theme for Ranking Your Blog?

Are you searching for a WordPress theme that looks good and loads faster while helping your site rank better in search engines? Schema is your answer. In this Schema theme review for 2024, we will try to find out everything that makes this theme a popular choice among bloggers and SEO experts.

What Is The Schema Theme?

Schema theme is a WordPress theme created by the MyThemeShop team who are also the creators of many other popular WordPress themes and plugins. Schema is their fastest loading and the most SEO friendly theme to date. It is simple yet full of features. It is fast yet doesn’t compromise on the quality of your web page same time.

Now, let’s go a bit deep into this Schema review and try to find out more about the other unique features of this theme. BTW Schema is the same theme I use on this website.

Schema Theme Unique Features – What Makes It a Popular Choice?


Yes. This is what makes the Schema theme one of the popular choices among bloggers. Schema enabled websites, tend to load faster thanks to its code and other unique features which are mentioned below. Here is the result of a speed test done by the developers of the Schema theme.

schema review speed test

Fully Responsive:

Schema is a fully responsive theme which means your site will look good on any device, be it PC, smartphone or tablets.

Extensive Customization Options:

This theme has a range of options that allows you to customize almost any feature of this theme to your liking.

Some of the important things you can control using the customization options in this theme are:

  • You can control the responsiveness. This Schema theme is a responsive theme by default. It can adapt to any device tablet or mobile, ensuring that your content is always displayed beautifully no matter what device visitors are using. Now you can enable or disable this responsiveness from within the ‘theme options’ panel of your installation. (Even Though, it makes me wonder why would somebody want to disable the responsiveness of a theme.)
  • Lazy Loading Options: Enabling this option will make your web page load faster. How? This option delays loading of images outside of the viewport, until user scrolls to them, thereby reducing the page load time.
    Custom CSS: You can customize the CSS of your theme by entering the code which will override the default CSS code of Schema. But we recommend you not play with the default coding structure of this theme if you are not an expert coder.Schema-Theme-Review-Options
  • Meta Info: You can totally control the meta-information that will be shown on your post and pages. This is one of my favorite customization options. Here you can choose whether to show the dates, author info, comment counts, tags, etc. in your post meta info or not.
  • Featured Images in Single Posts: In many themes when we use a featured image to be displayed on the main blog page, it tends to appear twice in the single post, once at the top and the other in the post itself. That can be avoided now by disabling featured images options from appearing in single posts.
  • Typography Options: Total typography of this theme can be customized using the given options. You can change the color and the text format of your logo, navigation font, header and subheader, the content, menu, and even the footer text. You have unlimited typography options with access to Google fonts.
  • Ads Management Options: This feature allows you to insert your Adsense or any other ad code once in your theme, which will be applied sitewide. You don’t need to use any other plugin for ads management. This option allows you to insert your Ad codes to appear in 3 places on your blog. The header area, below post title and below the post content. You can use all of them or the one or two sections, depending on your personal preferences and monetization strategies. You can also control the frequency with which your ads will be shown to your visitors. If you want to show your ads only once a day per unique visitor, you can set the number to 1 in this section. If you write 2, your ads will be shown once in 2 days to your visitor and likewise. You also have the option to completely disable this feature too.

Built-in Review System:

This feature allows you to add reviews to your content using styled ratings. This feature also lets your readers review your posts in the comments with the built-in review system.

Rich Snippets:

Schema theme supports rich snippets which allow your blog/website to be identified by Google and other search engines faster, which in turn helps to rank your site better.

What Makes the Schema Theme SEO friendly?

Schema theme is known to be an SEO friendly WordPress theme by bloggers and coders around the globe.
Here are some of the features which help you to rank better using the Schema theme by MyThemeShop.

  • It has a secure and lightweight code.
  • Features like ‘LazyLoad’ make the page load faster by reducing the loading time.
  • Schema theme has been specially optimized for speed, by the developers.
  • Rich snippets feature helps you rank your articles and web pages better and faster.
  • The coding of the Schema theme keeps Google and other search engine bots to crawl deeper into your sites increasing the chances of your pages and posts ranking at the search engines.

Some Other Extra Features of the Schema Theme that are Worth Mentioning


There is a library of shortcodes which has been included in this theme which helps you rank higher on search engines.

Translation ready:

schema theme review

By adding just the translation file you can start reaching new audiences. Language won’t be a barrier anymore with the Schema theme.

Background options:

You can use unlimited backgrounds in your Schema enabled website/blog, with this option.

Icons option:

Now you can add any icon you want to your web pages without the need for an image. Yes, you can add an icon with the new ‘icon font option’ in the Schema theme without uploading an image. These icons load faster and are hassle-free.

Social media integrations:

There are numerous integration options available in the Schema theme which help you bring a load of traffic to the website/blog using the power of social media.

Schema Theme Negatives:

Seriously, I haven’t found any noticeable flaw or major defect with this theme. And moreover, I bought this theme for a sum of 19$ when there was a promotion going on, so I don’t have anything to complain about.

Schema Theme Review Verdict: What I Think About The Schema Theme?

I genuinely feel the Schema theme should be the first option for you if you are a newbie blogger with a tight budget and you want to get results fast. This theme is SEO friendly no doubt, but it loads fast too. It has lots of customization options which I just love and it looks good on any device.

That’s the reason why I use the Schema theme on this blog [currently I am using a different theme] and few other blogs of mine and that’s the reason why I recommend Schema theme to you.

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