InVideo AI Review: Turn Text Into Video With a Single Click

Welcome to my Invideo AI review.

If you are reading this blog post, chances are you’re intrigued by the potential of AI in video creation, and more specifically, how InVideo AI performs in this domain.

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator, an emerging YouTuber, or someone simply exploring tools to simplify video creation – you’re in the right place.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, video content is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. And with the increasing demand, comes the hunt for tools that make the process not only efficient but also delightful.

Enter InVideo AI, a name that has been buzzing lately.

In this Invideo AI review, I’ll be pulling back the curtain, diving deep into its features, usability, pros, cons, and everything in between.

By the end of this review, you should have a clear picture of whether InVideo AI aligns with your needs or if you should continue your quest elsewhere.

But before we delve into the intricacies, I’d like to share a bit about my journey and what led me to explore InVideo AI.

Like many of you, I’ve experienced the roller coaster of emotions that comes with video creation – the highs of a perfect clip and the lows of countless hours of editing. So, the promise of an AI tool simplifying this process was too enticing to ignore.

Join me, as we embark on this enlightening journey into the world of InVideo AI. Whether you’re here to make an informed decision or merely quench your curiosity, I promise to provide you with a comprehensive, unbiased, and candid review of Invideo AI.

Let’s get started!

What Is Invideo AI And Its Important Features

InVideo AI is a tool designed for video creation, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to convert textual content into video format. It simplifies the video-making process by automating many of the tasks that traditionally require hours of manual work.

Invideo Ai Review

Here’s a brief breakdown:

1. Text-to-Video Transformation:

The core feature of InVideo AI is its ability to transform text-based content into engaging video content. Users can provide the system with a script or a prompt, and the AI will generate a video complete with visuals, animations, and voiceovers.

2. Customization and Editing:

Despite being automated, InVideo AI doesn’t strip away the user’s control. It provides various editing tools and features to tweak and customize the video. You can modify the script, adjust visuals, change the voiceover, and much more to align the video with their vision.

3. Stock Footage Integration:

Another standout feature of Invideo AI is its integration with stock footage libraries like Shutterstock and iStock. When the Invideo AI crafts a video, it doesn’t just rely on generic visuals. Instead, it curates relevant clips from premium sources to match the content of the script, ensuring the video is high-quality and professional-looking.

4. Human Sounding Voiceovers:

InVideo AI comes equipped with a range of human sounding voiceover or text to speech options. Users can specify the tone, accent, and even gender of the voiceover artist, ensuring that the auditory component of the video matches its content and intended feel.

5. User-Friendly Interface:

Designed for both beginners and professionals, InVideo AI offers an intuitive user interface. The platform guides users through the process, making it easy to create, edit, and export videos.

6. Real-time Feedback:

A unique feature of InVideo AI is its ability to process real-time instructions. Users can direct the AI on the fly, requesting changes, additions, or modifications as they see fit. This results in a collaborative effort between the user and the AI, leading to more refined video output.

Now let me continue this Invideo AI review and quickly show you how this tool works.

Sign Up for InVideo Free Trial

How to Create a Video with Invideo AI Using Text

First things first, sign up for a free account! 

Once you’re in, you can begin crafting your video masterpiece.

Now, you can either start from the default interface or can choose from one of the available workflows. 

Invideo Ai Dashboard

Currently, you have the option of:

  • YouTube shorts
  • YouTube explainer
  • Recent events video

For this Invideo AI review, I’ll be selecting the ‘default workflow’.

Crafting The Perfect Prompt for InVideo AI

Creating a compelling video with InVideo AI starts with a detailed prompt.

Just like Chat GPT, the more precise and comprehensive your prompt, the better the results. InVideo AI allows you to take it a step further by referencing blog posts or articles from the web to create your script.

Meaning, you can give it a URL to take the information required for the video. It will sift through the source material, extracting the most relevant information.

Now, to see how InVideo AI works, let me give you an example.

Let’s start by writing a prompt for a YouTube short video on ‘five morning habits for wealth attraction’. We want the video to be under 50 seconds. We also want the video to start with a captivating introduction. So I am going to add all that in the form of a prompt.

Then, if you want you can list the five habits which you want to be included in the video. If we don’t do that, Invideo AI will create a list of its own.

I want the language to be engaging and easy to understand. I also want the video to include a call to action in the end to visit our website to learn more.

Additionally, we can also specify the type of voice over we want.

For this example I want the voiceover to be ‘inspiring’ delivered by an American female. These specific details are crucial, as InVideo AI utilizes them to generate your script.

As mentioned earlier, we can also include a link to an article or an online resource which we want the AI to draw information from.

For this InVideo review, I am not going to include any.

Here’s the prompt I used.

Create a video for YouTube Shorts about ‘5 morning habits for wealth attraction’. Keep the duration up to 45 seconds. Start the video with a captivating introduction. Then give the 5 habits and illustrate each of them with an example. Keep the language engaging and easy to understand. Conclude the video with a call to action to check out our website. Use an inspiring American female voice for the voiceover.

Now this comprehensive prompt ensures that the AI understands your vision. By the way, we can also specify which kind of background music we want here.

Witnessing the Magic

Once you’ve entered your prompt and selected your target audience and desired look and feel, you’re ready to generate your first draft. 

InVideo AI will work its magic and provide you with a preliminary video in just a matter of minutes. 

Invideo AI seamlessly transforms our ideas into engaging, relevant video with human-sounding voice overs.

Moreover, it pairs each line of text with relevant stock footage from premium sources like Shutterstock and iStock, all included within InVideo AI. It even adds subtitles and edits everything in sync with the voiceover.

While the initial results are impressive, you may need to make some minor adjustments to align the video with your vision.

Fortunately, there are three ways to do this. If you want to make significant changes to the overall structure, you can use the “+” icon above the canvas to change the audience type and look and feel, which prompts the AI to create a new draft.

Alternatively, if you’re satisfied with most of the video and only need minor adjustments, you can use the “Edit” option below the canvas. This allows you to edit either the script or the media. Editing the script enables you to modify the text, which in turn adjusts the voiceover and visuals.

For even more precision, you can utilize the “Edit Media” option, allowing you to replace specific video clips. Whether you want to swap a clip or enhance the visuals, InVideo AI offers you complete control. You can upload your own clips or select from the extensive stock library.

Video Editing With Real-Time Instructions

Here’s where InVideo AI truly stands out: it allows you to give real-time instructions to the AI. 

You can request it to add a scene or remove one, you can ask the AI to rewrite the entire script, change the music, adjust the volume,etc. The AI responds instantly to your prompt entered here, giving you unparalleled creative control.

real time editing in Invideo AI

For instance, if you want the background music be calming and relaxing instead of inspiring, you can enter your prompt here and InVideo AI will do it in a breeze. The result is a video, that matches your vision and resonates with your audience.

Once you’re satisfied with your video, it’s time to download and publish it. Please remember that videos you create with the free version will have watermarks. 

While upgrading to a paid plan removes watermarks, you can create and download up to four videos a week for free when you’re starting. It’s an excellent way to explore the capabilities of InVideo AI.

Watch the video review below to have a look at the video we created using Invideo AI. 

InVideo AI Pricing

Now let’s quickly look at the pricing.

There is the PLUS plan and the MAX plan for the paid members.

With the PLUS plan, you can create 50 minutes of AI video per month. This plan costs $20 per month with the yearly subscription and $25 per month with the monthly billing, for one user.

The MAX plan costs $48 per month with the yearly billing cycle and $60 per month with the monthly billing plan for a single user. With the MAX plan, you can create up to 200 minutes of videos per month. 

Both these plans give you unlimited exports of created videos. For more details about the features and pricing, you can check out their page from the link given below.

InVideo AI Review – Concluding Thoughts

Having taken InVideo AI for a spin in this review, I’m genuinely impressed.

It bridges the gap between efficiency and quality, serving as a testament to how far AI-driven tools have come in the realm of content creation.

The real magic, though, is the balance it strikes – while it automates much of the process, it never takes away your creative control. It’s collaborative, responsive, and intuitive.

To those sitting on the fence, give InVideo AI a try. It might just redefine the way you approach video creation.

And that, dear readers, is a wrap on this InVideo review.

Stay tuned for more insights and breakdowns on other popular AI tools in the upcoming sections!

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