Manifestation Miracle System : My Review And The Member’s Area Walkthrough

I recently got the review copy of a popular law of attraction program called manifestation miracle. And that’s what I am going to do today. Write the manifestation miracle review. In this article, I am going to show you what’s inside the member’s area of this program, what is the price of the program and tell you whether it’s worth your investment or not.

Manifestation Miracle is a law of attraction training program that claims to teach you how to attract abundance in life using your mind power combined with the power of the universe.

The creators of this system claim that you can attract almost anything into your life using the techniques that have been given in this training program. Money, Love, Happiness, Health or Career growth. You can have it all with Manifestation Miracle, says the author.

Now, before we jump right in and have a closer look at the manifestation miracle system, let’s get to know what ‘Law of Attraction’ is, in the first place.

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What Is The Law of Attraction?

Let me start by telling you that the Law of Attraction doesn’t have anything to do with Newton’s Laws of Motion or any other scientific theories for that matter. It actually isn’t something that can be proved.

Here’s what the law says.

“You can attract almost anything into your life using your mind power.”

It is the ability to attract almost anything by just focussing on it.

The believers of this law state that the ‘Law of Attraction’ uses mind power to materialize whatever is there on our mind by transforming them into reality, irrespective of caste, creed, age, sex, religion or race.

Law of Attraction is also called manifestation, or abundance attraction.

Manifestation is a term that gained popularity in the recent times, although the idea behind this has been existing for centuries now.

According to this theory, we ourselves are responsible for our destiny, to a major extent. Theory of Manifestation says that our thoughts become things. So if we concentrate our mind on negative thoughts, negative things will happen to us.

Similarly, if we train our minds to think positive in a systematic way, we can do miracles.

That’s the basic idea behind the Manifestation/law of attraction which is otherwise called abundance attraction.

What Is The Manifestation Miracle Program?

BTW this isn’t a new product. This program was launched several years back by Heather Mathews, a life, and energy coach who is also the creator of this product.

I actually tried searching on the net for more information about the author but couldn’t find much.

Anyway, looking into the product is more important right now rather than worrying about the author.

As I told you earlier this product was launched a few years back. After the launch, this abundance attraction course became an instant hit.

This manifestation training program got many positive reviews from the customers and the experts alike.

What was the hype all about? Why does it continue to top the bestsellers chart in the self-development industry?

Let’s find out what’s inside the manifestation miracle system.

What’s Included In The Manifestation Miracle Program?

As I had got a review copy from the creators themselves, I was given a unique id and password to enter the manifestation miracle system member’s area. I have taken the screenshot of the member’s area to show you what I am talking about.

Here’s the screenshot.

manifestation miracle system review

Now let’s have a look at each component of the course.

Manifestation Miracle Book:

This eBook forms the meat of this manifestation program. The book itself is 162 pages long.

I am not going to explain about the table of contents in detail, for obvious reasons. However, I will mention below the main components of this ebook.

The eBook is divided into 5 parts. They are as follows.

manifestation miracle review

Part 1: You Are Destined for Success

It’s in this section that you are going to learn about the technique which is often called the secret sauce of manifestation miracle system, which is ‘Destiny Tuning’.

In this section, you are also going to learn ‘How to Develop Your Intuitive Power Significantly’ and a few other secret techniques. You will also learn how to manage your EGO, in this section.

Part 2: Getting in Tune with Your Personal Destiny

In this section, you are going to learn about certain ‘breathing practices’ and ‘meditation technique’. You will also learn about the ‘burning bowl exercise’ and ‘decluttering technique’.

Few other things that are included in this section are ‘how to find your own inner awesomeness, the switching technique’ etc.

Part 3: Raising the Roof with Your Energetic Vibrations

In this section, I saw a few lessons about the ‘power of affirmations’. In this chapter, you will also learn ‘how to use the vision board effectively’ for wonderful results.

I also found an interesting read titled ‘power of gratitude’ in this chapter.

Part 4: The Happiness Factor

In this chapter, you will learn how ‘happiness and abundance’ go hand in hand. You will also learn how to find your happy place.

Some other interesting things I came across in this section were things like mindfulness, how to practice mindfulness, how to go outside your comfort zone etc.

Part 5: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

This is the concluding chapter of the manifestation miracle eBook. As the title says it, this chapter is all about conclusions.

Here, you will find what to do next. This section also suggests you go into your Manifestation Miracle member’s area and watch the Part 5 summary recap video with Mark and Brooke to go over some of the most
important points you have learned in this course!

Manifestation Miracle Audio Version

This is the audio version of the complete book. You can either listen to these audio files along with the book or you can use it as a stand-alone product.

You can use this on your computer or transfer them to your iPhone, MP3 player, or CD, to listen wherever you choose.

Abundance Success Workbook

This is your workbook to use while reading Manifestation Miracle.

abundance success

It’s packed with short, fun and inspirational daily exercises that will progress your manifestation abilities over the next 3 weeks.


In this section, it has been instructed to choose a mind track from the given mind track files and listen with stereo headphones for the next 21 days.

Although the optimal suggested duration for best results is 60 days, people who are short on time can use these tracks for 21 days.

The Mind Tracks are as follows:

  • Abundant Wealth Mind track
  • The Love and Happiness Mind track
  • Wealth Attraction Mind track
  • Health & Vitality Mind track
  • Endless Abundance Mind track
  • Love Mind track
  • Romance Mind track
  • Weight Loss Mind track

Chapter Recap Videos

This is a collection of high-quality videos which contains the post chapter discussions and the brainstorming sessions.

As you finish each chapter of the Manifestation Miracle book, you are required to come here and watch the corresponding chapter recap video.

These videos feature Manifestation Miracle co-founder Mark Ling and team member Brooke Ryan.

Mark and Brooke expand on what you’ve learned in the chapter, discuss background information, examples, and anything else that can help you along your journey.

There are around 23 videos given, which can either be watched instantly or be downloaded and watched later.

Bonus Section

I found 2 bonus books in this section. The Powerhouse Guide For Health, Vitality, and Disease Reversal and How to Reboot Your Metabolism, both of which can be downloaded to your devices.

Money Mind Flood System

This was the final section in the manifestation miracle review member’s area which I accessed.

The author claims that this video can be a real game-changer for us.

Mark Ling the co-creator of the Manifestation Miracle system is heard giving the voice over for this video.

The video walks you through some specific mindset fundamentals that you need to adapt to attract and amass great wealth.

My Manifestation Miracle Review Verdict

I am actually really impressed with the quality of content that’s been given inside the member’s area.
It actually is a high-class product and a lot of effort has been gone into creating this training program for certain.

The course material is really well organized and is pretty easy to understand even for people with nontechnical backgrounds. This product is for the common man.

And finally, the value for money.

Last time I checked, the manifestation miracle was costing around 47$ one time fee, which is insane.

No, really!

The amount of educational material, audio tracks, bonuses and video lessons you are getting for such a tiny fee, is really hard to beat.

Here Is My Warning Before You Buy This Product

I just want to give you a friendly warning before you buy this product.

If you are someone looking for a quick fix way or a push-button system to solve all the problems in your life, this course isn’t for you. Because as I mentioned earlier

If you want to be a millionaire by the end of this month using the law of attraction techniques this isn’t for you. Because as is the case with anything worth achieving, the law of attraction too, takes time.

And finally, if you are not an action taker, please don’t buy this manifestation miracle course. This program is strictly for action takers.

What’s The Cost of Manifestation Miracle Program?

47$ was the price when I checked last time. You can check its current price using the link given above. BTW this is a one time fee for lifetime access.

More Motivation for You To Start Using The Law of Attraction

The other day I just went through a few articles on the net trying to figure out what people think about this whole concept of the law of attraction and abundance manifestation. I was in for a surprise.

Actually, there are millions of people who have already experienced the power of manifestation and affirmations. But what surprised me, even more, was the presence of some very popular names in that list.

Here are some of the famous people who believe in and have experienced the power of the law of attraction.

Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington. The list is not over yet by any means, but this one will do for the time being.

So if you are someone who is really fired up and is ready to bring that much-needed change into your life I recommend you to get the manifestation miracle system. It will be a great help for you, along the way.

Here’s to your success….

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