Social Monkee Review -Build 25 Do Follow Backlinks Everyday for Years!

Do you want to build backlinks to your websites, blogs, YouTube videos or any other web property for that matter, without spending a fortune? Here is a software which helps you do just that. It is called Social Monkee. In this Social Monkee review let’s try to find out whether the tool helps us improve the search engine rankings of our web properties or does the total opposite.

What Is Social Monkee?

Social Monkee is a link building solution which mainly consists of a cloud-based software. This software helps you to build quality ‘Do Follow’ links to your web properties with a click of a button.

We all know that building quality backlinks the right way is very essential to get that top search engine ranking for our web pages, blog posts and pages and videos.

If you can’t get a spot in the top 10 searches of search engines like Google, it becomes almost impossible to get free organic traffic to our web properties.

And the fact that the search engine traffic is highly targeted, makes it even more crucial for us to rank in the top ten.
And that’s where Social Monkee comes into the picture. Let’s have a look at what Social Monkee can do for us.

How Exactly Can Social Monkee Help?

Social Monkee helps you build backlinks automatically with the click of a button. All you need to do is submit your URL and the rest of the work is handled in the background by the software itself. Here is what you actually get in the front end offer of this product.

social monkee review
  • You can submit 1 URL to 25 sites every day. That means 25 backlinks every day and 750 backlinks every month. This is available at no extra cost to you. You pay once and get 25 backlinks every day.
  • You can also use Social Monkee to create Tier 2 backlinks which in turn will add some much-needed link juice to your Tier 1 links and improve your search engine rankings, overall.
  • All the links that can be built using Social Monkee are Do Follow links.
  • You can also spin your content with the push of a button. How? Social Monkee integrates well with The Best Spinner software. So everything can be done from within your Social Monkee dashboard. All you need to do is to add your account (The Best Spinner) details to your Social Monkee profile. Recently they have added ‘Spin Rewriter’ integration as well.
  • All the sites that are being used to add your backlinks are on Unique C-Class IP addresses. What it means is that the backlinks you get are all originating from different servers and locations. So each backlink will be unique, giving you that much-needed diversity in your link profile.
  • Links can also be submitted easily from your browsers itself, with the SocialMonkee Firefox plugin or SocialMonkee Chrome plugin.
  • Instant Indexing of your Backlinks – This can be done using the link indexing tool called Backlinks Indexer, which has been integrated with the Social Monkee software.

Social Monkee Membership Levels

Silver Membership – As a silver membership holder you will be eligible to submit one URL to 25 sites every day.

Premium Membership – As a Premium Member you will be able to submit 3 URLs to 100 sites every day, instead of 1 URL to 25 sites every day as a Silver Member.

Mega Membership Boost (Ambassador Option) – As a Silver Member, you also have the option to become an Ambassador Member.

You are going to get the following added benefits.

  • Ability to submit 1 more URL every day (2 instead of 1)
  • Resubmit URLs once every 3 days (instead of once every 6 weeks)
  • Access to Social Monkee Private Network.
  • Get your links automatically submitted to Lindexed

Is Social Monkee for You?

As I told you earlier if you are doing any kind of marketing online, backlinks play a vital role in the success or failure of your project. Nowadays, it is not the number of backlinks you have got, it is about the quality of those backlinks.

Why am I saying this, here?

Because the backlinks you get with Social Monkee aren’t of very high quality. However, they aren’t very bad either. Considering the amount you pay for this software, these links are definitely worth it.

Here’s how to use them in your campaigns.

  • Don’t create backlinks directly to your money pages or main website using Social Monkee.
  • Use Social Monkee to create backlinks to your YouTube videos.
  • Use Social Monkee to build Tier 2 Backlinks to your Social Media links.
  • You can also use this software to build links to your web 2.0 properties.

Social Monkee Review Verdict

Social Monkee can be a smart investment for you if you know how to use it. Right now, it only costs a one time fee of $7. So there isn’t much to bargain when it comes to the price of the software.

As I told you earlier, these aren’t your typical high authority/premium quality links (obviously so, considering the price). However, these links can definitely give you a minor boost in your rankings, especially for your YouTube videos ( I have observed this myself). So don’t hesitate to invest and grab this software now, before the next price hike. You are not going to lose much anyway.

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